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You can look at this formation one minute and think that it is four three three and the next time you check it’ll be four five, one and it’s all to do with whether you’ve got the ball or not, and the wider attacking players being asked to apply Defensive discipline too, when it does turn to a five across midfield, then the shape of this team takes on a much tidier compact defensive, look Applause! So off we go then sinchenko and here’s yarmolenko close it out to the flank it’s a good looking cross. Defending of the desperate variety elmas battles to win it back party out to the left, it goes laid back in Applause. Keep has got good distance on that and he’s made sure that that won’t get through Applause, that that is terrific skill Applause, and that has been clear and the finish. Oh, what a wonderful! Stop the keeper really dug out his defense, then a magnificent effort. Applause sinchenko tries to clear Applause forward. It goes hoist it forward. Applause, that’s upside. Yes, it is Applause. Applause gets it up. Field Applause, anything noteworthy in the early part of the match. Jim well. Neither side has really grabbed the initiative. I would say both handed the defense can get it clear Applause. He hits it. Applause plays it forward. Breaks on here correctly. Currently, that’s a look inside the box, how’s it go, oh it’s die hard defense and the willingness to put his body on the line.

Very impressive, and now they can launch a counter over to the left, shoot just off target that’s a little unfortunate. He had a lot of people worried. Then he acknowledges that he should have come up with something better there. Yeah, i mean, i think he did well to to spot the run he just didn’t get enough behind it, it happens, tries to get it forward. Quickly gets wrestled off. The ball, plays it out to the wing. El mas he’s picked him out it’s tandem sinchenko on the other side, yet able to find the net el mas Applause it’s a fine challenge, and it goes his way. Oh super tackle. They were outnumbered and under the cost that had to be spot on and it was and here’s yarmolenko yeah. He was under pressure to get that exactly right. He couldn’t even think of the consequences it was instinctive and rock solid. He could be in here. Keeper sends it forward and the shots to safety. Looking for a decent ball in sinchenko and he’s cut it out. Applause handed and it’s paid forward well that’s, where he wants it. Applause, no that’s, not the ball. He wanted Applause dashing forward at pace. He’S got away, tries to get it clear. Sinchenko goes looking a real chance to break Applause. Saigon, get that clear. Applause has a shorts Applause, sinchenko Applause. Ukraine are really pouncing on any straight passes in midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net.

It’S counter attacking heavy Applause did indeed come in the first half Applause. Another goal has kept them in this game and they can up their response in this. Second, half ukraine for the dressing room in possession of a one mill lead just back from your break, is very little of the resumption of the second half a solitary goal that has been the crucial difference, massively oh taken with style. They are right back in business. Just so calm under pressure. Well, i think that defense there thought they were in good position and they had him where they wanted. Yet somehow he’s worked the scoring position when it didn’t seem on it’s, really crafty business that when the manager called on him, he was only too happy to repay that faith. Well, the instruction from the manager would have been go on and make yourself a nuisance and see if you can snatch a goal mission accomplished. That has certainly made things interesting look. This is not for the faint hearted peter. This is hard and fast football. Psychon call. Applause he’s pulled him up for that challenge. Well, the referee has made it pretty clear now that this is his last chance. He just needs to find the control button on his aggression before the ref doesn’t foreign Applause struck. First time: oh, a very decent attempt. Applause to get it forward quickly, it’s found its way to him played out to the right Applause, yeah, quick thinking and the right choice for me, but that was difficult to get right.

Applause well, goals, change games, and now that party has been restored early in this half too. This game could take off in a direction they weren’t expecting and the next phase of play requires a stronger rear guard action. Applause away and it’s been taken straight back. Applause he’s felled in there Applause Applause, he’s, trying to shot late towards the front. Then oh, well intercepted really alerts the danger, Applause and here’s yarmolenko out towards the flank, plotting from out on the right hand, side Applause, yamalenko, they’ve, played it short Applause. Nice touch he’s got the ball glued to his feet. Now, right on the edge of the box. It could go either way here. The referee has given a free kick just outside the box yeah. Well, they were exposed and vulnerable and he knew he had to do something to prevent a goal. Then Applause and he’s going to rex it’s, anyone’s fault Applause sinchenko keeps everyone guessing Applause, sinchenko, chance and that’s left him on the seat of his pants Applause. Bardi Applause. Just a quarter of an hour to play, Applause, it’s been intercepted and that will come to nothing and the counter is on and it’s adamey, oh shooting chance and somehow he managed to miss it. Or maybe the tension around this game played a part in that because he should have put them ahead now ford, it goes, tries to dink it in ukraine, full marks for their attitude and application.

In trying to win this, it means an awful lot. Obviously well. He’S worked so hard for his side as you would expect, but he couldn’t help notice that he was starting to to labor a bit so it’s, no surprise sinchenko powell and a free kick in a very dangerous area and that’s going to be a booking. Well, i think the alternative was to stand there and do nothing while he tried to score obviously he’s not going to allow that pizza. Is he Applause, he’s gone tourette’s, you’re great, showing a good level of intensity at this stage, they’re calling on all their resources? Now, Applause and it’s Applause to win the ball back was fantastic and it set up the opportunity that’s great effort, sinchenko they seem to have lost their sense of direction. It should be higher up the pitch out to the left. It goes cleared away. Well, both sides.

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