Ukraine, North Macedonia national football team, UEFA EURO 2020 vs North Macedonia 2-1 Extended Highlights & All Goal Uero 2020 HD

It goes he’s made sure that that won’t get through Applause, zinchenko nicely controlled Applause, the second half off to a spectacular start, a high quality goal. Lovely first touch sumptuous. Second, yesterday, big occasion, big goal crucial, lead well that’s, where he wants it. Applause stepanenko pretty robust, but it’s got the job done, tries to get it forward quickly: Applause, stepanenko, sinchenko and here’s yomalenko and the shots zinchenko whipped him he’s there to receive it. Pandev plays it forward, a real chance to break, and again they run up against stubborn. Defending i, it forward gets into a dangerous position. Applause sinchenko back into the middle goes for goal. Well, i think, when you’re in that situation, all you can do is is tip your hat to the keeper, because that was fantastic, yamalenko and here’s yarmolenko over it comes goes direct to the front line. This defense just doesn’t trust itself to to play a higher line. Frighten the people getting in behind yeah. Absolutely it just opens up the opportunity. Oh shooting chance, Applause, Music cleared away. Alioski gets it back defending of the desperate variety. Well, it’s, good stuff! This is better well hitting hope is just about the sum of it isn’t it. Jim just has to be done. Applause really needed everything to come together. Then, at the precise moment, not easy Applause. Alioski tries to get it forward quickly. So jim, what are you thinking? Well at the moment, their chances of getting back in contention.

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Ukraine, North Macedonia national football team, UEFA EURO 2020 KRAINE v NORTH MACEDONIA | UEFA Euro 2020 | Arena Nationala Bucharest

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