Did you find curious about watching extremely curious with aria im so happy to share about more amazing facts of the solar system till the end and share with your friends? Oh look. We have a visitor. Can you guess from where he is thats right, the solar system and what is his name, the moon, hello, mr moon, have you come to watch the video too watch till the end? So shall we begin yes, dear friends, do you think other planets are like earth earth and the other three planets closest to the sun are alike in some ways, but no other planet is exactly like a. Why is it always so hot in mercury? Mercury is very hot because its the closest planet to the sun, its smaller than earth – and it looks like the moon, dear friends, which planet is known as earths twin venus and earth, are similar in size and structure. But the two planets look very different. Venus is red in thick clouds of acid. They trap heat, so venus is even hotter than mercury. Why is it? Blue water covers 70 percent of earths surface. Sunlight contains all the colors of the rainbow when sunlight shines on earth. The water reflects the blue part of the light back into space wow. That is very interesting. Do you know the red planet mars? Mars is a small world about half the size of earth. It looks red all over because its soil and rocks are full of rusty iron.

Mars is a rusty, rusty planet, Music? Hmm! What are the outer planets like the four planets farthest from the sun, jupiter saturn, uranus and neptune could be more different from earth. Their giant was made of gas and liquid Music. Dear friends, do you have any idea about how big is jupiter? Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system, its too big that more than a thousand earth would fit inside it. Wow thats, very, very, very, very big haha here comes saturn with its rings. Where did saturns rings come from? Actually, no one knows they might have come from an icy moon that broke up, or they might be eyes left over from making saturn. I think they might have come from an icy moon that broke up now. What do you think write in the comment box below uranus says that theres something special about it? What makes luanna so special, the blue, green gassy world was the first planet ever to be found by someone looking through a telescope wow. It was discovered in 1781 by a man called william hurston, who became famous overnight as a result. Oh maybe i will look through a telescope too. Maybe i will become famous this night. Oh im, so excited now. Someone is so sad that i didnt say about him. It is neptune both uranus and neptune are made mostly of water, ammonia and methane, and its the methane that gives them. The blue, color, jupiter and saturn are made mostly of hydrogen and helium, like the sun.

Hmm ive never seen a traffic control in space ive, never seen the red light, yellow light or green light. So without the traffic control do planets ever crash into each other Music, almost never billions of years ago, a planet, the size of mars, crashed into earth and seen lots of rock flying out into space. Can you guess what happened? Next? A planet called thea crashed into earth. The crash threw lots of rocks into space around earth. The rocks in space came together and became the moon. The moon travels through space at a distance of 3 lakh 84 and 400 kilometers from earth every year. The moon moves four centimeters further away from earth. Oh that makes me so sad. Will the earth have enough gravity to hold the moon whats? The moon, like the moon, is very dry and covered with grey dust. There are mountains, but there is no air and the sky is always inky black Music. Dear friends, is there life anywhere else? Not that we know of the search goes on the spacecraft we had sent to other planets have been searching for signs of life there. Music. Dear friends, ill tell you a secret people think aliens lived on mars. You know why, when people first used telescopes to study mars, they thought they saw lines on its surface. The idea spread that these were canals made by aliens. Keep it as a secret. Dont say to anyone, but my dear friends, when spacecraft visited mars, they found a dry dusty planet with no canals or aliens.

Is there water anywhere else in the solar system, scientists think there may be oceans beneath the surfaces of some of jupiter and saturns icy moons. Future missions will search for life. There europia is one of jupiters moons scientists think europa may have an iron core, a rocky middle layer and an ocean, a salty water beneath europas icy crust. Future missions will try to find out if europa has an ocean and may even drill through the ice. Who knows what they might find? Dear friends? Where did earths water come from? Some of it was already in the rocks that formed the earth. The rest arrived as ice on comets and other space rocks that crashed into earth soon after it formed so thats.

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