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The connected caliber e4 is a relatively new smart watch from taghoyer. They have a couple of different sizes: a 42 millimeter and a 45 millimeter, but im not gon na focus on discussing the watch because it didnt just come out yesterday. But what did recently come out that i read yesterday is some new functionality for the smartwatch, and that is regarding the ability to display nfts or non fungible tokens on the face of the watch and how that functions is it actually connects to the owners, crypto wallet And allows the image to be pulled via those means, and i kind of feel, like im, going to be pulling an old man yells at cloud moment. So apologies up front on that, but i just do not get it now. Tag warrior has been really doubling down. Lately, on crypto, so im not too surprised that they would do something related to nfts. They recently added the ability to accept crypto payments on their website. Their ceo fred, frederick arnault, is all in on crypto and nfts. Hes been very public about that and in fact, when i went to get some images for this video from tag warrior, i was greeted with a pop up prominently: advertising the ability for me to buy their watches with crypto currencies and theyre, not the only ones that Have been allowing crypto payments and thats, not particularly surprising, or in my view even interesting, but the display of the nfts is i just dont get it since were talking about images that by and large are jpegs or gifs? Why would an individual not just download the image and put it in the photo gallery to allow access that way? My understanding is, users can display their photos on the tag way or connected caliber e4 smartwatch.

I know other smartwatches like the apples watch, allows the ability to display photos and, as has often been a criticism on the nft front, at least when it comes to ownership of the image or what is perceived as ownership of the image. Its a right click save as away from anyone being able to have access to it. So i suppose they may be having a special display feature to indicate that this is actually pulling the image from the wallet. But i cant help but feel that this is a relatively pointless addition to me. It clearly only attempts one thing and that is to convey a sort of flex, but i thought that those who had been successful with crypto and nfts and had sold when they were actually valuable, use those fundings to buy 5711s and royal oaks not to display. Generally speaking, fairly tacky and uninspired art on their wrist and since nft artwork isnt compelling the only thing of value to it would be to convey that you own this sort of nft. But, given that right, click save as unless theres something that will allow a sort of if you know you know individual, this kind of feels like being stuck in the scenario of people who wear a rolex and then get constantly asked. Oh nice rolex. Is it a fake, but in this case, obviously being whether or not oh, do you own that board ape or did you right, click it and the reason i say that is crypto and nfts are controversial, at least for the time being, theyre very controversial, theres, a Sizable audience out there that feels they are nothing more than scams that people are investing in nothing.

Overall. This seems like something that would have been better launched last year when nfts and crypto were still doing very, very well, and now that it looks like were entering. Bear market territory, and regardless of whats happening with the equity markets, crypto and nfts, seem to be crashing. I just find this a very odd time to be promoting this. Then again, i guess if your nft isnt worth anything anymore, the least you could do is just display it on your watch. Maybe i i dont get it, but i i really dont get the attraction to nfts in particular. So but i would love to know all of your thoughts below do you think this is a good idea? Do you care? Is this a logical flex, should crypto bros be making all their money and then buying real fancy, watches and not just getting screen? Savers for their current watch go ahead and leave your remarks and other than that.

What do you think?

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