2022, June 19 Breaking news today : Ukrainian-Russian War, What happened today ? (June 19,2022)

Ukraine recently sent one of its s: 300v air defense missile systems, which are in short supply and one of the highest end surface to wear missiles sands. Currently, in its arsenal into the dawn bass, Music, the ukrainian s, 300 v1 transporter erector, launcher and radar vehicle teller was spotted june 12th in lysicans. In the center of an embattled salient held for weeks by ukrainian forces against a hail of russian artillery fire and armored assaults Music. In addition, ukraine operates the s 300p air defense missile systems. Both systems are of roughly similar vintage fielded by the soviets in the late 1970s and late 1980s, but with different operational concepts in mind. The v variant, which has a track launcher rather than the s 300 ps, 8×8 wheeled vehicle, was developed by the soviet union. As a top tier air defense system capable of taking down ballistic missiles, Music, the s 300 versus teller transporter can be loaded with up to four surface, to wear missiles at a time and has an integrated tracking and fire control radar. All in one mobile package, the s 300p uses multiple vehicles as components of a larger system. It is possibly loaded with 9m83 missile, which nato calls the sa 12a gladiator and has a maximum engagement range of about 47 miles Music. The system is also compatible with the 9m82 nato designation sa 12b giant missiles that can hit targets out to about 60 miles. Various factors affect the operational range and accuracy of sam systems, but if armed with either of those missiles and placed about 50 miles from the russian border in leicester in optimal conditions, the s 300v could target russian aircraft at altitude inside its borders.

There is no readily available source for how many s 300 versus ukraine had in service at the beginning of the war, and we dont know how many have been destroyed. It is thought. Ukraines military has very few of the s 300v variants, which were apparently pulled from long term storage after russias annexation of crimea in 2014. Moving them into the area near severo, donetsk and lysikansk, where they will likely be in range of russian artillery, is significant air. Defenses aside, the battle for severedness continued to rage over the weekend with russias preponderance of artillery, allowing for some territorial gains. According to the uk ministry of defense, both sides are blowing up bridges across the dinettes river ukrainian forces to prevent russians from crossing the waterway and russian troops in an attempt to trap ukrainian forces on the eastern bank. For that reason, river crossing operations are likely to be amongst the most important determining factors in the course of the war. According to the uk mods most recent intelligence assessment, the center of russias front line in the donbass is now located along a 56 mile stretch of the meandering suburski dinettes river, to fully encircle severo donetsk and close off the ukrainian pocket.

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