Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom, Hideaki Itsuno, Role-playing video game, Dragon The Capcom Showcase Was Okay I Guess….

Now for this video i decided, i would be talking about the exo primal and the resident evil announcements, because thats what mostly uh interests me – or at least i wanted to talk about. Of course, i will also mention one other announcement that we saw there too now before. I continue if you like, the content dont forget to subscribe, so lets start with exo primal. Of course, this is capcoms new game that is coming out next year. They are describing the game as this team action shooter and you will be fighting against a horde of dinosaurs as youre fighting and working with teammates to survive. It says youll be being guided by like an ai called leviathan, and apparently this ai will be like handing you out missions and like, as you are in the ground, fighting the dinosaurs. We learn also some of the missions that you will be able to do while youre on the ground. Some include, like date, key security escort which you like escort a asset, called data key to a target location. Then you also have like dinosaur coal, which, like you defeat a specific dinosaur, theres vtol, defense, omega charge, energy taker and then finally, you have like neo t rex, which i guess, as the names youre gon na, find a giant ass t rex. It says also, you will be competing against other teams and there will also be moments where you will fight against each other, but you will also have instances where you will need to work together to survive personally im still mixed about the game, i mean, i love Mecca sci fi, anything that involves like futuristic, suits that and i really like what they have going with those suits like.

I think they look cool but im, not a big fan of these co. Op games, especially online once theyre like you, will have to rely on a teammate. I dont think it would be fun playing with ais as your squad mates like its a very hard thing to nail down and also apparently the story is going to be told. As you like fight the monsters and the hordes, so the other concern is the longevity of this game. You really need to have an active community to not have problems matching up with people, unless, of course, they are just gon na stuck the ai, which again goes back to my point, a lot of times fighting with ais as your squad mates is not fun because They can be dumb and im, also pissed, that were not getting dino crisis, but oh well, i mean the game isnt out. I dont want to be too harsh on it until like ive tried it and well, some of us will have the chance of trying it because they did announce. Theres gon na be a closed beta, which you can sign up and participate. The dates will be in the website and apparently its only gon na be pc, though so thats pretty much it for exo primal. Now. The next thing that happened is hideaki. Itsuno showed up for a brief couple of minutes and announced theyre having like an event for dragons dogma to celebrate anniversary on youtube, and, of course i reacted accordingly, i knew it.

I knew it now. I think this means we need to be getting something: a new game, a remaster, something along those lines, because capcom is putting a lot of effort for just a anniversary if its something they dont want to like keep working on or like do a new game or Something because remember theres the website they have now this event going on, and i know im speculating because i dont have any concrete information. But at this point, im just hoping for a new game and something cool, and this type of event that we have the website and now this event going on it just kind of gives me hope that were gon na see something i dont know its just my Feeling, maybe its not gon na, be anything but lets be hopeful Music. The next part was literally a bunch of resident evil announcements, so they started off with like resident evil village, which they finally confirmed the dlc that is getting, which was announced last june and apparently its gon na called the winters expansion. So it will get a expansion story, dlc called shadow of roses, its set 16 years after the events of resident, evil village. This new tale follows, rose winters, the daughter of main protagonist ethan. As she struggles with her terrifying powers. Players must explore and survive a warped and mysterious realm inside the consciousness of the and the mega, my seat in search of a cure, which i think is always nice when we get some sort of dlc that continues the story.

Maybe this will close this chapter and were finally gon na get a closure to the whole. You know winter saga that we have here going on since resident, evil 7 or maybe it will leave us hanging and waiting for the next resident evil game. I mean theres a lot here. They can do. It looks interesting and personally i will definitely gon na. Try it out and see whats up with the story. The next part of the dlc is that it will have a third person mode for campaign which im super excited for this, because i can easily play the game now. So for those that dont know, i dont tend to have a lot of problems with it. But i get nauseous sometimes, and i get dizzy so for me. Sadly, when i play resident evil village, its a bit hard due to the fov and of course i can adjust the fob because im playing the console version and for some reason very few games have done this. And sadly this is one of those games. That, after, like a certain amount of time like an hour of playing, it just gives me motion sickness like i feel sick, i want to throw up its not a fun moment, its a pain to play for like if i want to do a play through so Im happy that with this mode, i might actually get to do a full playthrough without feeling like crap plus.

I think the third person mode opens up the game in different directions, and i think it adds something extra, because its a whole different experience. Now in third person and finally theyre adding the mercenaries additional orders, which will feature new stages and playable characters like chris redfield, heisenberg and lady d, it looks fun. I will probably also try it out now. This is all great, like im, really hyped for what we saw here with the resident evil, village, dlc and well. Expansion, and all of this is coming out october 28th of this year, which i think its a fantastic package that were getting here for the dlc theres. Quite the decent amount, so they did made us wait, but it was a worthwhile wait. I at least think that so this is something im mostly excited for and also they did announce a resident evil reverses coming out on that date too. Supposedly i mean well have to see, then, of course they talked about resident, evil, 4 remake, which im super pumped and hyped for this, its one of my favorite games ever and seeing it being remade. The game just looks beautiful its oh, my god, i just like. I cant wait to see what theyre gon na do, what new mechanics or how theyre gon na adapt some of the stuff, so im very excited to play this game next year. When it comes out now in this showcase, they really didnt show us much or a lot of new stuff.

I mean we got to see like what a 30 second to a minute of gameplay of just leon walking. Of course, there will also be thrilling battles. People that played the recent resident evil, 2 and resident evil 3 should find this familiar, which yeah i mean. I was hyped when i saw leo walking. I was like. Oh my god leon. Are we going to see gameplay, but it was pretty short, so i wanted to see a bit more of gameplay. I think it would have been like very cool to see like the intro of the game. You know you get leon getting out of the car and as he walks to the house, and he opens the door and he sees the first villager. I think seeing that just that, like just a minute and cut it, i think that would be more interesting than him just like walking. I dont know its just my thoughts, but i mean its fine. I cant wait and that was it for russian evil. 4.. Like i said, i was expecting a bit more, but maybe theyll show it another time. So my overall thoughts of the capcom showcase it was okay. I mean, as i was talking in my stream. I was like i dont know if it was necessary to have this whole live stream for the stuff that we got. I feel they could have just put videos out, and that was it because again, not much here interesting when it comes to resident evil.

4 that we see or even the exo primal stuff i i still think the resident evil village thinks is cool, but it didnt really need a live stream. I dont know maybe its just me theres some stuff, i think yeah live streams, are cool to enjoy, but then theres other stuff that i look at im like ah did we really need it like? Could we just have gotten like some videos, and that was it? I dont know for me it was okay, not bad, but not as great as i thought, but as always, this is just my own thoughts.

What do you think?

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Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom, Hideaki Itsuno, Role-playing video game, Dragon 's Dogma Is Finally Getting A Sequel After 10 Long Years!

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