Father’s Day, 2022 's Day 2022 ! Elsa & Anna toddlers – backyard camping – tents

Is that why you chose this? We love nature, all right, oh, and why are you setting up a pink tent for you to sleep in well, girls, the other one was old and broken. This is the only one left yeah we can all fit in here yeah, but elsa did you forget? We have our own little house over here. If we put blankets and pillows, i think we can sleep in here and its really cute time for the shake test. Is it strong enough shake shake shake shake shake shake shake shake share shaking me, daddy yep, its really strong and the mattress is in there. Now we just need blankets and pillows im so excited right now, elsia. Do you think you and anya can get them sure? Really comfy fresh outdoors all set here. I have a big fluffy, mattress, big fluffy, mattress, big and fluffy fluffy, just like our dog, tracy, hmm and i have to, but if my pillows fly fly, fly, put them right on in anya all right. Ah, that looks comfy. Now and look it even says home, sweet home right on the top here you go, these are for your tent daddy. Thank you so much no problem. This pillow is big enough for both me and kristoff. This is a very cool fathers day. We actually never camped for fathers day thats true, this is a really cool idea. All right lets put the pillow all the way at the back perfect.

We can hold these open before falling out here and then the blanket i could just fix it later. I just need to put it in right now: there we go well whos ready to have some fun. Yes, us us, oh my shoe, fell off. Lets, go see what christoph did. Oh and later we can collect some wood for the fire, yep thats. The plan yeah lets go check out, daddy, happy fathers day daddy. What are you doing? Thank you. Would you like? A jewish, oh, yes, sure ill, just have a water and i will have a grape juice sure, no problem, so are you going to be making the food basically yep and look? We even have little wooden tables here. So do you enjoy the camping girls yeah? We enjoy a lot. We have tables made of wood, its the perfect outdoor activity. I love this. Ah ow, hey yall, huh elsa. What do you mean? Hey? I didnt do anything its? Not you its the mosquitoes? Oh no. Oh, my drink get away get away. Oh! I think theyre gone okay, oh no, another one, get away, listen up, mosquitoes! Look what you did you knocked out my table and my drink great and i still feel something tickling me. I think i even have a bug bite now: daddy whats going on dont worry elsia yep. I know there are mosquitoes thats what happens at camping, but we have bug spray, do not worry well elsia.

They are only coming to you and not me, oh ow. What is that? Oh? No? Actually they are, they are they are. They are coming to you too, oh ow, theyre, coming in okay lets run lets run, get off me, get off, get off the bugs are coming mosquitoes. Oh okay. We are safe on the log yeah. Oh no theyre still coming. Ah no get off, get older, of course, theyre coming again, girls, youre, not gon na, be able to stop them. Only bug spray will help didnt. I tell you yeah yeah, but we got you something so distracted because they keep on coming bug spray. Can you get these girls? The bug spray, please? I was gon na, give it to them, but they were jumping and running around come on guys. The box plays here. Okay, daddy, sorry, were coming the mosquitoes me first, three me first, let me help you feels nice and cool against my skins. I already feel them its not coming to me. Yes, i told you oh okay, yeah. That feels much better. Look at that bird girls, oh its so cute, and really pretty oh, its shiny yeah, its shiny in the sun. You see that thats so cool and i see another one there. So many cool birds around us here, Music. I loved your music in the nature daddy, especially if theres no more mosquitoes im glad to hear youre enjoying sweetie thats. Why we chose camping anyway, guess what its time to get the firewood.

So we can start up the fire yay firewood, well, its kind of boring to find firewood. You just find some wood come on its gon na be fun its fun. Well, everyone has to help with the wood. How about we make it fun? If i make it a game, will you like it then yeah yeah sounds good. Whoever finds the most wood gets an extra marshmallow to light on the fire yep? Oh yes, yes, yes, im going to come straight. Lets. Do it lets go, go, go, go, go! Go! Go go. Oh good. One found another one: oh this ones, mine that sounds mine. This ones mine, make sure to get all different types: girls, okay, so like these circle ones and the long sticks. Okay, oh, look! How long this one is this ones way too long? Look at this thick log piece: i found girls, thats, nice, thats, gon na be perfect. Oh yeah! Look what i found guys the longest piece of wood ever daddy. Can you help me chop it in half watch girls? Here we go three two one! There you go. You can take one piece and ill get the other. Okay, look how many i have how many i have, though i feel like im gon na win this well. You should probably think again because you are wrong. I think we all got enough lets head back and count yeah put down your pile of wood, girls and well count elsia thats.

How many you got well, i got distracted by that big long. Stick i found look. How many i got. I told you i would win one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine for elsia, i mean yeah. That was me. That was me delcia one, two three four five well looks like anya is the clear winner. Oh this is the one. How many did you get? I think your second two, three four five, six yeah, your second place, oh man. Well at least i was the one who actually wanted to collect them all right girls. So this is what i want you to do. I want you to get the big twigs and in order to start the fire, we need to make small pieces like this. Can you handle that easy and ill put the big log on top like so so we gon na eat dinner. First yup kristoff has the sausage is prepared. This is gon na, be so fun and now see these little round ones. Lets put them under here. Elsa. Get that one! Please! Oh yeah! There you go. Thank you and now to start the fire girls. You might want to stand back, oh im old enough to do it. No else yeah, you cant adults have to do this, but why? But why, though, its just because together be dangerous, so you go over there on the on the log with anya and you watch me: okay, okay! Well, start pretty soon! Oh, i see the sparks right in time, jackie jack, look here! The food is ready to be grilled here.

I come make way. Thank you so much kristoff, no problem so delicious heres, the pan. Thank you all right. Girls. So, are you ready to see how outdoor cooking looks like sure oh wait, but are we gon na get to cook too um? I think you should just watch for now. Okay, get two hot dogs put them in the pan, and now we use the heat of the fire like this, you put the pan on top, but we dont touch it. We stay like this. On top, my mouth is watering now already starting to sizzle. You can shake them around a bit. Oh yeah, i hear the sizzling sound. I mm hmm wait to try these hot dogs. It reminds me when i was little going camping with my dad. I cant wait to try them either, so you went camping many times before when you were young, of course, girls. I went many times. This is just another of all the many times. There must be lots of memories, look at our feet. They are so dusty and look at our hair elsia see im. Definitely gon na have to take a shower after this yep girls thats another part of camping yeah, but we dont mind it all right. These dogs are good, theyre, all ready and girls. Do you want to cook your own mini dogs? Yes, yes, hot dogs. Oh this is like a roasting marshmallows except we have hot dogs on the sticks.

So just stand like this and then just extend your hand all right. Okay, here elsia heres, yours, camping, outdoors, fun, outdoors, fun, Music, look at that masterpieces! Oh kristoff, yep speaking of masterpieces, daddy, look what we got here: delicious hot dogs, yup daddy, look its a carton! Now! Oh youre right girls, youre, seeing so many cool birds today, but do you hear how it chirps girls yeah? Oh its scratching, thats, really cute, oh its red, it sinks so nicely! Oh, it flew girls. Did you hear about the legend of the giant lizard huh yup? The giant lizard girls, a giant lizard um. This is this, sounds weird, but yeah we havent heard it go ahead. Ill, tell you girls, so the legend of the giant lizard legend has it that around these parts when people go clean. Yes, is this a scary story? Its getting kind of dark, its, not scary, more like a really cool thing, really yep so legend, has it theres, a giant lizard that lives around these parts and when people go camping like were going camping right now, it might come at night to search to search What what were interested to search for kids, who didnt behave and turn them into lizards? Just like him? Oh um um! Well, how did we behave today? Elsia wait. I think you were good right. We were good right, i remember being good yeah, we behaved. I dont think we should worry about this celsius.

Okay, anyway, whos ready for marshmallows, now yeah youre, right and guess what we have here: marshmallows yup, yay yummy come get them yum, girls yum. They are big and fluffy yummy. Oh look! I got two ill do two for now: yummy theyre gon na get toasted and yummy here are the skewers sweetie just like grab the marshmallows one two: are you guys gon na roast any yep? We will roasting marshmallows over the faucet, smells so good and tastes. So good brings back childhood memories right, kristoff, mmm, yum, im, so glad we could spend this day with you really nice outside its becoming night and then were gon na go into our tent soon to sleep. Ah, this food was perfect and amazing. Thank you, daddy. Well. Thank you, girls for taking us out on the camping trip, yeah good idea. Oh, were kind of getting sleepy well lets head back to the tent tomorrows a new day, and i like that were sleeping just in our the backyard lizard. I can even imagine now how that would be like oh whoa. It would probably look like this shining too big and right next to us whoa. Oh, i dont even want to think about it anymore, but maybe its not as scary as i think it is its just cool. You know, could i even pet such a giant lizard? Ah, yes, wait. Actually, i need to go speak to daddy melania. Just wait. Just wait: daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy! What happened anya, i need to say something: um so were clear that the lizard wont come right.

Of course we just talked about it right, yep and its just the legend. Anya no need to be afraid. Yeah saw, i guess i saw that elsie is not scared, no need to be scared. Enjoy the nice fresh air and sleep at night, okay! Well, you can come and kiss us good night, yeah good night, bye, bye, good night elsia. Are you girls cozy? In there im so ready to go to sleep, oh and we hope you had a great fathers day yep we really did yeah. Thank you thanks. Girls, no problem were gon na head back in our tent now good night, good night, good night, happy fathers day. Thank you. Thank you, Music. I love this little tent. Oh goodnight, elsia elsia. Oh, she must be asleep.

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