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and it features a new graphics card from amd the rx 6650xt and that 12th gen intel architecture? Man. This thing is to be very awesome for the money, but before we dive into this build lets hear a word from todays sponsor todays video is brought to you by gvg mall, the online marketplace to gain access to some really awesome, discounted game keys and more specifically, Windows 10 licenses with windows 10. It is so easy just to go onto the website, using the link in the description down below and then go to the windows. 10 click buy. It now add. Code tb20 then go to the checkout put in your payment info and then boom. You will get within a few seconds or a few minutes in activation code that you will go into windows 10 put in the activation code and it is fully legit. It will work out of the box and you will have a fully activated windows 10 license. We use gbg model for all the pcs we built here at the toaster bros, and so should you so definitely check the link in description down below and use code tb20 to save money on checkouts. So what we have done here is weve spent around 830 dollars. Total – and we have some really awesome parts here – we kind of made sure that were not spending money on things we dont need to spend money on, so a lot of people will get higher in motherboards than they need.

Theyll get cpu, gpu combo that just doesnt. Quite make sense and yeah: they just spend money where they dont really need to, but not only do we think have we found the proper budget for this, but weve also gotten some decent aesthetics as well, without spending a ton on them so lets just not waste Any more time and go over the looks and the power of this pc and put it all together. So for the cpu, we have the intel i3. 12100F. Now this processor goes on sale for sometimes under 100, but you can usually find it from like the the 100 to 115 range and its 12 chance, the latest and greatest at the moment, and what i love about this is, it is still a four core. Eight thread, just like the 10100 f, you guys know we love that. But what really makes this thing amazing is those cores are stupid, strong and what i mean by that is pair this with like an i7 thats 12 gen pair this with the ryzen 5800x youre thinking those have a lot more cores and threads. Well, when you look at the single core performance of this, it actually pretty much outperforms those cpus or performs on par. I should say, and when you pair it with a lower end graphics card, which this is pretty mid, range honestly low end. But um you end up getting like about the same performance so yeah, verizon, 500x or like in 1297 and in most games that are kind of more gpu dependent.

You will see very similar performance now for the motherboard. We have this asrock b660m hdv, so whats nice about 12 gen intel versus 10 gen is for one. You get gen 4 support for every single cpu, so even this i3 will have gen 4 pci lane itll also have a gen 4 nvme ssd slot. So if you want to go that path and upgrade you can – and on top of that, i would imagine with this one you get give it laying out of the box, but if you go even a slightly higher end, one like 10 bucks more, you can get 2.5 gig and you also get a lot of 3.2 ports and, of course, 12 gen support, which is really awesome. So you can go up to like you know, honestly up to like an i9 if you really want to. But id recommend like an i7 for this and now for the ram we have this xpg spectrex d50. This is two 8 gig sticks, 16 total and dual channel 30 200 megahertz its rgb, its very sleek. Looking and weve never had any issues with this ram. So definitely a good choice and now to save money, we went with the gen 3 ssd. This is just a nvme, 512 gig, and you may be wondering why brag about in four, because you have the option but realistically for most games and applications. Gen 3 nvme is already so fast that you really dont get a whole lot of advantages with gen 4.

At the moment you will in the future i think, once transfers kind of speed up but yeah at the moment. These are already so quick with read, write speeds, big thanks to our friends over at power color they sent over this rx 6650 xt. They also sent over the 6750xt, but we gave that away in a one dollar pc video check that video out on the top right corner. But, as you can see right here, its basically a slightly stepped up version of the 6600 xt, i mean yeah. It has a 50 in it cool um, so we have the uh usual eight gigs of ram. It is a gen, 4 uh card and yeah. You can play all the latest and greatest titles at 1080p. High settings, no problems whatsoever and stretch into 1440p. If you want to now to power this build, we have the good old evga 600 ba. It is a 600 watt power supply 80 plus bronze, pretty solid unit again. Another thing that a lot of people overspend on is a really crazy power supply. They dont necessarily need evga is a company that i always recommend for the budget power supplies and their mid range even high end, when youre buying from evga for your power supplies. Theres really no stress involved from the low end to the high end, youre most likely going to get a pretty solid unit and for that power supply. We have these beautiful cables and its kind of rainbow themed.

You know pride month and all you know supporting pride and, as you see right here, look at that its beautiful and well see how well it actually matches up with the rgb inside this case, which is the moose tex i dont know which model this is you Look like a boomer moose decks v3, but you know what just like every video the links down below will be affiliate links and it will help us out and ill show you what we got going on here, but we have some ventilation up front with two rgb Fans and we will be adding some good old, vitru rgb fans, because i believe this is a rgb, but moose text is kind of weird most of the time they give you a proprietary hub and then it goes off to argb, but one way or another. We will make that work, but yeah. This is going to be a great build, nothing too crazy, but its going to have a lot of performance lets, put it together: Music, Applause, Music, all right guys were playing apex legends and were on pretty much maxed out settings. I mean were really weird, were really pushing this thing to the limit and look at the fps im telling you apex theres, almost no point in running lower settings um when youre on, like a higher end system, because the game just looks amazing and it just runs. Really well on, like anything we anything we throw at it generally, so, oh god, what is going on? Why havent they killed you yet its like.

You were just like playing around with him for a little bit there. Oh no were gon na hit some really good. Snipes were gon na lower their shields, then were gon na run into the next round. Im gon na get the car its all over. Now. What is this guy doing? Hes, thirsting, hes, thirsting, hey your teammates did something: oh, oh, no, oh narrow! He missed. He missed everything: nice try there buddy, oh god, its the end of the game, as we know it dude that guy just blasted me thats apex legends. Ladies and gentlemen, in terms of performance, its awesome that 6650xt is definitely a good upgrade over the 6600 and uh yeah very happy with the performance all right guys. We are now in fortnite, which weve spent a decent amount of time. Troubleshooting. We are on the new season and amd cards from our twitch viewers. Uh. Some information we got from them are just not working very well on this latest update, especially with the certain driver you have installed so um just take that with a grain of salt. All this all these numbers, you see right now. It could literally just be driver issues. We are running dx11 right now and theres. Just a lot of random stutter were not even getting like max utilization, so im, not using performance mode. I swear performance mode um. Well, you know normally is the problem with this, but were not running that right now and were actually still getting a little bit better fps a little bit better than what it was before, but its still not amazing.

It does suck noodle soup. What a bot was another guy running in Music, i must join the battle. Okay, i cant. I cant run through that. Apparently oh theyre building this oh theyre, really trying to get away here. This is this is maybe the ultimate sweat ah theyre trying to nade me. Oh get me out of here. I dont like this. I dont like this at all. All right. You just need to chuck needs into that building. Now, Music, oh actually damaged something. Is it the guy? I dont know? Oh, oh, oh theres, a lot going on around me. Hiding here. I hear some footsteps coming from somewhere: oh, oh, oh, oh god, im late got him! Wait what emote emo im, not emote! I forgot shout out to king omelette. Oh oh! Oh, oh wow that guy matt diff that guy was built different, but yeah. The performance is really weird again amd cards having some issues it didnt set out a little bit once we landed in, but not the greatest performance. So do keep that in mind with the new update, you might have some better performance with the system, but, as you saw how everything else is performing, you really should be too concerned about it. So lets go and switch to the next game. All right guys. We are playing cyberpunk and were on the high ultra preset, like not preset custom preset high ultra uh 1080p were getting over 60 fps most of the time, which is good because were only stop stop.

I need this truck dang dude people are rude here. Wow, you couldnt even get them. How do i? Oh man, he got ran off. Oh thats, a car thats, a car for you thats, your kind of car um, see if theres any cool ones over here. He just cant get a car. Here we go here. We go an all terrain vehicle – oh my god, oh yeah lets go. I dont know how that worked. Do you have a passenger with you? Oh he just got ran over by someone else. Oh no dude! Why is the car so slow? How do i boost got? Ta pick up some speed baby all right lets go on. Gta mode were gon na try to go as fast as we can without hitting anything while maintaining 60 plus fps gangster, the five star challenge, oh god. Oh oh, that time has been reported here. That was a person i dont know how that was freaking, quick um we need to. Can we break like oh look at that didnt work? Oh god, theyre! Shooting me oh theyre, coming theyre! Shooting me they dont stop theyre, just im actively being shot at. Oh god were bowling. Oh so sorry, why are we just driving through people whats happening? Oh no dude! I cant get back on the road. What do we do? Oh goodness were up to three stars. Oh no five star challenge without shooting a gun, see its just easy, dude im having trouble staying on the road, the four you are a very oh, my god, okay, four stars, four stars not to move but cyberpunk theyre in really great look were getting almost 700 Fps in the menu yep good, cyberpunks fun, so lets try one more game.

A game you all want to see. Warzone lets go all right. Gamers the last game were going to be, testing is good. Old warzone were on pretty much medium high settings and um yeah were getting pretty much 100 plus fps, well uh drop into the actual game and see what it sells out to be, but yeah its just it. It makes the fortnite thing so much weirder that warzone gets a hundred plus fps and then fortnite is like having stutters all over the place, so were gon na go to beachhead, but we are using literally every gig of ram. I i feel like every update. Warzone, has it just uses more ram, so if you want better performance, keep it more ram. How did i start with this hacker? Did i just hack ah leave me alone. Would you like me to sing while you have this battle, hope ive been spotted? Oh whoa, i was in the sky, theres others. Are you get a redeploy im going right back to where i was did that guy die? I was in the middle of a weird crossfire, going on there. Look at that sweaty gun. How did you know exactly where the other guy was, though wow? Well thats warzone? It performs well doesnt make you a good gamer, but a new update is busted but yeah, so yeah thats, the benchmark of this pc, performs very well and um yeah. Well, just go and wrap this video up real, quick, all right guys.

We just got done benchmarking, this pc and in every game besides fortnite, and were starting to notice. That trend with almost everything we benchmark for tonight is just really all over the place in terms of fps. Some of the really cheap systems we build will get well over 100, no stutters, and then systems like this and up that go to two three thousand dollars. Doesnt matter they stutter and lag like crazy, so other than that, though good performance so yeah. If you want to buy any of the parts from todays, video links in the description down below well be affiliate links, and it will help us out. The best part about this build is pretty much everything is in stock and you can customize it. However, you want, if you want different cover, sleeve gables, if you want a different case, its all pretty modular, so you can check those links down below and build yourself an awesome gaming pc with some awesome components. So, as always, we hope you guys enjoyed todays video. If you did check out our other two youtube channels and also our slash toasty bros and do not forget to like comment and subscribe and well see you guys in the next one goodbye. So we had some people asking. What are we going to do with this computer when were done well, of course, its going to go to our pc selling business We sell awesome gaming, pcs, gaming, laptops and office computers.

If thats more your thing and if you use code toasty, bros, 2 on checkout for delivery and local pickup, you can save two percent on your purchase.

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