Ed Yong A Nonfiction Book Haul | June 2022

Haul ive picked up two science books that id like to talk about today and the first one is. I contain multitudes by ed young, and this is the book, and this is a great book. This is a book on microbes and the bacteria is not just on our body, but in our gut in our in ourselves. We have about what is it ‘ trillion types of bacteria on us and within us compared to the 32 trillion cells within the human body. So we have a symbiotic relationship with microbes and bacteria and they do everything. I mean theres a lot of gut bacteria that helps process and break down food for us uh bacteria on our skin, that defends against other types of bacteria, and i think it says about the um. The immune system as well, but i contain multitudes, is more than just about the human body, its also going to talk about the um animal kingdom and how bacteria exists in the animal kingdom and how its all interconnected. So this is going to be an interesting book and ill. Read you a little synopsis of the book hold on please yeah. So here we go for most of human existence. Microbes were hidden visible only through the illness they caused when they finally surfaced in biological studies. They were cast as rogues only recently have have they emigrated from the neglected fringes of biology to its center. Even today, many people think of microbes as germs to be eradicated, but those that live with us, the microbiome, are invaluable parts of our lives.

Eye containment, multitudes lets us peer into the world for the first time, allowing us to see ubiquitous and vital microbes. Are they sculpt our organs? Defend us from disease break down our food educate our immune systems guide, our behavior bombard our genomes with their genes? Oh Music! Well, where are we and grant us incredible abilities, while much of the prevailing discussion around the microbiome has focused on the implications for human health, yang broadens this focus to the entire animal kingdom, giving us a grander view of life with humans? Oh sorry, not humans with humor and erudition. Ed young prompts us to look at ourselves and our fellow animals in a new light, less as individuals and more as the interconnected, interdependent multitudes. We assuredly are when we look at the animal kingdom through the microbial lens. Even the most familiar parts of our lives take on striking new air, we learn the secret, invisible and wondrous biology behind the corals that construct the mighty reefs. The glowing squid that can help us understand the bacteria in our own guts, the beetles that bring down forests. Yeah been there cutting trees, the disease, fighting mosquitoes engineered in australia and the ingredients in breast milk that evolved to nourish a babys first microbes. We see how humans are disrupting these partnerships and how scientists are now manipulating them to our advantage. We see as william blake wrote the world in a grain of sand, so this sounds like a really good book, its not a very big book.

I think its about, oh its only about 357 pages and im looking forward to reading this. I plan on reading this. For the month of july and uh yeah, so thats something im looking forward to so the other book i picked up is called the gene, an intimate history, and this is the book and this is from siddhartha mukherjee, and i believe this was printed in 2016. and It is a book on the history of genetics, so the book will start off with gregor mendel and for those that took uh biology in high school, gregor mendel was a uh monk. Was it 1890, some sometime in the 1890s that studied hereditary mechanisms in the pea plant and uh hes? Essentially, the founder of genetics and itll go through the history starting there into nazi germanys eugenics program in the 1940s into the discovery of um dna by watson and crick, rosalind franklin as well. Her discoveries in dna and itll go into modern genetics talking about crispr and cas9. The enzyme cast 9 hes also going to talk about the human genome, which was mapped in 2003. I believe they mapped 92 percent of it. I think they just recently mapped the rest. The rest of the uh, the genome, the eight percent that was left and it is going to be a fun book. I actually saw this book. I wanted to pick up a genetics book on well the history of genetics and i was watching shelly swearingens video.

She did a book review a month or two months ago, talking about the code breakers and while that book didnt interest me, she did make me want to pick up a book on the history of genetics. So i went online and i found this one and im glad i did it. It has a lot of good reviews, so im looking forward to reading this, so those are the two books that ive picked up recently. So weve got the gene and intimate history and we have. I contain multitudes uh book on microbiomes bacteria, so this is going to be a fun read for july im, looking forward to that right now, im reading um, some westerns and a history textbook. So i wont have time to get into these, but i do plan on getting into these in july anyways. Those are my dogs anyways. Thank you so much for watching this video. This is fred and youre, watching red by fred jeans on hello booktube. This is fred. So those are the two books that im going to be reading for the month of july. Its going to be the oh wait, this isnt a monthly tbr. This is a book haul.

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