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Yesterday, the official fortnite twitter account put out a tweet with just an image, and this is what it looks like. It says: fortnite naruto rivals 6 23 22. So that is this coming thursday, obviously not today, but the next thursday, 6 23.. Now last night i did some research and everyone assured me that it would be these four skins aka team 8, coming to presumably the item shop, although we dont know for sure. Yet we dont know if its gon na be one of those community challenges or what and then later last night i got another confirmation that it wasnt team eight well at least not all of team eight. So that was me just jumping the gun, apparently because now weve got official confirmation supposedly of the foreskins that will be coming to the item shop now ive got to believe that the original team – seven, the four skins that we got in item shop – will be returning, But dont quote me on that, because thats just my speculation, they have returned at least once so. We know that they will come back to the item shop eventually, but it would make sense if they came back so lets see the confirmation of the new for naruto skins coming next thursday. So this comes from my friend at sentinel, central on twitter and ill link. Him in the description he actually dmd me this and he said new naruto, wave, 2 cosmetics and just like the leak of the first four skins we got.

This was in a japanese magazine. So, as you can see, there are four characters displayed here, which are the four characters we should be getting on, the top. It says fortnite, and most of this is in japanese, but on the left you can make out a few things such as epic games, ps4, ps5, nintendo switch, xbox, etc and obviously anywhere it says, naruto. You can clearly read that now: theres also a scannable code on there, not sure where those take you theres two of those but lets talk about the four characters we got here so the first character on the left, the female she actually is part of team eight. So i covered her a little bit yesterday, so her name is hinata hugo and, as i mentioned yesterday in my video, i have never watched naruto. So im only going off what people have told me or what ive read online. So she actually appears to be a fan favorite in terms of females on the show ive seen tons of people say that she is actually their favorite female character, so thats pretty cool. She looks pretty nice now to the right of her is a very evil. Looking guy, in my opinion, remember thats coming from someone that has never seen the show before just something about his eyes, scream that hes, not very nice and his name is simply gara now. Actually, it seems i was a little right, so i was reading up about him and people are saying that he had one of the best redemption arcs in the series.

He went from being essentially a killer to someone that legitimately values and protects life. How crazy is that, so i guess his eyes told no lies there. He was kind of evil. Now these last two characters. Look absolutely incredible. In fact, ive always heard this next guys name everywhere that has ever talked about naruto. This guy, apparently, is a fan favorite. So this, of course, is atachi uchiha, so itachi is actually the older brother of another skin. We had in the past one of team sevens members sasuke. How cool is that now from everything ive read about itachi, he is actually pretty awesome. One comment i read said: hes the older brother that everyone wants, but no one deserves. Obviously naruto has been out for a while, but i dont want to put any true spoilers out there, just in case theres people like me that have never seen it. But one of the comments – i read spoiled everything about him, so i wont mention that, but hes just an awesome, looking skin and then theres one more character on the right and speaking of evil. This guy looks pure evil as well, so his name is orochi maru and again from what ive read, he appears to be a villain in the show. Now. This comment had me cracking up. Listen to this. This is how they describe this character. He is like the character who completed all the levels in a game and now just goes around trolling people, so he sounds like a true villain and when i finally watch this show, i cant wait to learn all about it.

So these are apparently the four rival skins that were gon na get again its not team, eight, except for the first female character that we mentioned she actually is in teammate and the other three are not so. I was a little mistaken there. Like i said, i got deceived by everyone telling me it was fact and confirmed last night. Apparently this is the fact in confirmation. This is what were gon na, get these four characters this thursday. So let me know in the comments. How did i do on name pronunciations? I took the time to research. The names im, not just any youtuber out there. Thatll just do this quickly for views. I want to make sure i say everything right. Hopefully i did that. Hopefully i appeased all the naruto fans out there and, like i said, im truly gon na watch this its on my watch list. I cant wait there you go this thursday, 6 23 naruto rivals – hopefully you guys enjoyed this video.

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