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Adding tons of free rewards players can now unlock from v bucks being granted to even a free bundle. You can now claim so makes you watch till the end for colombo to return hit the thumbs up button because it now changes colors. The addition of the new grapple gun is great, but just wait. You see the rewards epic games, just added, in which nobody has discovered until today, when we unlocked them ourselves, click that subscribe button now, because 51 of you watching are not subscribed and missing out on v bucks. I give away every day. Thank you for using code. Nnj in your fortnite item shop, its much appreciated before we unlock the bundle player has been waiting for this creative mapping, which gives players v bucks generated codes for all platforms. So i really need to try it. You guys need to see this so once entering fortnite. Make sure to type in this map code zero, three, seven, four, five, eight, eight, six, four, seven, three five once doing so click enter and you guys will now be loading into the v bucks code map in which youll see a ton of these codes. You can use once the game is started. You guys will need to enter the 1v1 area, go to the right side in which you can see the cupids crossbow and you guys will need to place down a cone once youve done so edit. That cone, where it looks exactly like this and you guys, will then enter a secret passageway falling down into this specific room.

Now that youve done that head over to this area and go on to the right side of this blue cube and simply enter it once that is completed, you will then see this open area, and you will then land on the bouncer, and you will need to Clear this specific wall and hopefully not die by the trap. So you want to go up to this and then keep on going up and you guys will then have the chillers and just simply just dont die. You essentially could wait until the icy feet run out, but if you want just go around this area, nice and slow, so you guys obviously dont die and have to restart it from here. Its really really simple, so were almost there. So then, simply land down here and you will see this secret room over there and you guys will want to swim to that. Youve made it now to the secret area and it can be a bit tricky, so youre gon na need to place down a ramp. Exactly like that and connect it, so it then goes all the way up to that button. So now that youve done this, you can go up to this ramp and youll need to jump and click the button at the exact same time, and you guys have now done it so weve now entered the gif room in which generates tons of codes and were Also, even going to give you guys an additional viba code because im feeling good today, so we have the first code, which is a pay safe card, so you can see.

Switch players can now redeem this code, which is pretty cool the next one we have. I believe is going to be a pc code, so if you guys are on the epic game store that one should work as well, and you guys got ta be pretty quick to these, considering you guys are gon na be redeeming them so now here we have A psn code, which i know a ton of you guys play on psn, which works on ps4 and ps5, so that is definitely cool as well and for the final code you guys can generate is for the xbox players in which you guys can see. Here are all four codes that you guys can now redeem and in addition to that, heres even a viva code, ladies and gents, so there you have the code redeem that when you guys can before we reveal the brand new bundle you can now unlock lets show You guys a brand new event. Epic games has now announced youre not going to want to miss it with the addition of v21 v21.10 on the 21st of june. Fortnite will now release a brand new event and which is the no sweat summer event and heres. Essentially, how it works were going to have six new creative maps, primarily around death runs and you players will be able to unlock, not only free rewards but also xp grants so were gon na most likely have a ton of cool challenges in battle royale, as well As with creative, so were gon na have a lot of cool new things and a lot of fun as well, and i cant wait for this new summer event.

To start this upcoming tuesday for the first official downtime update in celebration of that, you can even see epics release the free rewards in the item shop so make sure to claim yourself the free emote, as well as with the brand new free rap. For this limited time, so hop on to fortnite to make sure to get that the moment youve all been waiting for the brand new bundles players can now unlock. So lets check out the very first bundle you guys can claim. Players on playstation simply need to go to the store and type in fortnite, and once you guys have done so, you will want to go on to the add ons, because theres a brand new bundle youre going to want to get for this time, in which you Guys can see is the brand new fortnite playstation celebration pack. This bundle is a zero dollar pack and you guys are simply going to want to download that and then you will simply want to launch fortnite now that were launching fortnite. You can now see the brand new blizzard bomber outfit for completely free, and it also even comes with this brand new backlink. You guys can even see in game. This looks phenomenal and is definitely one of my favorite playstation celebration. Packs weve been able to claim so definitely do this for the limited time, but now lets get into the best bundle of todays video lets show you players how you can unlock the brand new juice world outfit, which also comes with a lot of great cosmetics.

As many players remember with the travis scott astronomical event in which was one of the best events ever to happen here within fortnite theres, a lot of cool things happening that you guys are going to want to see. Thats now happening again here inside of the game. Look at this guy hey what up buddy? What is this guy doing? I guess he just didnt. Have a gun see you later bud during the travis scott event, players were able to unlock tons of free rewards by simply playing battle, royale in which was a brand new e mode and even a glider, and it seems to be a very similar situation happening here. Inside of fortnite juice, world being my favorite artist 999, and if you know you know, definitely makes me so excited to see. Whats now happening in fortnite stay tuned were even going to give you guys some more v bucks. As you know, fortnite and juice world has been a very talked about topic for a very long time. Even a couple months ago, when juice worlds manager stated he had an employee from epic contact him and they had a meeting in the upcoming days. We actually got a meeting, i think its next thursday, with epic and today, its now been all officially revealed as to whats going to be happening. So earlier this morning check this clip out from juice worlds manager youre going to want to see this. Hey is the juice of fortnite collab coming i cant see anything.

Let me get as you see, juice worlds. Manager has revealed that he can no longer talk about whats happening with fornite and juice road, because hes most likely under an nda contract, in which he cannot speak upon this because he will get in trouble, meaning that this collaborations in the works so lets. Take a look at what you guys will be able to unlock and similar to the astronomical challenges. Well, most likely be able to unlock the juice world outfit for participating in battle, royale and completing challenges, and especially with the summer time being here and the new summer event kicking off, we can even most likely expect some sort of concert for juice world here. Inside of fortnite, but this could be happening sometime in july or possibly in the beginning of august, rewards may vary, but were most likely going to be able to unlock this skin itself with tons of new edit styles, because you guys know that fortnites been adding a Lot of edit styles and speaking of skins, i got you guys covered so stay tuned. What the heck look at this dude hes just swimming with a wolf little wolfie get him out of here. Boys gg take a seat, and he is now my good old friend. Hey bud, you know what hes attacking me hes, no longer my friend guys, i just got ta. You know fend for myself here. Additionally, with the spider man: zero comics. Not only can you get yourself the brand new skin, but today epic games has now just decrypted the brand new emote, as well as with a brand new pickaxe, in which players will be able to unlock via the item shop as well as potentially even a free Reward later on in the day, considering a lot of those players did unlock it when redeeming.

The first comic reward so well see what happens, but i cant wait for these to officially release considering the summer event is beginning. Next tuesday, its now been found that four knights, even working on two additional bundles, so will we be able to unlock a free bundle during the summer event. Well have to see what happens, because i really just cant wait to see what happens here, but you guys can see. I dont know what this guy thinks hes doing. Look at this boom hasta la vista brother, with only four players remaining. We must get the victory. Royale, because i think we can guys one like one prayer and lets give out these v bucks as well. Ladies okay, that guy that guy was lost in the applesauce. You guys look at this dude where you running off to Music. Two people remain you guys. Oh, what the heck are these two dudes doing down here there goes one lets go come on boom victory, royale, thats, how we do it, ladies and gentlemen, taking them out as we go, you love to see it, and here you also have yourself another viva code From your boy drop a like subscribe, hopefully you guys enjoyed and let me know, thoughts on juice. World 999.

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