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We all want to see in fortnite season 3. comment down below and tell me what skin you want to see in this season also make sure to stick around to the end of this video, where we will be talking about the next professional athlete coming to the Fortnite icon series so kicking this video off a cool collaboration that the fortnite community has been dying for is spider man miles morales. This would be an awesome collaboration and its actually really possible because there is a new miles morales movie coming out called across the spider verse, and this is the perfect opportunity to add miles into the game. This collaboration would be awesome because we could also see spider gwen come to the game along with miles, not only that, but i would hope wed get to see another version of the spider man gloves added to the game, not the grappler glove, the real spider man Gloves but miles and gwen arent, the only spider people wed like to see get out of the game, because the fortnite community really wants to see andrew garfield and toby maguires versions of the spider man character. Added to the game. We already got tom holland. This would absolutely make for the perfect squad, but unless the characters reappear in the mcu, i think its probably unlikely but hey with fortnite nothings impossible and a cloud that i never thought id see out of the game, but now looks pretty likely is family guy fortnite Has been teasing this for so long and even leaked the skin already, but now its been months and theres still no family guy collab, but considering we just got a new easter egg over at this location at greasy grove, i feel like theres a huge chance.

This skin ends up getting out of the game. Another skin, i think, is highly likely to get added to fortnite in season. Three and id love to see it happen is the mcu version of thor. This collaboration is very possible because this summer we will be seeing a new thor movie called thor, love and thunder. We could also see jane foster out of the game as well, which would be really cool when we originally got thor added to the game. They gave us a comic book version of him, which makes me think they were saving the mcu thor for this movies release. Also, we cant forget fortnites history of collaborating with marvel for the new mcu movies. It happens basically, every time a new mcu movie comes out. I personally think they can make this skin look even cooler than the thor skin. We have in game already, but if you think that collab will be cool, i have one better for you with darth vader being added to fortnite in the season 3 battle pass. This would be the perfect opportunity for fortnite to add luke skywalker to the game, with luke skywalker being the most popular and iconic character in star wars. I think we all would love to see a collaboration, adding luke skywalker to fortnite. Now is the perfect time to do it and i think, most of all wed like to see a lightsaber pickaxe added to the game. I mean come on epic, please weve all wanted the lightsaber pickaxe in the game for a really long time and it needs to happen.

Hopefully, if they do. This theyll give us some customization options like changing the colors and the handles. That would be super cool. Now i know you guys want to hear about the new athlete joining the fortnite icon series, but first we have to talk about the new juice world collab. We have seen a ton of evidence that juice world will be coming to the game, because his manager has pretty much leaked everything at this point. Obviously, over a month ago, we all heard juice worlds. Managers say that theyre working on making this collab happen, but recently weve had a lot more hints at this happening. The first hit is that fortnite actually gave us a new career milestone called armed and dangerous. This could be a reach for a lot of communities, speculating that this could be a reference to the hit juice world song arm and dangerous, not only that but juice worlds manager actually retweeted a tweet from fortnite. That says almost time to start the party. This is relevant because theres, a new juice world album on the way called the party never ends, and we also got a new loading screen for season three. With the description that says, the party never ends, and if that wasnt enough evidence for you theres more somebody posted a news, post, saying juice world might be coming to fortnite and juices manager actually liked this and then just two days ago, juice worlds manager was on Live and said that, basically, he cant say anything about the collab or he will get in trouble.

This is very exciting. With all this information, we could say its highly likely that juice world will be coming to the game as a skin, and hopefully we can even see a fortnight concert. I think most of us can agree that would be pretty epic another collab. That would be pretty epic would be another vehicle collaboration. We once got ferrari in the game, but how could it be to see another car company like tesla or lamborghini, added to the game? Theres racing games that have tons of different cars in the games and id like to see fortnite try to do that themselves. Itd be awesome if we had a huge selection of real life cars in the video game and if i could pick any car company to get added to the game, itd definitely be tesla and hey. Maybe they could even add elon musk to the game. Thats pretty unlikely, but any car company would be cool and if fortnite cant get real vehicles in the game, then maybe we could get a transformers collab. How cool would it be to get transformers as vehicles in the game? I mean, i think a optimus prime semi truck would be insane and you cant forget about bumblebee thatd, be an awesome addition too. I mean you cant roll anything out. Weve seen fortnite do crazier things now. I know we just saw ali a added to the game, but i think there are even more creators in the fortnite community that definitely deserve a skin in the game.

I would like to see cipher pk or nick a30. Get added in for sticking with the game and i think those could be really cool. Well deserved, icon skins or yo fortnite. Let me get my own icon skin in the game. Id definitely be down for that all jokes aside, some more skins, i think the fortnite community would love to see add to the game, is scorpion and sub zero. Now, at one point we were actually supposed to see a fortnight, mortal kombat collaboration even saw a mortal kombat finishing move in a fortnight trailer. However, fortnite decided itd be better to collab with street fighter because it was a lot more pg, but i think theres still a way you could do it and i think it would be an awesome collab. Some of the most iconic characters in gaming and dont forget about street fighter, because i think its very likely we will see more street fighter skins added to the game, especially with the upcoming street fighter 6, and there are still plenty of well deserved street fighter skins. That could get added to the game. Another skin that could get added to the game is black. Adam. Considering black adam will be a huge movie release. I think they could definitely use fortnite as a form of promotion. If this happens, this would be our second dwayne johnson skin. At this point, another cool collaboration would be just giving us the rock his own icon, skin.

That for sure, would be an epic collab and maybe fortnite could even do a rock bottom emote a little. Over a month ago, we saw wanda from the mcu added to fortnite, but i think a lot of the fortnite community was a little disappointed that we didnt get to see. Vision added to the game. Vision has appeared in the fortnite marvel comics, and this would be the perfect fortnite marvel skin. To add to the game, i mean come on epic youre running out of people to add here we definitely got ta get vision, soon, vision, isnt, the last guy left. To add from the mcu, though, because two more skins that would be really cool is a bucky barnes and sam wilson, captain america, skin with steve rogers gone from the mcu and sam wilson, taking the mantle as captain america. I think this would be the perfect opportunity to add these two to fortnite and expanding the marvel universe. Lets just hope they give sam a falcon edit style as well, but a collab, i think, would change fortnite forever would be pokemon. We already got naruto in the game, so i dont think any collab is impossible for fortnite and pokemon would fit very well into fortnite, and maybe we could even get a pikachu pet backlink i mean come on. That would be awesome and one skin that needs to make it into the gaming legend series is definitely mario weve all wanted a fortnite nintendo club, and it seems like its just, never gon na happen, but with a new mario movie in the works right now.

Maybe just maybe this is fortnites shot to get one of the most iconic characters in gaming into the gaming legends series. We can absolutely hope, but a gaming collab we actually just received in the game, is the among us collab. After a rocky start between epic games and the creators of among us, we finally got an among us back bling and the backling was cool. But what would be even cooler is a huge fortnight among us clapped for the imposters mode. Imposters mode has had the same map for almost a year now and its starting to feel kinda dry and neglected, but the perfect way to make this mode feel fresh and fun again is to make a impostors among us clap. You can even make this a cross game collab that would be really fun now. Finally, the next athlete that will be joining the fortnite icon series is patrick mahomes. Leakers were actually able to get into the files of fortnite and found some adidas logos, along with the patrick mahomes logo. Its gon na be absolutely insane to see the kansas city chiefs, quarterback patrick mahomes, joining the icon series. This is one of the best players in the nfl, and this is going to be a huge collab for fortnite but comment down below and tell me what skin youd like to see get add to fortnite next and with all that being said, thank you guys.

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