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. The mythic web shooters have returned in the form of grapple gloves. But did you know if you hit your emo button while swinging? You could actually start dancing in mid air yeah, you can swing and wild at the same time and im absolutely here for this, and another secret can be found in greasy grove at this destroyed house, because on the edge you can see a bathtub, and is this A coincidence or easter egg, no, no, no, no, no, no something that nobody has realized is that season. Three has completely changed the way that b, hops work, bro now ten times easier to hop around the map, but this is nothing compared to an upcoming mode. That will change fortnite forever, because epic games is officially working on a first person mode for years. Weve been asking for this and we even got our first glimpse during the device event, but now well, finally be able to play entire matches in this perspective, and i cannot wait to learn more last season. We finally got the mary jane skin with it our first teaser of spider gwen. In the description for the web, shredder pickaxes says you should really catch mary jane live sometime. This is actually a reference to her band and gwen. Stacy is one of those members. Well, the new comic cover for zero war was just revealed and features spider, gwen and mary jane. So epic continues the tradition of adding skins from these comics.

We might just see spider gwen later this season miles. Morales has also been teased on one of the covers im so excited to play as these two. Hopefully they come soon, but if that doesnt make you appreciate what epic does for us, then you have to see some of season 3s craziest, hidden details, for example on the new island. They have left a secret easter egg for the community, because if you talk to the foundation npc, he now sells jonkers tires only chapter. Three players will get the reference to the infamous jonkers stature glitch from season, one probably one of the most memorable glitches in fortnite history. So you know its a nice little easter egg, and soon the off road tires will become more useful than ever as fortnite will be bringing us a new motorcycle vehicle files for this motorbike were found in the season 3 update and will carry up to 2 people. The coolest part is that itll even have a drift feature, so hopefully this works in the same way as the atk power slide, but for a vehicle that you could use right now. Ballers have been one of the most fun editions of season 3, although they dont really have a lot of fuel in them and you cant even charge them back up. It turns out theres a secret glitch that lets. You have unlimited fuel in your baller. If you hold the boost button, when you run out of charge, the baller just keeps boosting forever until you let go its an amazing tip, so make sure to try it out before it gets patched.

One of the craziest things about fortnite is the fact that we can wake up one morning and suddenly an insane collab is in the game like its not a fantasy, to see robocop riding a segway. Well, this season it happened again, while we were just minding our own business, all of a sudden among us isnt fortnite, and while this backlink is one of the most ridiculous crossovers ive ever seen, it has a hilarious secret if you die, while wearing the crewmate youll Hear this sound yeah the same sound when a posture kills you and among us a nice little detail, but a crossover that feels even more random. Is this seasons secret skin indiana jones? He practically came out of nowhere. I mean at least darth vader and obi. Wan have their own show right now, but turns out indiana jones appearance wasnt as sudden as you might think, because epic games teased his arrival three seasons ago. Yes, at the beginning of chapter three, you could find a single refrigerator out in the desert at the time we thought it was just a regular prop, but its actually a reference to the iconic scene, where indiana jones survives a nuclear explosion by hiding in a fridge. The more you know, last year, juice worlds manager said that he was meeting with epic to talk about a fortnight concert. Well, since then, hes retweeted, a post from fortnite saying it is almost time to party and like to post on instagram about a fortnight collab with juice world well looks like we have a new update, because just this week his manager was asked about it again and He said that he cant answer any questions because hell get in trouble with fortnite this all but confirms that this concert or collab is happening soon, and i cannot wait for it, but to keep us occupied season.

3 has so much more content around the corner were about to receive tons of new weapons, including the upcoming saw blade launcher according to leaks. We can also expect a firework gun to be released, this season, which would definitely fit the party theme and for those who think the shotguns are way too weak. Well, a new one is in the works and its called the overload shotgun youll even be able to find this in reality, fruits, but its still not as mysterious as whats. Going on with the rave kpoi a theme park. Location has been on the top of our wish list for years, but theres something about ray of cave. That seems out of place and we now know what it is. Last season command cavern had a mysterious vault. You could hear the io drilling inside of it was eventually revealed that this was a tunnel directly to the collider. Thankfully, we destroyed the device at the end of season 2, ending the ios plan once and for all. But with that in mind, you would think that this vault or would be useless now right. That is why this is one of the creepiest secrets of season 3.. If the collider is destroyed, whats going on behind this door, i guess only time will tell while we wait to figure out that mystery season threes new reality tree has some insanely useful secrets that you have to know about. A lot of us have just thrown a reality saplings at the most convenient spot.

But did you know this actually affects the loot? You get yeah if youre not impressed with the mythic items from your reality. Fruit just move to a different area and heres. What each place gives you, and if you love the reality by em, youll, be happy to hear that its actually spreading right now over a few ys like logjam, you can see roots coming through the ground and throughout the season the biome will overtake a huge portion Of the map, as for your reality, seeds, one of the most underrated tips to season three is that you could regrow your fruit with chug splashes. This also works with a chuck cannon or shoe keg, and let me tell you its pretty overpowered one of the coolest parts about this new biome is that it looks completely new but also super familiar and its all, because fortnite has been teasing this for over a Year in chapter 2, when brie larson received her locker bundle and included a new edit style for bushranger, and, as you can see, this was teasing the reality tree all along, while some think it was actually foreshadowing the season 7 invasion. Epic didnt stop there. During that time, fortnite released a new item, shops game called bloom, and if this isnt a blatant teaser, then i dont know what is speaking of brie larson during the collision live event. We got the official return of the paradigm shes a brand new suit, and we even got to hear her voice for the very first time, but for those of us who listened closely, they might have thought she sounded a little familiar.

When asked epic games refused to reveal who the actor was, but thanks to some detective work, the paradigm has been uncovered asbury larsen another secret. That will really blow your mind. Season 3s ridable animals might be one of the most underrated items in the entire game. It turns out you can use these guys as scanners to hunt down enemies if youre dismounted, they will actually track down nearby players, and this is super useful in the final storm, if youre searching for that, one person left and just cant find them. Let the wolf do it for you, speaking of storms, season three actually brought back tornadoes, but this is just the beginning of whats to come. We love the weather system, but wish it wasnt so random. Well, thankfully, epic is working on two new super storm items that will let us summon tornadoes and lightning wherever we want im thinking, itll, be a mix between the junk rift and the storm flip, but well see how it goes and it wont be the only thing Getting summoned in season 3., while the reality seeds are awesome for loot. We just wish they did more, which is why epic is working on a feature thatll. Let our saplings create a rift. Yes, so spawn a portal similar to the ones from chapter 2. But this time well actually be able to use them. Itll take us to another part of the map. Hopefully the next circle, but i guess well have to wait and see and hiding in the alkalades is one of the most unobtainable secrets of season 3.

. If you somehow get a victory royale without killing a single player, youll get a secret pacifist award that gives you xp. It looks like this might just be my first season to get max level. Season. 3 will also be having a summer event and to celebrate the occasion, well see brand new summer surfboards. These are already in creative and are finally coming to battle. Royale, while were surfing across the map, well have to avoid some powerful new bosses. This summer, yeah darth vader will finally make his appearance and will get 2000 xp every time we eliminate him as a reward. We also get the new mythic lightsaber that has a unique throwing ability. Leakers have also found another upcoming boss called habitat and has something to do with wolves, so that one is just a complete mystery for a secret that you could actually find in the real world. The fortnite is collaborating with hasbro yet again, but this time its, not a nerf gun, youll, soon be able to get a fortnite gi, joe snake eyes, katana, and it looks epic and for one of the most anticipated additions to fortnite. We are just months away from the reveal of creative 2.0 itll introduce modding custom games in a fully remade. Creative mode were still waiting to hear more, but leak files have reveal well be using a custom programming language called verse itll. Let us create our own skin, spawn any items. We want control the storm and even make our own npcs and thats.

Just a taste of whatll be possible. Hope you all enjoyed its been tommy.

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