Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game, Crossover Reviewing the new chapter (Pt 1)

I hope you said it had a wonderful day today and today i will be reviewing the kind of new, but not really new came out like two weeks ago battle pass now two things i do understand. I id say that id be uh doing this like not on mobile in a way, but i want to get it out the way. Also. I do understand yesterday. I said it in one of my descriptions that id be back with the tripod uh tomorrow. Actually, i will so uh yeah, not today tomorrow, but before i start the video make sure you make sure yes like button bell and this and the subscribe and without way little less lets get started now. First of all, first thing to note is that the leak was actually true, because if you are confused, they were a leak about next season, and this was exactly the same thing. Maybe a couple changes, but besides from that, the same exact thing, which i would not think that would be true, but lets go on to the first battle about about the battle pass section now, if you do notice that i bought this uh or got this main Reason is is just because, well, i cant exactly get them like get it at this like get it, and i would like to grind and like review it when i can so yeah thats. What i did and also mainly just because on on my first attempt on making this video, i bought it and then the clicking sound happened and, as you know, i cant really edit that out so yeah thats.

The main reason now, but first tier, is a bit weird im, not because when you see this, the first thing that should come in your head is nintendo switch exclusive because, as you see, it has all the colors, the pickaxe, the the music track, the back bling. The one uh uh a loading screen and like even this, so i so im honestly confused why they didnt make this skin a nintendo switch exclusive. Because if you look at this theres, not much to say, besides from nintendo, switch exclusive but yeah theres an emoticon for him and that theres 100 there, then she actually has a second style. Also, this has the one new topsail key mode, which i know when i get. I will never use because well, dont want to be toxic and plus i i just dont like it im not gon na lie, then i think its her second rap im. Not exactly sure, but yeah looks like it could match with with with some slurp series ones his back bling is. It looks like an egg like thing im, not gon na lie, it looks like an egg warrior and then for the one uh and then for his thing. Its match up, which looks terrifying im, not gon na lie exclusively the whole cuddle team leader thing, so it doesnt look too bad, then im pretty sure this is his pickaxe doesnt, look too bad and then next page, if you didnt know this is you can use This because lets just say, theres a glitch with it that i kind of wanted to get this just so i could check it out that has no sound effects when you move so yeah and then his built in email, which kind of shocked that it came not Really surprised but kind of shocked that this came way way like, after all, like way way before, like his main other things but yeah one thing: her glider doesnt look too bad im, not gon na lie, and then this is his music track.

Uh. Let me uh yeah. If you couldnt, hear it thats it doesnt sound too bad, then her rap. Then this is pretty much her main thing. I do really. I do really like her back bling. It looks super good and then for for then i think this is a built in emote for that pickaxe im, not exactly sure uh, then her and then her glider im not gon na lie. This gives me a lot of cube queen vibes and then her one falling animation. Her second style, which doesnt look too bad, looks a bit weird then uh, her one thing which Music its a 50 50 looks good and kind of looks weird, but uh yeah. It has 200 on this page and then for the second um. Fourth skin. I think its storm farther these pickaxe definitely interesting. This looks like it could combo up with second style mega team leader or the one one like crew pack make a team leader correct me. If im wrong um, then for this doesnt look too bad. I like that one wave effect his back bling, though its a 50 50.. It kind of looks good, but it kind of does im not gon na lie, then his glider. This gives me a lot of banana bomb vibes and then another skin, which kind of looks like someone i saw on youtube before im, not gon na lie. If you, if you know what i mean, you know what i mean, but uh yeah his butter, which looks really good it, its it doesnt, look too bad but yeah, then oh, his his back bling, which i do kind of like it looks really good id say.

The only real downside is that theres not much to it its just like a glowy like weird shield, back bling and then his pickaxe, though this looks really good. I expect that this is his built in emote, but since its uncommon theres a chance that this is just an emote that can happen like like this is an emote that can probably happen either. If you have either, if you have it equipped or if or itll, be like a weird like holographic effect, if you dont have it equipped, then his rap, which looks really good im, not gon na lie his uh store, um fathers, second style and then his second Style id say i like his main style better with this, but this looks good also, then. The sword second style, which looks really good im, probably gon na use the sword. As my main pickaxe once i unlock it, which uh and also, as you see, im, not exactly sure, i forgot which music it was. This is the first time we ever got in a nikon series emote in the battle pass, which it doesnt look too bad, but but im not exactly a big fan of it, then his emoticon, his rat, but his contra, which which looks really good plus its epic. I think thats, the first epic one really, then this is just um. This may be his second style one or his storm faders im not going to lie. I mean it kind of kind of kind of looks like it, then uh, the other new skin uh sabra.

I think thats, how you say it. Her glider looks really good shes, probably gon na, be like a weird spider type of thing, which, as you see yes, then uh her pickaxe, which is a katana, which i am kind of noticing that theyre really like expanding on the katana ones. Her well not really. Her emo, but an emo in her section is sure sure constant which, as you see, is like a fidget spinner and then her third style, which im kind of confused. Why its this far down but yeah for this, which kind of looks good im getting a lot of like blue and like purple, pink im, not exactly sure, joy, con, vibes and then her second style, which id say it looks better. But it loses the whole spider thing like on her leg. If you didnt notice, there yeah, as you see then uh her uh, her back bling, which im coming, which im kind of confused, why its just down below and then, as you see, darth vader, which i was not expecting darth vader to even be in this battle. Pass, as you know, darth vader himself now im sorry, his backbling it doesnt. Ah sorry uh it doesnt. Look too bad. It kind of is its a 50 50 with me. It looks kind of good, but still at the same time it kind of looks yeah. It may be reactive, though it looks like it could be, and then his glider his one uh shuttle.

It looks really good and i think this this is from the of what i recognize it from the uh obi wan show and then darth vader himself. As you know, but the sad things that his pickaxe does does not look too bad. As you see. Yes, i understand, like lightsabers, are their own thing, but they could have had a lightsaber for his thing like they had it in the like whole trailer for the season. Second, one, i think, but his emote though oh this is so good. This is quite literally, you cant hear, but this is the imperial march with the imperial march music in its traversal. Obviously, this looks super good. Once i get this im equipping this. This looks so good and yes, even though it has no music im gon na just be jamming to it in a way but yeah his control, which doesnt look too bad, so id say really good battle pass. But the only real downside is that lots of things are in like weird places like, for example, this is really far down her back. Bling is like one is like one page tier down and then like this im, not even sure whose this is im pretty sure. Just some random, so one that was added and and just yeah its not too bad, but things are really placed randomly. But as we go to the snap section which, as you see, is definitely interesting, we have uh certain pieces.

You get in like certain days head parts you could choose and like legs and like arms, and all that which i will show you in the main blocker, because i havent really equipped anything with them. But as you see like, you could pick like right arm left arm, you could have like a mechanic here and like mechanic or better yet this with this head there and there. But okay, sorry about that uh. Someone asked me something and – and i went somewhere real fast, so i will have to edit both clips together but yeah. Sorry about that. But back to what i was saying, its its not too bad theres a lot of combinations, but it its kind of difficult to combo if im not gon na lie because theres this. But what are you gon na combo with this like its so like? If you see the red on on the head thats different from the arm, so it will be difficult, but it may be easy possibly, but for the bonus rewards im, not exactly sure what will happen. Probably well have to like wait until we uh yeah. It comes out nine days, but maybe some other time, but my theory is that they will be more than like three like three like three like bonus styles, or this is just like a whole nother page. This so im not exactly sure why, but and now for the secret skin indiana jones for one i i would not exactly think indiana jones would be the one that would be the secret skin, because no leaks were like announced for like some some some as some Sort of set nothing so it came out of nowhere, but i definitely do like how they like how they added him in, because his wrap looks really good.

It looks like it could come with with with a weird like cardboard design, then the skin itself looks super good. It looks like his earlier design from the one like uh first movie. I havent really watched them. I want to watch them, but yeah pickaxe a bit odd, but besides that yeah, i definitely do like how they, how how this is the secret skin, but guys thats. All for for this video make sure you make sure you guys like buttering bell and subscribe now id say this battle pass isnt bad. I like how they added darth vader as a crossover skin same for indiana jones, but it was not a random im, not gon na lie. People knew that they were gon na, be some sort of star wars. Thing id say the thing thats interesting is that, obviously, from the whole snap thing which im not gon na lie its not bad, but its definitely going to be difficult to come board so yeah its, not its a 50 50., its kind of good, but still at The same time, and so yeah id say it isnt bad, but the only real downside is that so much things in the battle pass are like put in random areas because, as you know, you got these two skins and then like as we go down. We notice that pretty much the one uh uh, where is it this spec, her back bling, is like away completely somewhere else.

I dont know where you know: im not going to search for it its in the first part, but yeah, like lots of things, are scrambled up like this. No, no, no sorry a whole whole different thing like this. I have no clue whos. This is it its just random, so its not bad, but lots of things are just randomly spread around but yeah without the way.

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