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One update and recently theyve shown us some brand new gameplay footage. So in todays, video well be going through all the gameplay and show you guys everything we know so far about four guys season. One maps and content lets begin. The very first map well be investigating is a map called track attack. Here is what theyve said about it. This truly is a gauntlet to test your four guys, skills and now lets see the gameplay footage. Then lets talk a little bit about it afterwards enjoy so there we have it that is track attack. However, there is a lot to analyze in this, so lets. Do it Music here ive got track attack in the background except im, gon na freeze frame every single second to show you guys how awesome this map actually is and before we even do anything. If you guys look at the very top of the screen, you can already see this massive massive map. Personally, i love the bigger maps, ive always loved them. I just find them more entertaining more difficult, more challenging but more fun. So this is amazing, right off the bat im guessing that you start somewhere from the very like west side of this image on the left hand, side, but im guessing you start somewhere up here, maybe, and then you jump down to here. One thing to note is that this red thing right here is a very bouncy surface, so always use that, to your advantage, im sure the orange ones bouncy as well excuse the bad quality by the way.

Unfortunately, when you get clipped from twitter onto youtube, the quality is always dreadful, but this is the best quality i can provide, unfortunately, but either way its not about the quality its about the actual background details and already before we begin lets talk about those background details Very first thing to note: the dabbing for guy hes been teased so much, but dabbing for guy is coming to season. One lets go, hopefully the email will be coming as well. I would dab, but i dont want to its 2022. next up. Weve got the theme. The stadium theme looks lovely ill, be coming back to this theme in a little bit. Yeah theme, amazingly smashed it out of the park. Amazing weve got a lot of obstacles in this map as well, which looks pretty cool as well. I do like im not gon na lie, as you can see right there. We. I think this must be the start of the map. Again very, very pixelated. You cant really see too much about it. Im guessing thats the start of the map right there also weve got some new season. One outfits weve got the flower thing. Theyve got like the knight of the gladiator weve got a red and black outfit and the sumo outfit as well therell be a lot of cool skin to notice throughout this trailer. Trust me also got the first half the dragon right there as well, and there you go so this is a little bit late to run in the map.

They come around this little slope im guessing this is probably the best place to go. However, there will most likely be quite a lot of body blocking, and these things right here are actually speed boosts, so im surprised that no players fault enough of that, but this bit right here would definitely take some skill and practice to get used to. But dont worry if you fall off as you can see, theres another layer below here weve got some of the bollards. However, we do have a little hammer time. Little not not yet like its like a one of the yeast little hammer thing over there as well. But the best route to go is through the middle across this very narrow edge onto the little other red hammer that doesnt rotate. Luckily, and if you successfully do that, you can then go this way around there and then across the finish line, which is just the right hand side of your screen. But this map looks incredible. The gameplay trailer isnt that long for it, but we do know for a fact that this map is going to be difficult, its a long map, but for me the longer the better so im completely fine with that. But again dont worry. If you do mess this up, youve always got speed boost along the side. But if you do go down the middle, the route will be better, but it will be more challenging. So just a bit of a bit of a warning right there.

There we go at the end of the gameplay, now lets move over to the second map before we continue. I just want to say if you guys are new around here, dont forget to subscribe. I stream upload four guys videos every single day, so if youre hyped for season one, if you want some tutorials tips and tricks map, reviews news videos, anything to do before guys then make sure to subscribe, because ive got all the official information and, more anyway, back To the video next up, weve got a map called the swiveler, and this is what we know about it so far have no fear. The swiveler is here: do your jump? Timing, wrong and youll be picking pink slime out of your ears for weeks now. Lets watch the trailer Music, so that was the trailer now lets move over to the review Music, and this is what we have again ill, be doing. The exact same thing like last map ill be slowing it down and showing every single frame and before we even begin three main things to notice, one weve got new spotlights which are amazing. Two weve got a four guys city behind us three theres a banner and the fourth thing, because i said three, but i realized there was actually four things: weve got the continuation of the stadium theme, which looks amazing. However, we also have some new obstacles. Weve got this massive swingly bingo ding ding thing over here as well, which looks uh pretty interesting.

It does seem like the entire map is moving. What is that clockwise yeah thats moving clockwise, which is pretty interesting, and we also have this massive swinging thing right here. As well and like i said you have to try and time your jump perfectly, because if you get one jump wrong, youre going to end up in the drink – and you do not want to end up in the slime over here and over here – trust me, you Do not want to do that because then youll die, and that will be very sad. I know it wants that. So to avoid that dont fall off the map. There we go the horizon, please tip and trick. Dont fall off the map. There you go. This is our very first obstacle like a massive little swinging thing, which looks really really nice. However, we also have the return of a couple. Other objects as well as we can see here for a very quick. Second, we have got a fan off the right hand. Side – and we also have some of these massive swinger mick dingers thats – not what theyre called but thats, what im going to call them uh, they look pretty cool im guessing. This would be like a very where they go around the wrong way in the future. For right now, though, this is what we have, and this will most likely be whats going to eliminate me uh, but yeah.

I think these look pretty cool as well. Not gon na lie. They look a little bit like pencils. Im not gon na lie like this looks like the rubber, but the pencils like the front, but i dont know might just be me though, but yeah they remind me of pencils. Here we can see. This is like a new pattern. It could be nice little blue and red, got the continuation of the fan and thats the end of the clip right there. So this clips a little bit shorter, but before we go though one thing that didnt actually show is in the background, weve got two of these hammer things, but dont worry. I was able to spot it for you guys, but yeah. This map seems kind of small but im guessing its a little bit like jump club where its not about how many laps you do its about how many people get eliminated so maybe like. If 10 people get illuminated, the round ends again, just like jump club, obviously with like different obstacles, different challenges but thats how its going to be itll be like a slime survivor round, which looks really really interesting, and i cant wait to play it next up. We have a bounce party lets just say if you like oopsy daisy and uc legends, but youll find those maps a little bit boring. Well, let me introduce you to this map right here, picture the scene youre a kid at a bouncy council party pounds your way through the bouncy party, hoops to score points and qualify now lets watch the trailer Music now lets do the same thing again and analyze.

The trailer and before we even begin again lots of things to notice straight away. We have the return of the red cubes. If you jump in these red cubes youll get a massive height boost, as you can see. This being this being this being this bean – and this been actually getting also right above my head – you can see a platform, so you can actually try and jump under the platforms and get into the rings straight away. We could also notice two colors of rings as well: blue and pink and yellow and pink. The yellow, pink is rarer. So im guessing its worth more points and just like hoopsy legends, you have to get a certain amount of points to qualify. Luckily, this is not a team game. In fact we havent seen any team games teased so far, so does that mean theres? No team games in this update, please say thats numb, but lets just wait and see, but now lets actually play the footage in the background. So, as you can see, people are using the red boost its their advantages, but there was also a fan on the right and probably have found on the left hand side as well, but you could also use to get some of the hoops as well. The hoops seem to come out like this foggy wall which, like i said in my stream earlier on today, reminds you of that scene. An avengers end game where thanoss ship comes out through, like the the smoke or like the clouds, which looks pretty awesome but yeah thats, where the hoops come from.

So you havent really got much time to predict your jumps. But as you can see, there are occasions where you can potentially get like two points in one jump and also dont worry. If the person in front of you gets the hoop, youve still got a chance to get it yourself, as we can see in this clip right here. As you can see like this, brown and red character gets the points, but so does that character and that one and that one so four characters get the the massive three point: hoops which is pretty nice. Are they worth three point? I dont know thats just my guess, but im guessing itd be worth about three points: yeah thats, pretty much all we got for this map thats it really uh, not much detail to go from except we have got fans on both sides, as you can see, but Yeah not much detail at all. If you thought that wasnt a lot of detail, then let me introduce you to the very last map of todays video, so the last map for today that we have so far is volley fall. If you want some more information about it here, you go youve heard of basketball, but have you heard of volley phone? Whoever gets the ball to touch the floor of the other player? Wins we dont quite know how many points you need for a win. I will show you guys the trailer, but its literally six seconds long, so theres not really too much to comment on so ill show you guys a trade of it right now, Music.

So those are all the maps. Weve got full detail about, but there have been more maps teased by mediatonic, but havent yet been ruled over on their twitter page. What will those maps be? Well lets. Take a look in the background right now: Music. There is so much information to analyze. In fact, theres so much of it, i made a 17 minutes long video talking about everything that you saw on that trailer yep a 17 minute long, video of about a one minute and 20 second long clip there was so much to analyze skins, new maps that We still havent even seen today and a lot more, so i highly recommend checking out that video, which is probably somewhere like on that side of the screen about now but yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching todays video subscribe.

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