NordVPN, Virtual private network Launches New Impressive Feature? NordVPN Meshnet Discussion

My name is tom spark and today were talking about a brand new feature that nordvpn has had ive, really seen that many people talking about it, but its actually pretty cool for a change. Well, this feature here, as described by nordvpn, allows you to securely tunnel into your kind of network. Basically, what you can do is install nordvpn on your computer connect to it and then you could connect to nordvpn on your phone and then you could kind of tunnel into the network. Your original computer is on um to create a secure, uh tunnel there. Its pretty interesting and its kind of something thats a little trickier uh to set up than you might think you can do similar things and people certainly do things like this. They will set up their own kind of wire guard server on a computer, and then they can kind of connect to that server uh with their phone and kind of tunnel. In that way, theres certainly ways to do it and a lot of applications, especially if youre a power user for things like this now nor vpn is interesting, doing it within their kind of application kind of making it an easily approachable thing to do, and i think Its pretty neat i want to see you know how it plays out in the future and what people do with it. If we look at nora vpns website, they kind of go into detail about what it can do, instead of directly connecting to a server youre kind of tunneling into your computer more so it basically lets you connect to other devices, no matter where you are its powered By wire guard and like i said it seems to be that nordvpn is kind of making this technology connecting from somewhere to another place in your network with wireguard.

And you can even do this with your own wire guard server as well, but its just a little bit easier. This way, so no configuration needed supports traffic, routing and private and secure. So how exactly does it work? Well, you pretty much enable the meshnet feature within the nordvpns applications um and you linked it to devices that youd like to send information from or to use, and you can access the device by using its unique nord name or ip address. So thats pretty cool this. Nor vpn ip address that you can use now there are some ways to use security, cameras and stuff like that um a lot of these kind of wi fi security, camera networks, the hard part, is that how to access them when youre away in a secure manner. Now a lot of the security camera networks like rio, link or ringer, or these things use pdp connectivity, which basically means youre connecting to their servers now a more secure way to do. It would not be to give a centralized company access to your security cameras, so one way to view your cameras when youre not at home is to kind of tunnel into the network, and this seems like something that could be possible now with nordvpn helping you do It a little bit easier so, like they said here, you could host and join virtual lan parties. The world is your living room, play multiplayer games, your friends, no matter where they are so it works as if youre on encrypted virtual lan, so location no longer matters.

So this could be something like hamachi um. Someone could maybe tunnel into your network and you could do lan play um, so thats kind of interesting to think about um and you can even access files on remote devices. So you can kind of share files pretty easily, which is cool, and it could even have developmental kind of capabilities so yeah. It is pretty cool and definitely something for power users to take advantage of ive seen some people talking about it on the forums trying to kind of figure out. You know what use cases there could be like. I said i definitely think theres a niche for this, especially in the security cameras and other kind of servers and stuff like that, where youre using vpns to tunnel in and access devices remotely thats, definitely a big area for this, and it could be something i see. Other vpns kind of uh try to do as well, so pretty cool overall guys thats. Just my brief overview of what i think about nordvpns meshnet feature. Um, definitely kind of a cool feature from nordvpn kind of impressive theyve. Never really had a standout kind of development kind of um capability for me and their applications never been. You know, 10 out of 10 theyve missing some things, but this is pretty cool.

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