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Things so were taking a look back at how shes grown over the course of the show. A lot of time spent in the harness – i guess number one growing up on set. You can expect a lot of your firsts to happen. There too, sadie sings first kiss happened on the show at the end of season two she wasnt too keen on it. So the duffer brothers teased. Well now we have to include a kiss truly. They were only teasing, of course, and sadie wasnt perturbed saying she wouldnt have done it if she didnt feel comfortable and hey. The nice thing about your first kiss being with your friend, is youll, never cringe when you remember it like you will, if things didnt end so nicely with your boyfriend im, not mad at it number two use the force max hitting your head is a better option Than facing the wrath of max, can we play this back in slow motion? Maybe zoom in a little this time, beautiful, just beautiful number three, we do not relish in the thought of these characters ever growing up, you may recall the most terrifying part of stranger. Things was the condiment bottles, my names ketchup and my name is mustang one things for sure, theyre, barbara cute. Together we catch up in munster. Maybe they can get the rest of the cast in on this. How has nobody asked the boys if they could be a condiment which one theyd be? Who do you think would play mayo finn noah and what about hot sauce? We think wed.

Leave that to dager forget vacna. The demogorgon should have evolved into a hot dog for season fours villain number four and a hot dog demogorgon would have been the perfect foil for sadie sink. Who is a proud, vegan shes, an animal lover through and through cast your bets now is sadie sink a cat or a dog person. The answer is pretty apparent. She can be spotted playing with doggos at every chance she gets, and there are oddly a lot of those chances on set. This is rocky. She loves. Belly runs over her last few years on the set sadie went from being a vegetarian to fully vegan. This is sig its short for sigourney and she is a rescue dog number five well vecna was definitely no hot dog, but the outfit was pretty real sadie felt incredibly lucky to not have to work with another cgi monster and instead work with jamie campbell bauer. In a mostly practical vechna prosthetic, which kind of made it easier for me so im not like staring at a man in a green suit. She spent somewhere between four days to a week in the lair. The shoot was intense, got a little scraped up, but it was really really fun. It definitely wasnt as intense as it was for jamie, though, for a 7 a.m. Shoot hed be in at 1am to get his prosthetics on. We bet hes jealous of sadie with her quick change in the morning number six.

The change takes a little bit longer than a broadway quick change, but in the grand scheme of film its fast max is one of the lower maintenance characters. It only takes sadie 20 minutes to get ready for the day, so hair makeup and costume. She takes less maintenance for a tv show than we take getting ready for work in the morning. Unless youre working from home, then showers and pants are optional, as opposed to her co star millie, who takes an hour when she needs to get that wig on those 40 minutes of beauty, sleep really make a difference. Number seven that feel when youre having a power nap, because your 20 minutes of getting your costume on in the morning are exhausting and the boys just wreck it. One of sadies favorite moments from season 4 was incredibly odd. It was 5 30 in the morning and shed fallen asleep in her chair. She woke up to the sounds of birds, chirping and the sun just beginning to rise, and it was just beautiful, but then she opened her eyes and there were gayton and caleb eating a giant chicken quesadilla at 5 30 in the morning, and she just thought it Was the most hilarious thing? Applause number eight shes rising on up in the world season, four brought in a new stunt for sadie. Sync like this is the most elaborate form of harness, harnessing that ive ever done. Of course, the episode was a show stopper.

If you can get past a few of the cheesier visual effects in becnus lair sadies performance was fantastic. I dont know how many i think it might have been a week that we spent on that or like four days. I guess the simplicity of her arc and the downplayed feelings of the character were perfection. Its no wonder the world has become obsessed with her this season, but her levitating stunt is probably the biggest stunt shes ever got to do in her short career shes growing up. So fast hard to believe shes already 20.. They gave her rehearsal time, which we imagine they do not give to the more seasoned actors to simply float in the air for a few seconds, but there was a whole element of choreography to it. I can lean back a little bit less sort of number nine. The stranger things cast actually spends more time. Apart than together so sadies pretty lucky. She gets to spend it with the funniest guy in the cast its been gaiton hes been making me break character. A lot recently caleb also makes her crack up from time to time, but gayton takes the trophy for season. 4.. Sadie was also grateful that the cast got shuffled around and some unlikely pairings happened because it meant she got to spend more time with new people which she loves, and she really bonded with maya hawk who plays robin. Is anybody else still stuck on sadies bemusement at the whole quesadilla situation? No, just us okay, then number 10.

Sometimes it really is the little things that amuse dear sadie, like the 5 30 quesadilla popsicle day on the set of season 4 was ridiculous, as the cast were enjoying a refreshing snack. The ants wanted to join them, because you had. This idea were like what, if we made a trail of popsicle juice, did it work? Who can say for sure somebody came over and used some ant spray? Sadie thought this was fascinating enough to capture a photo of the first ad tudor holding out the popsicle, though yeah we can kind of see why sadies jealous of millie bobby browns social media game number 11.. Imagine if your homework was to do the one thing that scared the pants off of you. Oh wait. That sounds a lot like school presentations. Well, sadies homework was a bit different. If you recall she didnt join the cast until season two of stranger things. The latest passenger to join us on our curiosity voyage maxine when it was already a massive hit its max and she was terrified to watch the first season. She hates horror, movies and had to keep turning down the volume or covering her eyes. She just couldnt. Do it we wonder how she held up on set? Was it all demystified or did she live those darker moments in fear? Perhaps the show is easier to watch now that shes in it being fixated on her performance, might just be enough of a distraction from those spooky scary things number 12.

We were a bit relieved when the show brightened up in season three, as we imagined sadie was too the first two seasons of stranger. Things were set in the fall, so the costumes were more subdued and sadies, not a fall girl. She loves spring and summer fashion. She loves summer dresses, she loves color, so she loved that they got to play with the awesome 80s trends. She just adored the jazzercise studio with all the moms and bright leggings and leg warmers sadie sink seems hyper fixated on the little things, but hey she plans on making the most of every moment shes sad shes, tired, not the best situation while were in awe of Her performance, we still love the battle of star court. It was just so gorgeous.

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