Solar flare, Earth, Sun, Sunspot, Geomagnetic storm 649 km per Second Solar Winds PRESSURE IS ON! / DANGEROUS HEAT / Multiple Solar FLARES

This is mike with daily events worldwide, and we are on june 17th, 2022. welcome to another surviving day on the planet and welcome to a long awaited daily. Do giving you your space weather, update as well. Earthquakes, volcanoes and your world weather forecast, starting out here, looking at 304 angstroms on our sun, pretty active sun right now. All of those active sunspots have now come into an earth facing position and they are firing off c class players at s as well b class and a small m class player shot off about 48 hours ago. Having a look at incoming imagery is brought to you by solar dynamics observatory a lot of plasma filaments dancing across the surface and in the outgoing position we have the same thing as well as a plasma ejection for it to shoot off on the right hand, side There right there, big old loop, closer look at that region. Here there are at least three sunspots that are earth facing and are giving us small, b class and c class range solar flares, no major cmes taking off from these events today, nothing that is space prediction spiral, is showing it yet having a look at 193 angstroms. This is where we can see the darkened regions, which are the coronal holes and they seem to be stretching into the southern hemisphere slightly diminishing, and then we get to our solar winds and look at this. Are we ever getting punched right now? We are getting slammed by over 640 kilometers per second solar winds.

Just looking at the equatorial planes, magnetosphere movies here and look at the pressure, the pressure is on as we are being hammered by again over 640 kilometers per second solar winds, and that is due to the event of the m 3.5 solar flare that took off a Couple days ago we were expecting it and look at this started in on the 15th were sitting up over 649 kilometers per second topped out at but yeah. It started back on the 15th around 5 a.m and has not really stopped and has now increasing. Looking at our solar x, ray flux, you can see it many peaks there in the x, ray flux, showing c class players about eight of them and as well. The m flare. Geomagnetic activity was bumped up to a kp5 yesterday, but very active solar influx right now, and it is so windy all across north america right now, wind warnings going out across ontario huge low pressure system that came from the pacific and then gained energy through the hudson Bay having a look here at the highest frequency affected, the absorption map, that was a long duration, c class flare that we had earlier today, just before lunchtime, schumann resonance a power of 61 right, as were being punched around by solar, solar winds, space weather effects, and We also saw earthquakes, increasing. We were up over 270 earthquakes in a 24 hour period. Lets have a look at earthquakes, speaking of which and because i havent done a daily, do, update im going to give you a quick update here.

This is the last three days for earthquakes across the planet. We did see an earthquake swarm happening here off the coast of oregon started off with a 5.6, and that was the largest through the region still seeing minor aftershocks other than that. No major events to talk about a lot of activity through the cocos plate. We also had an earthquake swarm in iran, not very many deep earthquakes to talk about either. So it was quiet up until we started getting slammed by this space weather and look at the swarm happening in iran. Thats off the coastline. Lets get back to a 24 hour period, as i said, were sitting just under 240 earthquakes right now, 24 hour period. According to usgs 4.3, there georgetown as well the valley seeing a 4.8 anguilla caribbean plate very active as of late deepest earthquake, to talk about here, 224 kilometer depth, tonga region other than that this 5.1 221 kilometer depth and in uzbekistan. And then iran is still seeing some minor aftershocks through the region. South america, pretty quiet, north american plate, no major swarms to talk about, and that is the last 24 hours for earthquakes. Lets carry on here to the pacific disaster center, showing the most recent satellite imagery and as well most recent volcanoes that are getting updated pop up caterpillar in mexico, reventador in ecuador, in peru and nevadas, the chilean or nevadas to ruiz, colombia, dakono, indonesia, sange and ecuador, And krakatoa indonesia thats about nine volcanoes getting up today, updated today as well, luatolo there so about 10 volcanoes out of the act of interrupting 48 that i know of but watch for the volcano activity report coming this sunday as well planetary alignments, positioning across the world.

We have that huge low coming out of the hudson bay for cooling things down across canada and eastern north america through the united states as well. A big low in the center of the pacific weve got hot extreme heat conditions that are still brewing through arizona and mexico. Two pretty big fires, one at flagstaff and one at truth or consequences as well; theres, another one in the southeastern parts of arizona. So heads up my american friends, its gon na get very, very hot, and that is our world for satellite imagery lets get to the forecast here as the only major weather event of our time. Right now is this big low, thats heading into quebec and then in the long range here friday watching spotty showers right across the prairies as well. An injection of warm air so watch for thunderstorm conditions across eastern parts, huge high pressure building in and again very strong winds, but watch here up into northern ontario in quebec. For next wednesday, extreme weather event, as the heat comes in, the heat will be on for wednesday and into thursday and watch for scattered, daily evaporation, thunderstorms to develop through ontario and as well across the united states. As some more lows move in from the pacific speak in the pacific, we do have two tropical storms to talk about theres bias and as well, alias who is just east and theres another area of interest in um, just south of haiti as well.

That is building it may not leave the gulf of mexico. It may just churn in there and gain some energy head towards the united states, well see in the long range forecast here. A lot of big changes have happened over the past few weeks and were expecting more to change as we get into the summer solstice, which is now four days away. Having a look across the world really cold temperatures being reported in bolivia breaking hundred year records two tropical storms to talk about things are heating up through parts of africa as well. Overlooking europe big low pressure system over iceland other than that minor low pressure systems coming in off the coast through great britain and as well into parts of poland, stormy conditions through the mediterranean developing for next weekend, hot and stormy conditions through central africa throughout this week, Watch for large, daily evaporation rains and then watch for something to possibly develop the atlantic ocean for a hurricane season. Weve also got quite a situation here, developing through myanmar as theres a continual low that is trapped through here, continual day after day rains monsoon rains are smashing into their landslides and many people losing their lives and homes daily evaporation rains through indonesia, philippines, pretty dry, australia. Very dry this week, except for long range forecast into the 30th another low pressure system coming in thanks for watching today. This has been mike with daily events worldwide.

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