Sun, Earth, Solar flare, Sunspot Giant Sunspot Doubles In Size In 24 Hours Threatening Earth With ‘Solar Storm Catastrophe’

It means it could send a huge disruptive solar flare, our way resulting in a solar storm catastrophe. According to experts, a disruptive x class flare, we know the x class are the biggest the x class flare of this kind would result in a complete high frequency radio blackout on the day light side of the earth for several hours, meaning boats and planes would not Be able to use navigation signals during this time and, of course it would cause havoc around the world. Sunspots are dark areas on the suns surface that are associated with intense bursts of light and radiation. They appear dark because they are cooler than other parts of the suns surface, and these tangled magnetic fields can sometimes suddenly reorganize themselves. And when that happens, a sudden explosion of light and radiation is propelled away from the sun in the form of plasma from the solar flare newsweek reports. The sunspots that have been growing in size recently is known as ar3038. Footage from nasas solar, dynamic observatory on sunday shows how the sunspot has evolved over the past day or so twisting and contorting. Yesterday, sunspot ar 3038, they said was big today its enormous. This is what space weather says. The fast growing sunspot has doubled in size. In only 24 hours, the magnetic field associated with the sunspot means it could potentially send an m class flare towards earth the second strongest type. However, its not known whether this will be the case.

We have to wait and see as of monday morning yesterday, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration space weather prediction center swpc had not issued any solar flare warning is strong enough. The solar flares can cause disruption on earth interfering with radio communication networks and navigation systems. This can cause problems for people who work in the marine or aviation industries, among others. That said its worth, noting that an m class flare would probably not be particularly disruptive. In any case, although m class flares are the second strongest type of solar flares, they only tend to cause moderate radio blackout. Events an m9 flare. The strongest of the m class might cause loss of radio contact for tens of minutes in uh affected areas of the earth and degrade degradation of low frequency navigation signals. M class flares are almost common, also common, so its the less common x class flares that cause more serious trouble x. Class flares are the strongest type of flare. An x 20 flare, for instance, could cause complete high frequency radial blackout on the daylight side of the earth for several hours, and boats and planes would not be able to use navigation signals during this time. Thankfully, such flares are very rare, estimated to occur less than one once every 11 years, the length of an average solar cycle. This is by baxter, dimitri on news punch. Please leave your comments and thank you for your support. Finally support. My patreon account.

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