Sun, Earth, Solar flare, Sunspot, Storm ce Weather Update June 14th 2022! Solar Storm Watch Issued For Tomorrow! (Tonight)

14. 2022. 5, 30 p.m. Central here in the u.s, god bless you and yours, no matter where you are in the world. Folks, please subscribe. Give us a thumbs up ring that bell for critical future updates in not so breaking news. Weve had a g1 minor geomagnetic storm watch issued for well tomorrow june 15th, which really starts at six oclock this evening, central time here in the u.s. This was from the big m flare and well see if its a minor hit or stronger theyre saying that auroras will be visible, clean into kansas, wow folks, you can see that in red here uh we will take a look at what this all means, but just As i indicated, they say its going to be a combined situation from the cme in flare and the coronal hole. I actually mentioned that yesterday. All right today has been a pretty bumpy ride: lots of sea spikes almost into the m territory, weve maintained a c plus flare all day, long back into c flare, baselines wow, ladies and gentlemen. Thus, any flare emitted will most probably be an m or an x flare, and we have a lot of sunspots. As you will soon see, earth facing now headed over noahs kp index breakdown, june 14th, 15th and 16th 2022. They had some sixes on the map. They changed them all to fives and it looks like theres one, two, three four five times three 15 hours of geomagnetic storms expected from about midnight tonight on to about 3 p.

m. For tomorrow, wow central time here in the u.s over alaska c3, we see we have had several large eruptions and there is missing time. Time has been removed from 2 to 3 30 an hour and a half there and then again from lets see about 454 to 606, just about an hour and 15 minutes there so thats over 2 hours and 45 minutes of remove data, and that is a halo Eruption, theyre really having an active day on our sun, as you will soon see on sdo. All right lets call it out. As we see it here, we are on go solar ultraviolet, imager, 195, angstroms, lots of sunspots and they are all named. That was the crow hole. I see some illum bombs popping off in the crawl hole as we speak and theres. Another chrono hole thats earth facing now much smaller, but i do see alien bombs popping off there too coral hole. North pole, these sunspots again are all named and all active and theres, even a tornado here there to make everything come together. So wsa intel prediction center has stereo a getting completely nailed by the cme up to about 40 centimeters cubed, but it mostly missing planet earth. With i guess about 15 15 centimeters cubed its hard, they put the scale up to 50.. Then we also have that combined solar wind. They say its going to hit stereo a only a few hours before it hits the earth, which usually is not the case.

Youre. Usually, looking at 48 hours, 24 to 48 hours after solar winds hit stereo a for them to actually impact the planet, so that is an anomaly within itself. Theyre. Looking for solar winds to pop up over 500 kilometers per second im, looking for a little bit more than that and probably will find that today, real time are you getting radiated? These are all just sea flares and you have been hit hard all day long, you being any living creature on planet earth. Look at that right over the gulf coast states and its all day, long constant c, plus baseline flares radiation, galore pounding the planet, its not good for the planet, folks, youre being fried burnt alive, nasa has been given warnings to stay out of the direct sun. Look how many sunspots are earth facing 3031, 3030, 3032, 3033, 3034 and 3035? I would say we have a very active situation on our hands. The kp index stayed steady at two all day. Long well take a look at the solar winds and see what thats all about but expect some more geomagnetic activity tomorrow, obviously starting at around midnight tonight, if you will six hours from 6 p.m. Tonight, central time, all right tons of crossovers up here tons of space weather indications. This thing has crossed the space weather threshold many times today you can see it. I wonder, whats causing these pulses ive, not really seen anything like this all the way down to 5.

All the way up to 14 all the way down to 5, all the way up to 15. – very, very strange indeed down to 5 up to. I was trying to get that other one 12 up to 12 down to four, never seen that before its kind of going along with the solar winds and the temperatures falling along as well wild stuff. We do see temperatures already over 500 kilometers its like 550 kilometers per second already, just as i said it would be all right. I will leave my cursor here when it gets to the 14th youll, be able to see it there on the 13th and were on the 14th right now, two kind of popping on 193 inc trims. First, you can see they moved it up and removed data. Even on sdo, they removed data wow now theres a first for everything and thats, not a first but unbelievable. When you get to the 14th right now, watch them lots of activity everywhere and they move it forward twice and cut the data off at 171. They do. The same exact thing when you get to the 14th, which is going to be right about now, you see lots of flares popping off. Then they move it forward. It moves forward again and its reset wow folks, totally hiding something im, just not quite sure. If its a large explosion in cme or something completely different right over the sdo hmi magnetogram image, we have a very complex looking sun.

This should also be named as the get it name. This should probably be named as well. This picture was taken at 3 pm 2 hours and 40 minutes ago, so its very current and all these are earth facing and all named, except for some of these on the right over here. It should, in fact be named over to soho 284 angstroms, yellow haze to cover up whats really going on. You can barely see the crawl here. This is the sliver we see here and then all the individual sunspots and more coming around the limb here and several again, it should be named here and on the well departing edge of our sun, all right over to the eesa, the european space agency. They are back in the office believe it or not. They see an impact as well. It looks like the 16th for them. Both the solar winds up to only 475, which is again theyre already over 550. whoevers in charge of guesstimation of solar winds at the esa needs to be fired. I will do it for free the plasma. They seem to nail almost every time they really do. Whoevers in charge of the heavy plasma is doing a good job and it looks like theyre looking for a small short peak. Although we had a long flare on the 16th, well see how that goes and finally, lets not leave out nasa. But theyve got the flare that popped going, the exact opposite way, although the sunspot was was earth facing unless this is another cme that theyve modeled.

That happened today, because there was definitely another cme today. But the question then, is wheres the cme thats supposed to hit stereo a and will give us that glancing blow us being the yellow dot here, the black and white ropes, being geomagnetic connections to our sun, pulling all the planets and all these satellites up here. Solo is the european satellite. Most of these others are either uh joint ventures or u.s. Satellites and the planets are all also up here, so they have the cme shooting off into space, and we know all of the planets are on the right side over here with earth. What would have caused that geomagnetic activity and that huge flare very, very strange and then again, theyre not showing the flare thats supposed to impact on the 15th per noaa and on the 16th per the esa? They just totally erased it, although they had it yesterday period.

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