Sun, Earth, Solar flare, Sunspot, Storm Thursday night earthquake update and solar weather report 6/16/2022

Its about 6 28 p.m. West coast time here june 16, 2022 is a day got an earthquake coming in there to the alia permanent station on the seismographs there to the left. Bottom left screen uh just off the screen now, but uh kind of looks like its up there around the three range for the big island of hawaii, a little magnitude earthquake coming in there into that region. Looking at the earthquake, 3d globe shows a 1.9 earthquake here. In the region looks like uh just off the coast of morocco, there lets go ahead and check out some activity uh once again there. I want to show you guys the uh earthquake here into the alia permanent thats, the big island of hawaii, picking up on a pretty good signature of an earthquake, like, i said its probably around the three range uh at the uh at the most there. So all right lets go ahead and zip over here to the latest map. Here from the usgs looks like theres an earthquake coming in there. We go look at that. I just kind of just seen it. I got a notification right now on my phone, a 3.2 on the emsc model, but a 3.3 there on the usgs model, now just coming in so thats kind of what weve seen there on the seismograph. Aside from that looks like the majority of the activity throughout the afternoon has been relatively light, but uh having a three come in like that, could uh could be telling of a coming a little swarm.

There well well keep an eye on that for sure west coast activity. Of course, we had some movement into the area of uh. The blanco fracture zone again did show a 3.2. Now this area did see a little bit of swarming here over the last couple days. Um specifically confined here to this region, the largest one was a 5.6 earthquake in that little swarm uh, but now were starting to see a little bit of migration here to the south and that would kind of make sense there, with the directional fault system here, pointing Down uh towards the southeast here and as far as the pressure gradients go so gon na watch that pretty closely uh, but so far at least just today at 3.2 whered that go thats kind of odd. I just had the usgs crash on me. There bring this back here aside from that uh some activity showing up here around mount st helens again only a fraction of course whats going on there theres a lot more micro, quakes, uh, northern california, not a whole lot of activity. Aside from the cobb mountain earthquake activity, the uh calpine hydrothermal operations out here, sierra nevada, once you get down south of uh, south lake tahoe area looks like things starting to pick up a little bit right around the long valley, super volcano and into the ridge, crest Area where we did see a little activity kick up here today outside of bakersfield in the 3.

1 range of the magnitude there looks like that was off of a unnamed fault system there from the 1952 earthquake fractures. So thanks filling in a little bit here around this region, bay area has kind of backed off a little bit uh. Actually, it looks like migration has kind of moved to the south. A little bit around the san jose area at the uh looks like the hayward fault zone – calaveras fault zone, although mostly here at the southern end of it. So a little bit of development happening there, uh southern california riverside area, seeing a little bit of swarming up here, north of the moreno valley area, loma, linda a couple ones kicking off there over the course of the last 24 hours. And if you notice, things are starting to fill in here, starting to creep a lot closer to the southern segment here of the san andreas fault, uh brawley seismic zone did see a little bit of activity earlier this morning, no major swarms have kicked up just a Couple spotty earthquakes in and around the southern segment here of the san andreas fault. Of course, we all know that one is going to be a big one when it does decide to go. Weve been saying it for many many many many many years and its been well over 300 years of accumulated stress in this segment and when it goes its going to go out with a bang. Let me tell you: we did see some activity up here around the toenap area, including a 4.

5. I think they kept it at 4.5. Yes, they did. That was earlier this morning, time frame since then, weve seen a couple more ones in the mix there around the mine in nevada area, northwest of tonopah, but nothing major coming in following that four pointer this morning, through utah and up into yellowstone a little spotty activity. Nothing major going on lets go ahead and check out the yellowstone thumbnails, which is the yellowstone overview of the seismogram stations across the park. Here, of course, the caldera and the black line uh looks like theres a little spitter spatter and i say spitter spatter, because sometimes yellowstone spits out these earthquakes, um out of the blue and in it could be like two or three all at once or 20 of Them all at once and thats kind of what weve seen down here, uh within the last hour, a couple hours or so and uh this afternoon, time frame a couple: earthquakes kicking up here and also a little earthquake activity here. These are not big earthquakes by any means, but they did show up on several of the seismograph stations there. Pitchstone plateau mary lake area and this activity looks as though its confined to the center of the yellowstone caldera, which would be around the little west thumb area. As i showed you here on this map, so aside from that looks like not a whole lot going on, but again, yellowstone can definitely make herself known really quickly.

Uh lets zoom back in here to hold on a second here all magnitudes map. Here a little spotty activity throughout texas today looks like we had a 3.5 up here around the midland area of texas uh actually accurately, is that right accurately never heard of it. Texas is a huge state, beautiful state at that uh 2.9 smiley texas, getting in on some action out there um lets see new madrid zone looks pretty quiet today. Folks, we did see this earthquake late last night in the illinois area thats a 2.5 at 20 kilometers uh following the update this morning, weve seen activity ramp up here around the georgetown area, south of georgetown and the cayman islands uh, seeing a 5.0 come in here In this fracture area, the plate, boundary um, looks like it was followed up by a couple. Fours kicking off here, so not a hundred percent certain if this activity is over uh latest quake was just a few uh actually earlier this afternoon it looks like with that 4.3, but uh. This area lets see here. What we got for historical seismic activity definitely can see some larger quakes in this area. Sixes and whatnot uh lets see what we got from magnitudes, possibly um yeah, i would say at least five to six, maybe possibly a 6.0 6.0 to 7.0 uh within this region. It is in that fracture area and uh looks like uh looks like things at least calming down within the last couple hours so still got to watch that there around the caribbean plate uh some movement into the puerto rico area, looks like about 15 earthquakes, or so Mostly confined here to the southwestern edge of puerto rico, south america still remains relatively quiet.

Weve seen one earthquake uh this one coming in earlier this afternoon, at 4.2 in the argentina area underneath argentina 187.7 kilometers down into the peru chile trench pretty deep earthquake there. In that region, uh alaska area has seen some movement uh developing here over the course of 24 hours, including a 3.0 some other spotty activity through anchorage denali area and through the cook inlet and along the aleutian trench, all showing some micro quake activity. We did see some further westward pressure movement here in the japan area with a 5.0 near um yeah. I showed this this morning. I believe i did with the 33 kilometer depth looks like theres been a little activity here around the philippine plate, including here around manila philippines, seen a 5.1 uh that was earlier way earlier this morning. So a little bit of seismic increase in pressure throughout the region. Also, some activity up here in china, where theyve seen a 5.0 uh most recent quake and a little bit of return of swarming or at least the earthquake activity here uh there is a kish kish, iran 4.2 in the mix there, where that uh swarming area took Place here over the last few days had quite a bit of swarming there in the three are the uh four and five range. But today, just a four point: two uh mediterranean sea all looks pretty quiet south of the or the uh uh atlantic ocean looks pretty quiet as well, not a whole lot going on through the region there of the atlantic.

Ocean 2.9 looks like these guys have downgraded. The 3.3 that came in or 3.2 cant remember exactly what it was, but 2.9 at 33.2 kilometers whole lot of 33s and 32s going on here with the numbers today, lets see what we got trimmer map here for tonight, um looking at uh, 10 epicenters. Is it a party not really, but it is upstream notice that its a little bit more further upstream, most of the time we see this trimmer activity inland more on the map, which would indicate down dip trimmer a little bit further deep, but this activity just kind Of showing up here a little bit closer to the locked area of the cascadia subduction zone, uh micro quake activity does continue. There mount st helens ive been covering that for a little while its been uh its been almost like non. Stop. We get days of of activity in days of none and days of none days with no activity. Uh looks like over the last couple hours. There obviously theres some earthquake activity, micro, quakes kicking up over the last couple hours and, of course, over the last day, or so. This is the afternoon time frame in late afternoon, all uh, showing some micro quake activity. It looks pretty active compared to the past couple days, so um and, of course, usgs uh. I believe theyre only reporting, i think three or four of those little micro quake swarms there that i just showed you on the map there at mount st helmets yeah three.

There we go good job, usgs thats, a start. Who knows who to be honest, who really knows why theyre not reporting um all the activity but uh? It is um on the map, at least for a little bit fraction of the earthquakes lets see what else we got here. Folks um the emsc csem model still showing roughly about the same activity. It looks like theres a 4.4 earthquake way up into the area around the northwest territories of canada. Let me double check this here on the earthquakes, canada map and see what we got. I dont believe the usgs was showing that um there is that uh 4.4 kicked off um when it was at 1845 utc time so were looking at probably earlier this afternoon. Time frame just want to show you guys real, quick, a little earthquake coming in here to the seismographs uh coming into the uh. Well, we got the hawaii earthquake here that, like i said this kind of came in as a 3.2 3.3 kind of looks like it should be up there around that magnitude, but uh they downgraded it to a 2.9. At least the usgs did, but i do want to show you guys a little earthquake coming in to the petroleum station here. Petroleum, california notice that little spike right here definitely a little sign of some seismic activity, also a 3.3 showing up in the area um off the coast. There well go ahead and check that out in just a second but yeah 4.

4 coming in um in the northwest territory area at uh, pretty shallow depth there about one kilometer and i dont think the usgs was stating or shown this earthquake uh no negative negative, sir! That is a big negative on the 4.4, so yeah, i dont know you think they would show stuff like that on the usgs map, considering its our neighbor to the north and its above the 4.0 threshold, but then again, maybe not see what we got going on Here around this area of the world, with that 3.3 coming in just now, this is the european model showing some activity, including that 3.3 in the straits up here, got a lot of activity, kicking up there, just off the coast of the region. There a couple circles here in the pink or i should say the purple shown some activity: eastern turkey uh the georgia region. It looks like showing whats showing up with the 3.9, so a little bit of swarming activity throughout this region. Here, uh theres that 4.2 in the iran area, but uh again, usgs not really stating or showing any of that movement all right, solar, solar weather. What do we got for solar weather looks like we have reached a kp index here of four um looks like that. Could possibly pop up the aurora forecast a little bit? It looks like its loading for some odd reason, some oddball reasons. Solarham.Net is kind of a little on the slow side for uh.

Some reason dont know whats going on there. It looks like uh, maybe theyre, having some issues there we go looks like stuff is going there, we go um a little bit of aurora forecast, or at least the uh for the higher latitudes it looks like solar flare activity remains. A credible threat looks like we just had a c flare, a c 4.6 kick up here just a short time ago. Very short, duration, sea flare and um still always the possibility of some much larger flaring here. You know kicking up considering the massive amount of activity that were looking at here on the sun check out all these sunspots whew thats a lot quite a bit facing the earth side. Right now, uh looks like forecast calls for 30 or 85 percent chance of a sea flare 30 chance for an m flare, 10 percent chance for uh x, flare uh, as these uh sun spots continue to morph and grow into into uh, hopefully something that might produce The next flare so well have to keep a close eye on that as the days progress, but for now folks hope everyone enjoys their day and, of course, stay safe out there, the worlds getting crazy thats. All i can say i turn on the news for one. Second, and i turn it right back off its like okay, that is enough for me, even the internet, social media sites – sometimes oh its just like it, sometimes its hard to watch this stuff whats going on across the world.

But you know what you kind of have to be informed. You dont want to be left in the dark. You have to be definitely aware of whats going on out here in the world in these crazy crazy times. Let me tell you all right, guys have a good day stay safe, have a good night. We will chat you guys. A little bit later got a little bit of cooler temperatures coming into california right now, a little cold front, a little system bringing in some 70 degree temperature here for the next couple days. So im happy about that and then uh well and then next week we cook into the 90s and hundreds again so at least at least were getting these much cooler. Temperature trends on this little roller coaster. Ride here this summer, which im super happy about take care guys stay safe out. There well chat you a little bit later.

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