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The correct answer is financial action task force, grey list and blacklist do not exist in the official fatf lexicon. They designate countries that need to work on complying with fatf directives and those who are non compliant respectively. The grey countries are designated as jurisdictions under increased monitoring working with the fatf to counter criminal financial activities. Blacklist countries are high risk jurisdiction subject to call for action. These nations have huge deficiencies in their anti money laundering, uncounted terrorist financing, regimens, which of the following statement best describe the bharat goddess scheme. The correct answer is option b, its related to privately run trains of indian railways. So the indian railway southern railway zone began the maiden service of privately iran bharata train from coimbatore to shirdi. The private service is offered by the registered service provider. Foreign led, consisting of five days involving full round trip from coimbatore to shady and back south star. Rail is the registered service provider that operates the train. The train under the scheme have one first ac coach and three two tier ac coaches and eight three tier coaches. Along with five sleeper class coaches. There will also be a doctor on board to attend any emergency, along with private security engaged along with the railway police force, which of the following provision is related to the section 295 clause. A of the indian penal code, hate speech is the correct answer. Section 295: a defined son prescribes a punishment for deliberate and malicious acts intended to outreach religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs, its associated with hate speech, its one of the key provisions in the ipc chapter to penalize religious offences.

The convicts shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years or with fine or both recently, the term self, sharp and node are in the news they are related to. The correct answer is virtual: private networks, not vpn, has become the third vpn provider to remove its services from india in response to the countrys cyber security directive after expressvpn and surf shark. The norms released by the indian computer emergency response team required vpn to record and keep users locked for 180 days as well as store a range of information for five years. The norms ask vpn providers, data, centers and cloud service providers to store information such as names, email, ids, contact numbers and ip address, among others, moving on which of the following body has launched the world competitiveness index. The correct answer is institute for management development d. Recently, india has witnessed the sharpest rise among the asian economies, with a six position jump from 43rd to 37th rank on the annual world competitiveness index its compiled by the institute for management development. Denmark has stopped the 63 nation index in asia. Singapore has stopped it. Indias rise is basically due to much improved economic performance which of the following countries associated with the power nurmi games. The correct answer is option b finland. Recently, the olympic gold medalist needed chopra one silver medal in javelin, with a natural record, throw of 89.30 meter at the power normally games in finland.

He bettered his own previous national record of 87.58 meters, which had helped him win the gold at the 2020 tokyo olympics power, not me games in finlands top track and field competition in summer, and it has been held every year since 1957.. The competition is a continental tour. Gold meet a top tier world athletics event. Consider the following statements regarding the ultra thin heteroprotein films, its developed by the department of science and technology, its developed by using langmuid jet technique. We have to select the correct answer. Both are correct, c is the correct answer. Over here recently, scientists have developed control, heteroprotein films with excellent thermal mechanical and ph stability, paving the way for expanding applications for thin films in biomedical and food packaging industries. These films are developed by a research group of institute of advanced study in science and technology guwahati, an autonomous institute under the department of science and technology. They used language blood jet technique, which gives the films thickness in order of nanometers at which place the first six lane highway route made of steel slag was inaugurated. Surat is the correct answer. Recently, the union minister of steel inaugurated the first six lane highway road made by using steel slag at surat gujarat, its a joint venture project between the council of scientific and industrial research. Central road research institute, minister of steel, need the io gun arcelor methyl nippon steel. The use of such material not only increases durability, but also helps in reducing cost of construction.

Its built with hundred percent processed steel slag also expected to reduce greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint in road construction activity, which of the following department, has launched capacity enhancement plan. Recently, department of economic affairs is the correct answer recently. Dea in collaboration with capacity building commission has framed cep. Aim of it is to upgrade the capacities of official involvement, planning, executing and implementing infrastructure under projects through training programs. These training programs will be both in both modes offline and online. The programs have been structured to support realization of indias infrastructure vision through successful implementation of projects like national infrastructure pipeline pm. Gatishakti master plan consider the following statements regarding spacecraft: its nasas astronomical observatory mission, its attempting to create the most precise 3d map of the milky way only seconds correct b is the correct answer over here. Recently, the space probe gear unveiled its latest discoveries in the quest to map the milky way, surveying nearly 2 million stars and revealing mysterious stark wakes, its the global astrometric interferometer for astrophysics, its a european space agency astronomical observatory mission. The goal is to create the largest most precise three dimensional map of milky way by serving about one percent of the galaxys hundred billion stars, launched by the russian soyuz rocket in 2013.. It is nestled in the strategically positioned orbit, 1.5 million kilometers from the earth which of the following countries are a group of west asian court grouping or i2c2. Then usa, india, israel and uae are the correct answer.

The first meeting of india, israel, us and uae leaders summit will take place next month during the american presidents visit to israel. Grouping of these four nations is also known as west station code. This grouping is also known as i2c2. With i standing for indian israel, u4 usn uae.

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