Call of Duty, Battle pass FASTEST Way to Rank Up Season 4 Battle Pass on Warzone! (Tier 100 Battle Pass Quick Warzone)

In addition to the new map, theres. Of course, a brand new battle pass too, with loads of great looking stuff on it, but arguably whats most important is going those new weapons quick. Since its the new ones that end of getting to the top of the meta. In this video Im gon na show You, the best methods out there right now to rank up the battle pass as fast as possible on Warzone.. I do this at the start of each season and update the best approach with any new info that I do pick up., But just before we get into it, I wan na tell you about todays sponsor AweRay.. So, as usual with my videos, I like to explain just a little bit of how these things work, rather than just tell you anything and expect you to believe. It. Viewers of the channel have already heard this in the past from me, But tiering up the battle pass Is based purely on two main things.., The amount of xp you earn and the amount of time you spend actually playing in game. Out of these two aspects. The time spent playing aspect is mostly responsibly for progression, rather than xp earned Im, really not a fan of this, since progress of the battle pass is as much about the grind as it is playing well, although that does help. Season upon season, tests of mine indicate Itll take us on average about 30 50 minutes per battle, pass tier and whether youre closer to the 30 minutes or the 50 minutes is dependent on the amount of xp you get.

. This amounts to about 50 80 in game hours to complete all 100 tiers in the battle pass without buying or skipping any tiers or any double tier xp events.. So lets look at how we can be closer to the 50 hour end of the battle pass. Completion… The xp aspect is only real part of the equation, although there is an AFK method which can generate a lot of in game time, which has helped many people out find out more about that by clicking the card in the top right corner. Now. But, like I say generally, to move through the battle pass as fast as possible were trying to get as much xp as possible in the shortest amount of time.. Xp can be gained in warzone through all sorts of ways, including getting kills ranking high in games. Completing contracts and challenges and earning big match, xp bonuses. And this xp not only gets you moving through the battle pass. If, of course, ranks you up and for every 50 ranks you get you get a battle pass. Tier skip. Now lets talk methods to get more xp and help rank the battle pass up faster, Im, gon na split them up into two categories: active and passive.. So one set of methods made for you playing properly and really trying hard and the other set of approaches are made for a chilled. Approach. Lets start with the more relaxing method, which is all about hitting up, plunder and limited time.

Game modes such as clash or big, live events, whether thats on caldera or rebirth, island or fortunes keep.. These modes are great because they usually last quite a while minimising the time spent on loading screens, which sometimes can be extensive, giving us that in game time, we need to get through the battle pass. On top of that, they offer really easy routes to xp, as well. Warzone rewards. You XP wise for trying to do the objective over everything else. Plunder is all about collecting cash. The limited time gamemodes differ, but on clash you can get loads of xp. By doing the bounty contracts and in other modes, you basically wan na focus on the objective, whatever that may be.. So if you collect a lot of cash attempt that objective and finish the game, ranked pretty highly or even win the game, youll get incredible amounts of match, xp, bonuses. And thats exactly what we want to do on plunder. That would involve collecting a lot of cash and depositing it. When you get the chance., You even get xp for opening each and every loot crate. Then you get xp for depositing it.. These increase your chances of finishing higher and winning, which get you even more xp.. Just keep thinking whatever game mode youre in objective, objective, objective warzone wants you to interact with their modes, especially limited time ones.. If you are focussing just on plunder, though The best places to land for this are usually named places far away from the flight path.

Just because youll have less competition for loot. On caldera, I quite like capital because of the amount of buildings in a small area, but most outskirt towns are gon na, be good for this. On rebirth island and fortunes keep its a little harder because they are smaller Maps but anywhere away from the flight path is good., Of course, on top of the pure looting in plunder, youll get even more xp by killing players, but only do this in addition to grabbing a lot of cash. Mixed in to this plunder approach. We have contracts too, which are always a great way to go about earning good, xp and bonuses, since you get pure xp from completing them, as well as cash which ranks you higher in the game for more end, game bonus, xp., In terms of which contracts to Complete its really up to you. Supply runs and recon contracts are great because you can do lots in a short amount of time, but they do offer less xp. For most cash and xp combined scavengers are probably the best. To do all of this, even quicker, and More efficiently, a squad is best, since you can all support each other, completing the contracts and your cash is pooled, increasing your chances of finishing higher at the end of the game.. This is the case on whatever mode youre. On too, a squad is just gon na help. You meet the objective. If youre looking for players to do this with my discord is a great place to team up with other players and the link for that is down in the description.

. So weve got the more relaxed battle pass tactic. Ready now lets talk about the tactic. If you want something a little higher energy and possibly higher rewarding.. For this, we need to head over to resurgence on fortunes, keep or rebirth island.. As mentioned before, warzone rewards actions. You take towards winning the game. In plunder that was about cash in rebirth, its about surviving to the end and spawning your squad back on you.. So that should absolutely be our focus. Now I know its not groundbreaking. Tell you to survive in essentially a survival mode., But valuing this higher than JUST pure kills alone. Honestly gets your flying through the battle pass tiers., So I suggest dropping into fairly busy areas and owning certain areas of the map. Not being too aggressive, but running certain buildings and lines of sight.. Of course, this doesnt mean just camp and hide away completely. You still want to try and kill players and be in the game., With people flying back in so frequently and the gameplay being a lot more hectic than other warzone modes. Theyll be plenty of enemies to kill and xp to pick up that way, still. To maximise the amount of xp youre getting you can complete contracts too, since they give out direct xp and give out compounding bonuses for each one you complete too.. So the more you do, the better it gets. And theres something so satistfying about seeing the bonus tiers go up.

I dno.. Almost all contracts in rebirth are great to grab because they get completed one way or anther. Very fast. Supply runs usually spawn to a shop like 10 meteres away, bounties complete, because people are dying so often and scavengers have boxes all near each other.. So the choice of contract is really up to you. Again having a squad will make all of this easier. So if you can squad up. The perfect approach to get the most xp and ter up the fastest way possible, if you can do it is to combine all of this. So survive the whole time get a load of kills and complete a load of contracts.. I know this isnt for everyone. For most of us theres, a fine balance to get between surviving going for, kills and completing challenges, and youve just got to find that yourself to optimise the amount of xp you get per game.. If you dont really mind how you approach the game and just want to tier up as fast as possible, The best method out of the chilled or active approaches is largely based on your performance.. If you have fantastic fortunes, keep and rebirth games. Thats gon na get your more xp and more battle pass progression., But on average chilling in plunder is very consistent with xp and having a bad xp game is rare. For me. If im focussing on the battle pass, I usually flit between the two, so it doesnt get too boring.

, But the choice is yours, Remember to always be on the lookout for double battle. Pass tier xp progression too theres, usually an event. Every few weeks with this active., Not a lot has changed in terms of specific techniques from last season. I imagine this is going to change a lot during modern warfare 2., But I hope this video helps you get up. Those tiers quicker And thank you to the members of the channel. Youre support is just amazing.

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