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So when was the last time you got super excited and hyped about a community day. I would say one year ago for the gimbal, but this weekend we will have the day no community day. So a fan favorite, a cool shiny, a rarmone that usually is only available in events or in eggs. So this is going to be a great opportunity for you to to to grab good specimens for the master league for a great league for your trolling. If you want to run them in pvp and in this video, we are going to analyze the potential of the entire dano family when it comes to pvp. So, first of all the headlights as usual, we uh just put down here the infography made by legend a key highlight for me. There is going to be the double catch candy, for they know double chance to have excel candies as well. One additional trade and the reduced egg edge distance, which is, in my opinion, a good opportunity for you to uh to etch some eggs, especially if you are stacking those 12 kilometer eggs. It could be a great opportunity. What are our advice to prepare the community day in advance? First of all, one incense to cover the entire uh duration of the event, so that you can just catch uh additional. They know spawning in your incense earlier. If you are planning to uh to play with friends lucky egg as well when it comes to uh pokeballs, our advice will be really to stack on those ultra balls and great balls so that you can just throw that and maximize the catching of the months.

If you are also running a gopros, obviously you should have some pokeballs as well. If you are planning to watch x mean good investment into incubators when it comes to mega evolution, so they know is part dragon and part dark. So there you could go to maximize the candies with a dragon or with a dark type. I will favor uh to be honest, a dark type there. Why? Because you could use this dark type in mutual raids as well and thats going to be lets say a bonus. So you will have the candies on one side for the community day and we will. You will have a top performer for reds and, in my opinion, there mega, gyarados or mega undo are the best candidates. What are the best? The optimal pvp is for eye dragon uh in the great league, its zero fifteen ten up level. Fifty point: five: zero. Fifteen. Fifteen for the ultra league and obviously the ando are similar for the master league. The other members of the family as well have some visibility and some really playability uh in little cup. You could use dana 1, 15, 14 and great league svalos is quite good as well, so before uh moving up to uh what are their performances in pvp. I will leave the floor to talonflow so that he can present you the move, pool and the dive. The diversity of the moveset of the entire family talonflow the floor is yours: hi.

We are back with another analysis and this time well cover the movesets of all three evolution stages. Dino has a decent moveset with dragongraph body slam and crunch dragonglass is the better of the two quick moves because of its great damage while having decent energy gain, and it is a one turn quick move combine that with body slam and dino can use a charge. Move each 12 or 11 turns dino also has crunch, which takes 15 turns to charge up the high damage of dragonglass and the chance of crunch, of lowering the opponents. Defense is a nasty combination. The moose that of swilloos is very similar to dino, but crunch is replaced with dark pulse. Dark pulse is worse because it takes two extra turns to charge up and dark pulse does not have a chance for a defense drop, so this is a downgrade, but the moveset is still pretty good. Unfortunately, height dragon loses access to body slam and it doesnt have a replacement for a spammy charge. Move and high dragon needs. 17 turns to reach its first charge, move dark pulse. This is even slower than a sumer good thing that hydreigon will now get access to brutal swing at time of this recording we dont know the energy value of this move. We think its 40, but 35 and 45 are also very likely. Less energy equals better. Obviously, and if the move requires 40 energy or 35, it will definitely be better than dark pulse.

If the energy value is 45, then its debatable, and if the energy value is 50 or more, then the move is trash and we should just stick with dark pulse, dark pulse and most likely brutal swing are high. Dragons two best charge moves but running both in the same moveset is very redundant. If you have brutal swing in your moveset, then you will not gain a lot of benefit of having dark pulse as well, so you should use the second chart move for coverage instead and unfortunately those other options are not great. Dark pulse is a bad move overall, but at least it has step the other option. Flash cannon is a bad move as well, but considering high dragons big fairy weakness, flash cannon might actually be the better choice, so overall, not a great moveset, but okay lets see what matchups these pokemon canvas thanks. Talonflow lets move them to uh the performance of the uh on pvp, obviously not a huge fun year of world cups. I will directly jump into the great league and i will start with vilus honestly. Zvilos is a great mod to play in the great league. Uh. Really covering quite well the the meta you are bidding most of the dark types in the one shot scenario. Actually, all of them, you are winning against some of the dragons. You are even able to pick um some ice types like lapras. For instance, you need to bait yes, but really good coverage and, like just talonflow, i explained just earlier, you have the dragon breath damage uh, plus the body slam spam and you have the new uh kind of pseudonyoc with dark pulse.

So really, in my opinion, a month that is quite interesting to uh, to have for the coverage that uh you can have, and especially shining in restricted matters as we are going to discuss a bit uh later uh. Some interesting relevant attack, break points and defense break bulk points more for advanced stat, but really interesting tour. To keep in mind. Do you know foreign, for example, that zvelos could win the one to zero shield against pastor dont? For that, you need to have obviously to reach an attack break point um quite harsh, to uh to get, but quite i i mean quite interesting break point to uh to have and to focus on, because you could also just set up a farm down uh the Bastille needs to throw uh, he will be like at 20 to 30 hp left and then you can just have a huge farm down uh just after that um another break point that is quite interesting. It and more i mean more accessible its on the leaky tank and there you can just pick up the one shield scenario, and there is also one that is much more easy to uh to get on this velos, allowing in the way to just go straight body. Slam there are other attack break points, but there are less important rather because you are its a dominant dominating matchup for you or a losing matchup and it doesnt change anything to uh, defense or ballpoint as well, but less important, because those are matchups that you are Quite dominating when it comes to eye dragon and like talonflow, already uh put a bit um with the finger on it.

Honestly, i dragon is not that good and i think its going to like a lot uh when it comes to uh to the great league. In terms of stats, um brother swing could be a great addition, its going to depend on whether its going to be a 40 energy, which is at the moment we are recording the video. The lets say the maybe the most uh probable uh situation, but it could be a 35 energy or a 45 energy, and that will change a bit and give more or less viability to do i dragon but uh there. I think that you should. You should run uh, i mean in the great league, you should go with dragon balls or flash cannon. Both are viable and there are just literally no difference uh between the two, but as you can see there, you see that you have less uh. You have just less matchups that you are big, because wireless is just a bit more poke here in that regard. Busty is iv dependent, so you need to have a good. I mean you need to have a good eye, dragon uh there and uh for the mandibus. You need to go with dragon pulse uh, because dragon pulse is less energy and you need to bait with the brutal swing and land the dragon ball. So even like that thats the case in a lot of the matchups, you need to bait land, the nuke so um honestly, i mean i will build definitely a eye dragon, but i dont think it has a lot of play.

Uh in the uh great league, a bit more played there in the in the ultra league, because you are uh beating the dragons. You are bidding dragonite. For instance, you are beating the shadow dragonite. You are even winning against some steels, but here uh in the in the ultra league, you should go with dragon balls. You have better match ups and better better numbers and dragon posts. Uh i dragon can like win against. The giratina altered can win against the giratina origin. You take you take on those uh ghost types you take on those uh water type, grass types dark types, so quite an interesting one and im expecting to see a quite the rise of the usage of i dragon. Next time you usually come into place. Uh here are two matchups actually four match. Ups. I would like to uh to cover charizard. Obviously you lose if its a dragon right charizard, because you can just do super effective damage to you. Uh giratina altered it thats. The same its a dragon breath one. Obviously there is a difference between shadow claw, thats resisted and dragon breath doing super effective damage and when it comes to snorlax and to swampert, you actually need to have a great pvp iv eye dragon. If you want to secure this against, every iv, spread from from your opponent, lets move to um to the master league and during the master league thats a bit going to same, i mean its going to be a cool one to run um in the in premiere Cup, i think, because you could uh, you could break actually some uh, some pretty decent cores uh out there, that that are used like, for example, uh gyarados, double steel, core uh hes, going to uh to be interesting to uh, to counter uh to counter that.

But uh otherwise dont think uh. We will see a lot of eye dragons in uh, open master league because there is dialga. There is all the threads that can really uh put some arm into the eye dragon uh here. One might have that its ivy uh that its a moveset dependent, sorry uh, obviously gyarados waterfall against um against dragon breath. Before concluding the video im going to leave a bit the the floor to talonflow for last lets say analysis on the potential of those months in sea of cups. Talonflow floor is yours. This time i want to start with a non self carb. Actually, the little cup bronzor in the little cup is one of the few instances of a five galvin pokemon it completely dominated the matter, and dino is one of its main counters and thus dino was a main part of the little cup metagame and it significantly shaped The landscape in silv is an absolute elite. Pokemon is either top matter, or at least high tier in every single sill format in which it was legal, and there is no exception to this rule. To be honest. Putting together those rankings isnt always easy. There are many edge cases. One of those edge cases is the format of the season. 2 continental swaidrus was used very rarely in this format, but a few people who did use it did incredibly well in apec. Only two players out of 63 used swedus in their team and both of them reached the top eight.

So congratulations to sunny cheese and play this also holding mcnuggets qualified in north america afterwards in the final rounds, which were draft tournaments, zweiluz was picked every single time. Blood 41 reached top 6 in south america, heng pjs and savage boy 777 reached fourth in north america and europe respectively and meron won the entire tournament in apec using zweiloos, despite getting cleaned once well done, and congratulations to all those players in the season. 3 continentals. The results arent that overwhelming, but we do have sex pokemon qualifying in south america and polymath up qualifying in north america. Congratulations! You two. I will save us from the tragedy that is her. Dragon himself lets just not look at this and instead look at sergio. Who will conclude this video thanks a lot talonflow and yet im going to conclude quite quickly with four main recommendations for this event? So if you are just lets say, um a casual player just take those basic advice that its just built, um smiles for great league and i dragon for your tonic and master league. So thats going to be our advice, our primary advice. If you are a more advanced hardcore player, then you should also focus on trying to get a dino for the little cup uh istat products, values for the great league attack weight, its values for the great league. As well to secure those breakpoints, we were talking with the leaky tank, the past student uh in in there and the sableye, which are, if you look at uh, maybe not the bacillus.

But if you look at the ones that arent brought to a play, pokemon championship and to show 6×3 open greatly, those are mods that are important. And then i start product eye dragon just to pick those uh snow likes and swampert matchup, and also building a dragon for master league at level 40 and at level 50., so thats going to wrap up or our advice.

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