Subaru Ascent, 2023 Reasons why you'll LOVE and HATE the 2023 Subaru Ascent (Quick Review)

This video is not about how much the 2023 subaru ascent sucks. What im about to talk about for the next minute, or so is my own opinion on the subaru ascent and then im going to give you a bunch of reasons why you may love it or partially hate it like me, so ive been known to bash subaru, Not just because of their cars, but because of their sales and the culture in which people go in and buy subarus. Typically, the typical subaru customer goes in doesnt bat. An eye needs that particular subaru. When that first subaru was set rolled out. I couldnt understand the bit the demand behind it. I want to crack up so hard. I couldnt understand the demand behind it and i was a little bit upset that people were paying over msrp and im, not talking about back in like 2020 or 2021 during the pandemic. Im talking about like 2019 and people were paying over msrp, and i was just like what are you doing the other day. I got a comment saying how all of my videos seem to be promoting every single car and i dont have a problem with any of the cars something along those lines. It sucks because i dont delete comments, yet i couldnt find it for some reason. For some reason, youtube pulled this comment, my friend, i really appreciate your comment and let me tell you why youre 100 wrong im about to tell you every reason why you, like the ascent and im going to give you three strong reasons not to get it.

What is happening guys, ari here from and by clicking here, or the link in the description below youll, be able to get new and used vehicle pricing from dealerships in your local area and, if youre new here please consider subscribing, because this whole channel is going To teach you everything, youre going to need to know so that you can negotiate your best possible deal. You guys lets get down to business. If youre wondering whats wrong with my voice, you guessed it ive got it. Ive got that particular illness that we all are pretty much scared about at this point. So diving right into this list, you guys what youll love about the subaru ascent its made right here in the us of a its made in indiana alongside the legacy, the outback and the impreza. What does this mean exactly? Should you be so so proud that its made in the u.s well yeah? Definitely, but more so you should be happy at the fact that, okay, its not coming from japan so hopefully turnaround time, is a little bit faster and seeing as though the united states is making an effort into producing their own semiconductors. This should mean that subaru should be able to pump out cars a little bit faster than it was a couple years ago. Another cool feature that you love about. The subaru is that it has its own camera washer. This is a long time coming. You guys.

Subaru is known to be like an outdoorsy off roading type of vehicle. I dont know why they didnt have this earlier, but finally, we got it its somewhat like how mercedes had the washers for the headlights. This is a rear, camera washer and its been available. Actually, for a little bit, i think it was. It first came out on the forest there, but now its available on the ascent. Another couple features: youll love subaru wants to be a helping hand. It wants to help you out, if youre in a car with busy children and a lot of stuff going on in the back of the car, its going to help you out by giving you sort of a pa system called the cabin connect. Basically, you talk and it announces whatever youre saying through the speakers also its got a 360 and a trailer camera to help you out in showing you exactly whats around the car and what your proximity is like to your surroundings. Another thing about this scent before i tell you something: youre not gon na, like its definitely not slow with a 0 60 under seven seconds and about 260 horsepower out of a four cylinder, its definitely a little bit faster than its competitors. Youre gon na notice that even some of its competitors with six cylinder engines are having zero to sixty times over seven seconds, so definitely props to subaru for getting their performance dialed in uh, so that it can actually compete with its competitors with a four cylinder.

So something that youre not gon na, like at all about the subaru ascent and if youre telling yourself you like it youre flat out lying to yourself, the front end is a disaster. The front end looks like you got into a total loss accident and really you just pulled off with it from the dealership lot. It looks terrible. I dont know what the hell sure was thinking with this design, the way the grill and the headlight meet together. Actually, it doesnt even seem like they, they did any thinking about it. It seems like they just took whatever new nissan was out there and whatever new toyota was out there and they just merged the two and hope for the best in photoshop or whatever software that they use. To put this thing together, it just looks terrible. I thought that they did a pretty bad job with the wrx. They really really put the icing on the cake with this ascent. With that being said, you will love the fact that the back pretty much looks like the older set. It hasnt really changed at all and when you see it from the back, you almost wonder what what actually? Why did they do this? Why did they make the front so drastically different, but they kept the back exactly the same as what it was before. However, i do need to say that the overall shape of the car is very, very unique in the sense that it doesnt have those typical suv proportions and dimensions.

It very much looks like a subaru when you look at its overall shape, and i love the fact that subaru can keep this whole thing together. This whole character of subarus design together and do their whole ugly thing in the front its just. It looks like a subaru from the back still something that youll hate, especially if youre going to be going out there and spending way over msrp and waiting in line for a vehicle. That quite honestly looks hideous. Something that youll hate is the fact that it doesnt feel like its changed, all that much between the design of the back and between the general design in the interior. Besides the infotainment system, it really doesnt feel all that much more special. It feels more like a facelift like a facelift gone wrong than it does a redesign its just. It doesnt pull you in and say: hey im, fresh im brand new by me. It just seems like a car that they just needed to just quickly just change so that they can compete with most of the market having brand new redesigns of their own. So something that youll love. The outgoing ascent had a six and a half inch screen comes standard and right now the 2023 ascent is going to come with an 11.6 inch touchscreen standard, and what youll really love about the touchscreen itself is that the buttons are humongous. You wont have to go. Fidgeting around and worrying about pressing the wrong button, while youre driving when picking your selection from the touch screen, theyre massive buttons, with very very clear, detailed information, especially on the navigation.

The navigation is being done by tomtom. So definitely a very, very clear display on the touch screen very, very big buttons and overall, just a very, very nice placement on the dashboard. Another thing: youll love the interior looks so comfortable its plush. The seats look like they spent a decent amount of time and attention so that theyre very, very comfortable, especially for you, parents that are taking this thing out on a road trip, not just the front seats. The back seats, the captain chairs and the middle row look like theyre very, very comfortable as well looks like the leather quality is really really good. I wouldnt mind taking a ride in this subaru scene, just to see exactly how comfortable the seats are. Another thing that youre probably going to love is how safe the subaru ascent is just basing this off of the previous accolades its received from the iihs, its probably going to be one of those vehicles that are just right in line right in the same category as The volvo xc60, the whole volvo lineup, quite frankly, subaru, has done a lot to make sure that this ascent is at the upper echelon of safety. They made a lot of adjustments to the eyesight safety suite they actually added another camera right at the top of the windshield. I believe its called the mono wide angle, camera that will sense more in front of the car, so itll sense, more pedestrians, more cyclists, more vehicles, and it will enhance what the vehicle is detecting to be sort of an object that you might hit.

Also in situations where you may need to steer really fast or break really hard, it will give you a little bit of help in the form of electric force. So if you need to thrust the wheel really hard itll give you an electric boost, making that steering a little bit easier to do as well as the braking power, giving you a little bit of extra juice to really pump the brake. When you need to use it so, lastly, something that youll hate its not playing hard to get. It is hard to get subarus having a very hard time pumping out vehicles and when the subaru ascent rolls out. Not only are they going to have a very, very hard time, pumping them out youre, going to have a lot of people in line waiting for one youre gon na have a lot of people waiting to buy one way over msrp. So by the time you actually get your hands on it for a decent price. It may take a couple years and it probably by that time theyll probably do a full redesign how they should have on this. One dont bash me for bashing the subaru ascent. When you just bash me for not bashing vehicles like that, guy did a couple days ago, just saying, if youre interested in getting pricing on new and used vehicles by clicking here, you can connect with dealerships in your local area for pricing on those new and used Cars and if you found this information useful, please consider subscribing thank you so so much for watching guys.

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