Planet, Venus, Sky, Jupiter Watch – AMA on June 17 2022

So the first thing i will uh want to do is to apologize, as i didnt have the time to review all the questions and to answer questions today. Uh we can answer compelling questions in the coming days via twitter or elsewhere, but today i didnt get a chance to to prepare properly for that. Apologies about that. But once again there are good reasons for this lots of things going on, so in particular, as some of you know, last week i attended um consensus 2022 in uh in austin, texas, an event organized by coindesk, so its probably one of the most important blockchain events Of the year for a reminder, planet watch by me were invited to participate in a panel about environmental well being it was a very, very interesting panel, very very good panelists uh people working on water quality people working on solar energy, very relevant, very interesting panel, and Lots of uh potential leads coming out of it, so these meetings are very interesting for people who meet during the meeting and outside the meeting was also a good way to reconnect with long term supporters such as uh borderless capital fox. So its really, it was really worth. The trip came back on monday, very im still very jet lagged, but i think it was a very relevant use of uh planet watch time and resources. So that was quite good and i believe there could be a number of very promising follow ups, but as usual, theres no point in the yeah talking about things which will need time to materialize, okay, so that was a good event.

Next, im also quite happy to comment a little bit on some initiatives in the uk, so we announced yesterday, i believe, on our social media, a couple of projects uh in the uk in the united kingdom, and we made the announcement on uks clean air day. So we are working with a south norfolk, a local government authority in the east of england, on the deployment of several sensors on a project of monitoring the issues regarding air quality in that region. We are also initiating a project with a with a company. In the same region, saxon air to monitor air quality at norwich, international airport. So again, these are so far small projects, but its very important for the company for our project to build use cases of real world collaboration with local government with companies where, where where these entities want to get planet loss data, because they feel that they are very Relevant to protecting public health – incidentally, nearly 40 000 people die each year in the uk due to air pollution, so were very pleased to work with local government and companies uh and help them understand how they can tackle with this issue. So these are the kind of collaborations which are not uh huge but are very relevant to our mission and which build value and the credibility for our project. Next, getting into some uh day to day matters, i would say we are uh, so hello deploy our partner is uh is expediting, started expedite for us uh waiting list sensor sales uh vouchers are going live on our voucher marketplace, probably as i speak, so they should Be live live tonight at the latest uh.

Please note that there will be its one. Voucher has been released for discounts on per sensor purchases in euros, another one, a different one for purchases in usd. Please make sure you can if you want to claim a voucher. If you cant claim a voucher, make sure you claim the correct type based on your on your region, okay, so again, uh it took a bit of time to start sales and uh. You know things are never as smooth as you would like them to be, but this is this is starting. This is taking off and i believe well be able to fulfill waiting lists, possibly a bit faster than expected from now on. Okay, another another thing where we are delivering what we promised with a little bit of delay. To be honest, oops sorry is the second second phase of the stake for the planet initiative, so we just secured one thousand additional new trees to plant uh. These trees are cool because youll be able to see on the marketplace that there are some new types of trees, in particular for some new countries, i believe guatemala gun and cameroon and terms of species mangrove and white mangrove. I understand so its interesting to be exposed to had a possibility to plant these. These trees and the other innovation that we introduced in the program, as you know, is the commitment to burn 100 planets per each tree getting planted. So, instead of burning trees, which is awful, we plant tree and burn planets.

Now this burning for blockchain experts has to be. I should explain how it will happen, so we set up a wallet which we call burner fund and obviously all details will be released in a blog post, so there is a burn burner fund where we placed planets which will be burned. This will be moved to what i would call a pre burner account to different account. So what happens when you redeem a tree code? Two blockchain transactions are triggered. One is the one which freezes the three nft to the wallet, which is the same thing that happened before a second transaction sends 100 planets from the burner fund to our pre burner account, as i call them now. What do i call it? Pre burner account because, in order to do things correctly, we are still discussing the best solution, together with all the algo community and developers to do to ensure permanent burning, which means that tokens have to be permanently uh removed from the from the token supply of the Company, so you will see that this with this pre burner account filling up tokens will never leave it until we decide what is the end game. What is the end point where tokens end up in order to be permanently burnt, but again uh im not going to get into additional technicalities here. There will be a blog post, explaining this better, a little update on type 2 sensor yeah. I keep saying that we are a bit late on schedule, but uh i mean things are never easy.

Uh, especially these times are i mean markets are in a turmoil. There are lots of things going on lots of challenges so its difficult for any company, particularly for a startup to go straight on schedule, but we are following up on our plan. We are delivering uh. The delays related to the group to the fact that we decided first to test a sample of 100 units of the new sensor in a restricted test group. This test group should be able to wrap up their work by early july and, of course, as soon as they have wrapped up and confirmed that the system works as planned. We will open up sales on a large scale and again starting from the waiting list. Obviously, okay now um today is going to be a bit short, but i want to i want id like now to emphasize something which is extremely important to to bearing for you guys for planet watches, to bear in mind. Well, first of all, id like to thank you once again for supporting this project and believing in the project. At the same time, i do understand perfectly concerns about the evolution of token price. All markets are in a turmoil and smaller, newer tokens are even shakier. Of course, the larger assets you should really when you think about planet watch, bear in mind the end game. The end game is extracting value from the data, and this reflects on the reward system and maybe its something that some people may not be fully aware or forget.

So let me remind you how the reward the planet watch reward system works, because it is a two step system. So, first every day you get token rewards for just sending the data streams based on the rates in the white paper. So, since its a kind of a fixed amount of planets, clearly, if you think about the fiat value of this rewards, this fluctuates with planet price. If the price goes down, the dollar value of the daily rewards goes down its just obvious. Unfortunately, however, the second reward step takes place will take place when data are monetized. Because, again, if you have, if you read the white paper, you get additional rewards when data are sold, a fraction of the rewards goes to all sensors in the in the same type. Being rewarded and another fraction of the sensor goes to the actual owners of the specific sensors whose data are being sold so its a two step system and whats really important to bear in mind, is that when data gets sold, data pricing will be based on fiat Rates so since its a its a its a market value uh, just making numbers up, it could be that we price um 1 million api calls at one million dollar im saying random numbers here, but its priced in dollars its not pricing planets, because there will be Companies budgeting for this data paying for the data via planets, but having a dollar budget in their in their accounts, so thats a kind of a fiat budget.

So once you once, we do significant data sales for some fiat value. People will get a fraction of that fiat value in fiat in planets, but that will be linked to a fiat amount. So lets make a concrete example lets say we make one million dollar worth of data sales and you because you own many sensors, maybe as a sensor owner, are entitled to 0.1 percent of that amount. So thats 0.1 percent of 1 million dollar. So you will get 100 worth of planets tokens, regardless of token price, which means that if the token price is high, you got a small number of tokens. If the token price is down, you get more tokens, but you get the fiat equivalent of 100. So there is a big difference between the two steps of the reward system: the first step, the daily step, the kind of upfront payment, the fiat value fluctuates as the planets token price fluctuates the second element of it, the the data related payment, the fiat value will Be will not be sensitive to token price fluctuations. So, just as a reminder – and this, what this tells you is that the end game in terms of value creation and value distribution is really data. Sales thats why we are invested so much effort into releasing apis which enable uh, seamless data, sales and thats. Why? This is really the focus of the project that you should all bear in mind because thats, where the real value is unleashed once we what sales take off and all these little pocs that we are disclosing, are building a path to large scale sales and once again, There is a lot going on in the background, but it is not wise to disclose whats going on in the background, unless there is some solid agreement that can be announced.

Okay, so sorry that was short, i hope it was sweet enough again. Markets are difficult, but not just markets. The overall financial and economic context is very difficult. We are keeping to our path to our roadmap, so we believe we can deliver and achieve our goals. Uh. Incidentally, we want to ive been talking about decentralization a number of times and uh. We release more information along the way uh. We will start by decentralizing communication gradually so starting from the next ama im working to make sure that there are more faces in this ima. Not just my old face but other faces of people who will comment and talk about key issues. Uh in the planet watch ecosystem. So we will gradually open up images to the community itself so working to improve the level of our communication, including the ima and working most of all, to deliver on our plan and to build a uh green data which are relevant and valuable. Uh well keep uh! Well, keep you informed of very important development, which could be anytime. There is something to to comment upon will will try to deliver information as fast as possible. So thank you again for your support. We are all in this together, as i mentioned in austin. We are really a network of censors and people and people are more important than sensors, its easier to replace sensors than people and thats thats. The way we we see it so keep it up, keep watching the planet and see you soon.

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