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6 million dollars and some new developments in the long running rumor that michael jackson did the music for sonic the hedgehog 3.. This is your daily fix. Music overwatch one fans who arent feeling overwatch too. I have some bad news. Overwatch 2 has been confirmed to fully replace the original overwatch game at launch in a reddit ama overwatch 2 director aaron keller, confirmed the upcoming overwatch sequel will replace the original live service when it launches in october, and yes calling it a sequel, seems a tad off. Considering its a complete rebrand remake of the original former game director jeff kaplan, announced last year at blizzcon, overwatch players would get to experience a shared multiplayer environment with pvp possible across the two titles. Now it looks as though overwatch will in fact be overwritten entirely. Overwatch. 2 will be free to play and shakes things up by adding new maps systems and, most controversially, a 5v5 model players who still have unopened. Loot boxes will have them automatically open and existing currencies transferred to overwatch 2 accounts directly scans will also transfer into overwatch 2. From all platforms with cross progression, mmr sr for competitive play will not receive a reset going into overwatch 2, but accounts that havent played in some time will take part in a new dk system that lowers mmr players with special player. Boarders wont get to carry those over, but blizzard is working on a way for players to display their portrait level in overwatch 2.

. This news might not come as a surprise to hardcore overwatch fans, whove been paying close attention, but the messaging has definitely been a bit muddled. Blizzard mentioned. Overwatch 2 would be a completely different game, which sort of makes it sound. Like the two versions. Would co exist but thats clearly not the case? Not all fans want a completely different game, so itll be interesting to see if blizzard adds some kind of legacy mode to appeal to that crowd, either way expect to hear more about overwatch 2, as we get closer to the early access launch which kicks off october. 4Th im curious if fans are upset were just kind of over it, but yeah. Let me know in the comments moving on bungie is on the war to sue a youtuber over a series of illegitimate dmca takedowns. He issued last march youtuber nicholas miner, who goes by lord nazo, received a dmca takedown notice from bungie for posting, the entire soundtrack for destiny. 2, the taken king on his youtube channel. He refused to comply and eventually had his account deleted after that he apparently decided to pay it forward by issuing a reported 96 takedown notices to other youtubers, all the while pretending to be a bungie employee. Miner reportedly identified himself as quote bungies brand protection vendor, while threatening innocent youtube creators with copyright strikes if they didnt delete their destiny. 2. Videos. On top of that, miner was heavily involved in community discussions surrounding dmc takedowns and used his fake job title to spread misinformation, which allegedly caused bungies, significant reputational and economic damage.

How significant you ask how about 7.6 million dollars? Bungies lawsuit is citing 150 000 in damages for each of the fraudulent dmca takedown notices. Whats really boggles. My mind is dmc citations dont make any money issuing dmc takedowns on innocent youtubers is an obnoxious thing to do, but its also kind of obnoxious to sue someone for almost eight million dollars because they were being a troll. Nonetheless, bungie is probably looking to make an example of minor. It helps others do not repeat his mistakes and, finally, for a second, it seemed like we had confirmation of the long running rumor that michael jackson worked on the sign like the hedgehog 3 soundtrack, but turns out something got lost in translation. The recently released, sonic origins featured an alternate version of the sonic 3 soundtrack. Much to the dismay of fans and theres been some speculation. If this had anything to do with the king of pops long rumored involvement, then today on twitter, veteran sega programmer and sonic co. Creator yuji naka tweeted out, oh my god. The music for sonic 3 has changed even though sega official uses michael jacksons music, at which the internet lost its collective minds. But then he posted a retraction explaining that he was reacting to a video on the official sega tiktok celebrating sonics 31st birthday. That just happened to use billie jean as the background music, its been long speculated. The pop legend, michael jackson, worked on the original soundtrack due to how similar it was to songs like smooth, criminal and stranger in moscow, and, while thats still possible its also possible that the similarities caused some legal issues for sega, prompting them to replace the classic.

Sonic. 3 soundtrack, with an alternate version discovered on a prototype build of the game from 1993., either way, yuji nakas, surprise at sega, using a michael jackson, song seems to suggest theres something going on. Otherwise, why say anything at all unless of course he knew that fans would react that way because of this decades, old, rumor or maybe were overthinking it but anyways. The point is its sonics birthday, so happy birthday, sonic, and that is your daily fix for today.

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