Games Done Quick, Speedrun, 2022 Can I Still Speedrun Ocarina of Time 100%?

It would be like it was not during 2020 and it didnt do it during 2021. I think it was either 2018 or 2019. It has been like at least three years since i really ran this game. It has been a very long time. Did you do like ot randos? Yes, ive done ocarina of time, randomizer sounds dumb. Hey link is a little story here. I was always scared of the owl as a kid and used to pass my controller to my mom and hide behind her until he was gone every time he showed up oh thats kind of sweet. I have an ess adapter im using one right now, you pretty much cant competitively speed, an ocarina of time without one i dont actually remember, since i dont have a sewer im gon na check, something before i do, the the the the bomb to boost, which is What im gon na do in rons im just gon na double check something since i dont have a sword. Can i make this jump without pushing both of the boxes like? Is it enough to just push one of the boxes? I dont actually remember Music thats really slow, so if i dont want to go for a backup id have to push both of the boxes its a little bit monkey w – oh no, i just realized. This is the no sword route. I actually have to remember. Oh god, i remember the flash. I have to walk forward here.

Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh wait! You re equip the sword! Oh yeah! You re equip the sword. Oh okay! Then it shouldnt be too bad. If i remember correctly, i think its you hold forward, you go up for two frames. I think it is drop and then sword. Okay, i really dont think that cfg was uh arrested for tax evasion, im so confused about this new door of time skip what the hell is that set up its called dwarf times, good with lunch storage. Okay, i have no. I dont even know what lunch storage here is. I kind of just want to do it because it looks like its its easier to do and easier its easier to not fail than the old one thats. Why i want to do it? I dont care about the point five times save i dont quite get this lunch storage at all, Music, okay, honestly, its not that bad. Oh, that feels clean, yeah ive been in the mood for ot for a while. I just havent wanted to take the time to de rust on it: okay, uh, oh boy, okay, so lets see if i remember how to do this chat. Music, three Music, Music, i kind of want to get some more health over here before i do this race. A little bit low on health Music – oh my dog, i take it back, were going to cheat Music.

I just killed myself. I did not mean to put my health at zero. That was a very stupid thing to do. I know that its been like over three years, so i shouldnt be too shocked, but its like most of the time. If i drop a game like for like a few years, i can pick it back up very quickly when it comes to like zelda or like wind, waker or like dp. But ocarina of time is like such a. I dont even know what explain it the glitches by itself, you just cant build muscle memory for it in the same way. Does that make any sense like its more about memorizing than muscle memory? Dont get me wrong, theres, so much muscle memory to get good at awkward enough time, im, not saying theres, no muscle, moving speeding, ot im purely just saying, like you know the glitches of like remembering the setups are just different. You know like its like look at this. Go to this corner. Ess turned two times right. One time left like that sort of thing is not something you just build up a mess memory for thats, just remembering right, so its its a very different experience. To remember all of this, like these random things like remember, which item to have equipped on which button, when dropping and picking these things up its like yeah, okay, dude, like im gon na, remember this by heart: okay, dude, dude axel! This is hard.

Oh t kicks. You in the bud, when you havent, ran in a long time. It is not like wind waker for sure. Well, hey chad were 45 minutes in so were almost one. Fourth of the way through the speed run, poggies Music. My controller is i my c. Stick is really broken on my controller, so it wasnt my fault. I swear it wasnt my fault. You guys know that cosmic race is a real thing. Chad right cosmic race is literally a real occurrence that happens. Single single bit failures happens all the time. This is all vanilla, dude, Music, hey, look at that chad. Look at that buggies. Every time i speed on ocarina of time. I always realize how bad people on the internet were when they play this game casually, because everyone always thinks that, like youre using a lot of glitches. But what that tells me is that they didnt play it right when they played it, because this is how youre supposed to play the game like theres, practically no glitches. That im performing right now like this is all intended. I have some good news by the way: chad, Music, we have officially gone past. One fourth of the speed run thats right, yeah, Music, chad. I just remembered something while the coffees being made were gon na, do something. Okay. Now let me tell you guys something: okay, so lincolns party, like back in the day right when i was young, you know i dont know how it was in your country, but where i grew up, it was considered a really cool thing to drink energy drinks like When i was like 11 12 years old, it was considered like any cool kid should drink energy drinks.

So all my friends, all my homies were drinking energy drinks. Until about i was like 12 and a half 13 because then you actually added a law where you couldnt, buy energy drinks. If you werent 15 years of age, either way. So i used to buy one brand of energy drinks back in the day and i think its a swedish brand and around the age of 13 or 14, this energy drink brand just disappeared. It disappeared and i have never seen it sandstone and it was my favorite brand of energy drinks and randomly when i was going through the store the other day. They had a small package of this energy drink. Apparently, they are still in business and doing very small quantities. So here it is. I bought it even though i dont drink energy drinks anymore, its called franks energy and sports drink um, so heres the question: do you think that it is gon na live up to how well i remember liking this drink? When i was like 11 12.? Do you think its going to live up to that hype, or do you think that when its literally 10 years later its going to be a disappointment Laughter, it definitely smells it 100 smells like. I remember it a very distinct smell and i remember it so vividly because there would always be this one mother that would always spill the energy drink on the floor. When we had a land party, when we were playing cs 1.

6 and uh sandrias and the entire room we just think of this, so definitely the smell is definitely exactly what i remember all right. Here we go chad. Will it live up to the hype? Oh by the way in case anyone hasnt seen it. This is the one all right lets see. Will it live up to the hype? Maybe i just had a bad first sip. Let me try again hold on. Actually that was much better okay, so it tastes like. I remember it which is good, but it has a really really bitter aftertaste that tastes awful like. If i keep drinking it, it tastes great, but the second i put it down and i get the aftertaste flavor of it sitting in my throat. It tastes like garbage. I dont know how to explain it. It feels like, if you took acid, a piece of battery a lemon juice and squeezed it into a package thats, what it tastes like in my throat as an aftertaste, but while im drinking it – and i dont, know the aftertaste, it actually tastes like i remember it. Heres my final judgment of this energy drink will i buy it a couple of more times because of nostalgia and me moving soon. Yes, am i buying it purely out of nostalgia and not because of the flavor? Absolutely does the flavor live up to my expectations from 10 years of hype, no Laughter um. No, how did i used to drink this every day, oh man nostalgia dude.

I never submitted my best pb of ot honda to the leaderboard. I i probably could actually find my old splits. I think my pb was a high 440. thats, my memory of it, i think, a high for a 40. yeah. I used to speed run 100, like i dropped 100 speed running around like three to four years ago. Um, i used to actually run it consistently about five years ago, so i do know my stuff, but a lot of it is outdated and uh. Also, my muscle memory is not there, because its been just too long just been too many years Music. What is these hitboxes? This next trick actually does have a decent tutorial. Nice chad can, i say something really funny. I really love how arthur goes. This trick has a really good tutorial and then it proceeds to link his own tutorial. No shame. I think its really funny how like this is the first time ive seen you go. This one is a good tutorial and uh and the one time youre like this one doesnt look at the tour on your own, but i dont worry about it. Its not actually like, i said, decent, oh thats, just because youre trying to be a little bit humble because its your own either way lets watch this. Thank you for the tutorial lets. Go were done with adult one. All right now were coming out to child two. Child two is one of the easier segments of the run hard to optimize but easier in terms of glitches and tricks quite easy to breeze through oh, either way.

Chad, i hope you guys are excited about ocarina of time runs when were done. Uh practicing, im honestly really excited about the ot runs.

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