Games Done Quick, Speedrun, 2022 How Would an AI Speedrun Ocarina of Time?

Hundo runs are back when we have a route that im confident is actually good. I play my switch a lot uh. I have periods of playing my switch a lot, but not like frequently. I played mario kart a decent amount after the mario kart dlc came out, and then i turned it off: no, its not possible to glitch past chic to become or like go back in time early. Its actually one of the few, like sequence, breaks thats just flat out not possible minus srm. Actually, i dont even know if thats rule im sure could do it, but theres not like a good way to do it. Where are we testing uh the newest route, idea that lenny and megu have been working on? That might be good its a simpler reroute but blinny says he estimates it might save like a minute uh. This is no spooky mass gtg, yes, broken sword. Ttg, i mean to be completely honest: im not super faithful in this route either, which is a common trend i have not been. I have not had high hopes for, like any ideas recently excited to see runs. I am too if i could only actually get to runs. Why did i delay breath of wild too uh, because i totally want people to wait longer, including myself, thats? Why i just want to make people mad? Did i play kirby? No actually, i i was interested in kirby before it came out and then, when it came out, i was like actually, i kind of dont want to play this and i didnt play it.

I dont know hows kirby. Is it good? Am i missing out, or am i not missing out, no is it? Is it good like as in really good good, or is it like its all right, 7.5, all right, yeah yeah, i dont know i maybe ill play kirby. If i play it ill, probably just play it off stream, though i dont think id stream it anyway. Yes, im im, leaving already hope you enjoyed your 15 minute stream. Things are five months real swaggy. I have been not knowing what to do with oot, because i dont know how to route, because ideas are hard and complicated. No ive never been fishing irl yeah. This is the ot remake. This is oot and 4k touch some grass you cant make me. I wont do it ill ill cut some grass when i farm for bombs, get it touch. Cactus, yeah, thats, the only the only plant ill be able to touch around here, your daughters, three and she loves watching me with you. Nice start them young. She narrates everything. Does she talk about? Does she say hess and and megaflip does she does she know the ot terminology at three years old, hi olive? Is that her name whats happening to him when i slide around it backwards, thats thats called a hess when you slide backwards, really fast got ta teach the kids how to speed, run oot early on low trigger youre coming to gz.

At some point, thank you. Thats! Probably like one of the last things that i really want in gz before its like, what else could there even be yeah a little trigger viewer? I guess, like a general trigger viewer for like talking to npcs or general event triggers, but i think fig was trying to work on that a while ago and said, like every single actor is different with event triggers and stuff, so thatd be kind of tricky. I do not speed run oot with a wiimote. I use a gamecube controller. If i do a setup video. My setup is so bad though. If i did a setup video, you wouldnt be able to see whats going on because its just cables, its just im giant and mess of cables all over my desk thats. All it is. You just see tangled cables, with zero attempt at cable management. Soon i will. I i am gon na fix my setup soon, and then i will do proper cable management. I i definitely can no longer live the life of not caring about cable management. Why does that not surprise me? You mean to say that a speed runner is messy and not organized cable management, wastes time. Cable management wastes time initially and saves time later, saves time later in your run, track yeah thats, like yeah its like practicing waste time, sure practicing technically wastes time right now, but itll save time long term yeah. My cable management is so bad because its its basically ive been just like adding cables over the years and its just kind of stayed there and so like, as i just add, more and more cables.

They just all tangle together and now i need to just like restart everything yeah. If you just keep adding cables its just one cable, its just one cable and then they get out of control and become a cable monster. Hasnt achieved sentience, yet probably theres. An electrical hazard, i think its at least not an electrical hazard, its not that bad calls for a cable management intervention. I im doing my own cable management intervention. I understand. I now understand the need for cable management, its just a matter of getting around to like getting a new desk and redoing my setup all over yeah, my pc cable management. I mean i i made that better, its not as bad its good enough yeah once it yelled at me. I have to be yelled at to do stuff. I need more people to just yell at me. You run. No, i cant do runs because theres no route. I mean there is a route, but its a four year old route. I dont want to run a four year old route. Theres got ta, be a better one, moot moo. I i swear. I have gotten much more used to input lag. I i know input lag a lot better. Now i promise i am not the same. I am not the same runner that ran on amarek. I am now aware of input delay, especially after switch yes nipper. I i used to get ocarina of time. Speed run records while playing off of amarette capture.

On my monitor i didnt know any better. I mean i kind of i like kind of knew. I didnt think it was that big of a deal i thought like okay, theres, probably delay but, like i dont, feel anything so like i, you know you know when people type on oot switch videos, i cant feel the input delay theres nothing wrong. That was me. Its like thats, i im inside their head. I know how they feel its just like they dont know how to feel input lag yet but its there, but then once they finally feel no input lag. Theyll realize the truth. Okay, i need to actually play the game. I timed one of the routes and it was technically faster, but realistically not worth it and then theres a bunch of other ideas that were floating around theyre all really different and all didnt seem promising and now heres. Another idea that is less of a significant reroute and might be okay, yeah breath of wild too delayed. Who would have thunk delay because itll be on switch pro? I have a theory that it kind of is delayed to be on switch pro. But, like my theory, is that its not necessarily being delayed to be on switch pro but theyre gon na, like tweak stuff, to make it easier to port, to switch pro or something like that or not switch pro. But like the next console, because i think 100. They have to bring breath of wild to to whatever the next console is right.

My theory is that some of it might have to do with technical details about bringing it over to the next console yeah new trick there. That saves a full one. Second archer wrong warp. I mean the route technically worked out and its technically faster, its just not faster by enough to really be worth it. It was faster about like 30 seconds but then really faster by actually like 15 seconds because of technicalities and then added in extra rng, which more than likely would bring you back down to neutral and then its harder. Why is my b button a funny looking rupee its the best ruby that lets me warp, the warping rupee and oh yeah? This is gon na. This is gon na be late, danpe route, you guys hyped for damn pay three hours in that is not hype. I actually dont mind late. Damn pay, i think the lead dampe is fine. You get to play the game more dude. I wish we could uh lunge storage into shadow in my head. Lunge storage should totally work for getting into shadow, but it doesnt and im mad because thatd be so good thatd, be so nice hows routing going. I dont know it might be going good or bad, but i actually dont know uh. This particular route would be not as significant of a route change and just do a text transfer glitch for broken goron sword, instead of being poacher saw, so it wouldnt be as huge of a drought.

Change itd be a lot similar to uh the old route and then just some like overworld rerouting stuff. I will never run dank percent, whatever 100 no too complicated. So the thing about um, specifically the one we are gon na do – is the broken store tg from cac carpenter, which is actually a three frame window which itself isnt too bad. But the problem is uh. You now have cuckoos cuckoos have random health uh its a three frame window, but cocos have four different health values that they can possibly have, which means that the max consistency of it is 75, so the trick isnt hard but youre, never getting over 75 percent consistency With it which sucks yeah its pretty dumb, if you get bad orange, you can equip slingshot shoot going. Oh does that work you can like wait. Oh okay, so youre saying you can shoot the cuckoo with slingshot and okay thats a that actually is a good backup. I never thought of using slingshot as a backup for that actually yeah, because that that essentially means you can always aim for early timing and then, if youre late, you know that you know that one slingshot is going to work. I shouldnt do cocos just to activate the cuckoo attack sequence because we have to use you use the cuckoo attacking cutscene to get the camera off of the carpenter so that he calls. And then you close the text box. While he calls because you talk to the carpenter like right as the coco attacks, you dont know whats going on, i am just testing a route and talking about it with people who are knowledgeable and we are trying to figure out how to beat the game faster.

But its complicated youve learned all joining twitch chat. I do not mean twitch chat, i mean megu and blinny and other speed runners who are actually giving input, not the average switch chatter. Yes, people in chat, not necessarily chat as a whole. Yeah fig is, of course, knowledgeable at oot in general, but hasnt really done runs in a while two loss in the games code. Yeah there are many different types of knowledgeable in iot. Being technical knowledge is great and routing knowledge is great, but they dont always mix big, enter the matrix and never left yeah like i am. I am very bad at technical knowledge, but i know how to route, i think, sometimes not anymore. I forgot thats why weve been routing for months, and i dont know what im doing anymore so heres. The one thing you guys might like about this route is that were not doing the the archery wrong warp to gannons castle, but we are keeping ass. Just in this route got a second goal. You guys, you guys, think i have more technical knowledge than i really do because, like i mean i have some technical knowledge, i definitely learned a lot from doing srm and stuff, but its a lot of like regurgitating what ive been told and stuff and not necessarily Like true understanding of the underlying technical aspects of it, i guess you guys you guys get an impression of me, knowing more than i actually do at least compared to the people who actually know it like the actual people working on a stuff and decomp, and all That no way way more than me yeah, and i know that if i, if i do say something wrong, i know that the people who actually know will immediately comment in my chat and tell me so i just follow the routes.

I i make the routes well, i follow. I follow the setups theres, the uh ace and like technical nerds, make like the srm, setups and all the technical stuff, and then i at least when it came to srm stuff. I would take that and then try to implement it into a route. Srm runs got to a point where glitch hunters have to route and thats why they dont get anywhere yeah. Pretty much srm is just so complicated. Now that, like you, have to have really knowledgeable people working on the srm stuff to get into routing at all and then like srm routing, is so complicated that you need several people working on it at once. To really make it happen, several highly knowledgeable srm experts already working on it, uh its not ai assisted, but there is uh an srm heap setup, uh program that, like uh, you can tell it what you want the heap to be in a certain area and like Itll give you instructions on how to how to load things in the right order, so that the heap gets set up properly casual 2000, but yeah its not its, not ai, assisted yeah, its an algorithm, its, not ai. I have been thinking recently about like what ot would be like if, like an ai, when, when they get one of those fancy game playing ais to play, og that would be super cool, yeah machine learning, gameplay, yeah, yeah figuring out the best possible routes.

Itd be super interesting to see like assuming the ai would eventually figure out glitches itd be interesting to see like what it would figure out. First yeah it could, it could do the the classic pause when its about to die and just not unpause, because thats the only way to not lose actually whats really funny about. That is if it did do that, it would probably pause on the frame before death, which is actually one frame after your hearts go to zero. And if you do that, then you actually hear link screaming really loud and long when you do the pause so that if an ai were to end its run by doing that, it would end with links screaming on the pause screen, which would be fantastic. Allow me to demonstrate just because its funny no wait thats, not how its supposed to go. Okay, well kind of similar you get. What im talking about this is another 100 cedar and video, it sure is. Should i tell dry to stop using that that awful intro? No, never they like it. Sometimes people like bad things, just read the comment. I read the comments and i see like most people say they like it and then a few people say they dont like it but im. Gon. Na be honest. I value the opinions of the people who dont like it more because they match my opinion and therefore theyre correct. Yes, they confirm my bias double shadows, yeah its because i think each of the flames both make their own shadow.

Oh, my god, look at how look at how Music dynamic the shadows are. Is that the right word advanced, advanced n64 lighting rtx on hello, zfg zfgfan from greenland didnt know one of those existed nice hello person from norway, youre watching at 3, 42 am nice man. I i cant get over this. This bunny hood, bunny hood master truth den section feels like it. Theres got to be a way to save the sons here. What if i got nothing um but anyway, i might stop here for now. I think we kind of got the ideas down for this round. I think ill, try to time it ill either. Try to time it off stream tonight or tomorrow on stream and well see how this route does then, but yeah. I think ill stop here.

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