Games Done Quick, Speedrun, 2022 The Speedrun that Gave Me a God Complex

Ive never played before peggle the ultimate childhood pachinko game, where your goal is to hit. All of these orange pegs before you run out of balls dog dog, needs to beat the game twice. While i only need to do it once loser drinks, olive oil, wait what loser drinks, olive oil, alright, three two one go: good luck, girl, im, so excited peggle! Dude, i should have warmed up. I havent even played peggle deluxe in a while. Now i have to actually play really well peggle. Here we go easy. Easy, oh, were gon na start with this bounce it off right here into those three okay ill. Just do this itll bounce off one two, oh perfect! Oh literally, free ball, its actually also so addictive. Oh no! I am so good at this game. This is gon na be very hard just so people are aware. Im actually gon na have to play the best peg, all my life, actually really, it depends on how good point crow ends up being you know anything could happen all right. So let me go to the side here. I missed, i think, thats. The main thing i got to work on here is my rebounds. Music five turns and were fine. We can get free ball here nice. We dont really need free balls like we can just hit them individually, because if we have enough like theres, no reason we shh peggle makes me feel things. What can i say, the thing thats gon na be hard for him is especially the end levels like literally the last level takes some people like an hour.

I basically need him to slow way down in the second half thats thats the plan, ah its not gon na work. Oh oh it is, i meant to do this lets go here. We go plushie. Three ball lets go free ball. It is all right. So free balls are actually like ridiculously important. It looks like i meant to do that. Oh, oh, and if you like the video so far subscribe to my channel, i just released my very own youtubes, fully complete with the cutest doodle on my shoulder. You can get it now at for a limited time, fyi uh im on stage six. I got the new character. We got the new boy, yeah jimmy lightning, hes tubular. Oh, he is tubular all right, so hitting those point boosts are actually like super good. You want to aim for pinks, especially when its like early on, because then you can like really get some free balls for the later parts of the level where its like kind of hard to get three balls. Oh, that was that was a bad one, or was it or did i rip some ass lets go, but no that was a pretty bad shot. Whats going on here, total missed, wait. I got a free ball, wait, thats, actually sick, hitting nothing is a 50 53 ball. Oh okay! Look at that juicy ass shot! Oh! Oh, absolutely! Ridiculous! Oh feels good to be the best people player in the world on twitch right now.

Probably i feel like you want to do start like this first yeah thats. What i wanted lets go all right. We finally beat it. Oh lets go all right. If point clearly says he should have to do a shot of olive oil. Okay ill say that as part of the punishment ill pitch it midway through well see if hes open to it itd be funny because ive been like trying to get people to play peggle. If, like i win the race and instead of being like hey wasnt, that fun didnt, you have a good time. I was like yeah, you got pegged you have pegged. I just make it really uncomfortable for everybody all right next person. Oh you just think all right. So a green explodes everything around it. Oh, that was good. Music free ball, free ball; three ball b; ball; free ball! No! Oh god! Oh my heart! Uh! What are you on right now? I am on 6 2, okay, im on 4, 1, okay, okay, yeah, thats, fine, so im like 50 ahead of you. I do think this will be even because itll get harder, but i think well probably be right around double your pace. Yeah 4 1 has gotten significantly harder. Okay, thank you. Im pretty calibrated dude im honestly pretty calibrated Music. Oh what a shot! Oh my god! Oh come on! Oh oh, the clutch! Okay lets go! Lets go! Oh the snipe! Oh he threaded the needle.

Do you have to finish the game yeah? We have to finish the game. It goes up to 11. 5 were on 4 3 right now: ask about olive oil ill mention it later in the heat of the moment, when hes excited and thinking he might win, then hed be more open to a punishment, its not enough to beat him at peggle. You guys. We have to emotionally dominate. Oh my god. This ones difficult bagel lets go. Lets go right off the wall. Oh dude peggle has been sweating, pagle peggle pickleball. Why is everybody not playing this game right now? All right for you ball? Oh, my god lets go. We got it dude im literally just like gamer focusing right now now. Look i dont want to get cocky, but when it comes to the clawed levels, i should be way better than him. After all, the training ive done im, actually not using it very well. Right. Now kind of jinxed it Music, guys nice, nice, so easy, dude, hes too good at the game. Its a problem, dude police, are on their way. Im. Sorry arrest me its illegal to be this amazing. I have to clear this blue. I think here im actually insane. No im, not are you kidding me, i did oh im so dumb. All right, all right were speeding up, hey, quick question. What level you on right now i am at 10. 2. All right you got, i mean you got your uh work cut out for you.

Im about 6 1 ive been playing really good right now, so i think this is still a real race, because im playing way faster than ive normally played this game is addicting. Man like. Why did you show this youre so good? Why did you trust this? To me, im just im, im too passionate about pickles all right im too passionate thats my issue right now. Nice all right get the top down all right and then we can go in here and do some damage. Oh baby. Oh, that was good Music. Yes, okay were finally on seven one three balls: this is very hard. Is there a gap? I dont see a gap. I must do like that. Oh my god, 128 20., its a pb by an hour and 10 minutes man, nice all right. We got it hes on run two. Okay, all right were on 7 2 ooh nice shot. I just thank my first run im halfway through my challenge. I think this is like perfectly even yeah. This is okay. This is good. Oh okay, i got ta, get going good luck! Good luck! All right were like dead. Even now. This is pretty good round. Two three two one go look guys. I need to be really close, so hes like super focused on winning right and he thinks he has a good chance and then, and only then do we offer the oil fool of a doug. You can damn yourself, but not our hopes offer him.

The oil hes not ready to accept it chat. You cant force people into these things. We cant offer the oil, yet okay were getting it. We got ta, give doug a run for his money. You know nice, oh, what a shot that was. Okay, you know every good shot has a bad shot next to it all right, oh my god, when i get close, and i start to actually catch up to wherever point crew is, i want you guys to go into his chat and be like doug is coming Monkey s doug is offering the oil monka w oh lets go. Doug is offering the oil hes. Coming. I heard you would like to offer me the oil i was going to suggest as an additional incentive. You have to take a shot of olive oil. If you lose its good for you, probably hopefully, probably yeah a shot of olive oils keeps the doctor away thats what they say all right im down. I think i can win this im, not confident. Okay, yeah chad ill do the olive oil. If i lose but im not gon na lose so easy. Thank you very much. Ah, thank you. I really got ta hurry up. This is actually a good race im, so focused right now, im unbelievably focused Music, magic hat. This is magic hat its the best power up, because it gives your ball a hat. Oh god damn it. No. This is the worst power in the game.

If i lose this race its because magic hat is a power that nobody likes, nobody thinks is cool magic hat keeps coming into parties. Thinking is like the cool kid and im like no, oh, the hat has a huge hitbox. That makes sense. Please thank you. Sometimes you just got ta ask you know, oh come on, i mean well get it next time, but did it just laugh at me? Did the game just laugh holy sh that was excuse my bad language cuckoo thats insane, what a shot im nuts hows chro doing? 8. 5. Okay, like im catching up dude? Oh this ones uh this ones a hard level. I think i just need more balls dont. We all all right its, not gg, dont gg poincares been stuck on this level for, like 10 minutes, its gon na be fine. All right, we got it, we got a chat, lets go, thank god were off it. Okay, oh all right new one burns the path from the board. Let me check it out: Music. Oh fun! I get it point grows at 9. 1 ooh. Okay, this is a race dude. This is a race cause. I am im getting there im catching up theres. Some strategy involved theres some thinking some measure. Oh, oh, oh, what a beautiful shot! Oh, my god, i got ta hold on to something this game. Im telling you it changes the man. We saw nine dash three. I thought it was an eye dash too.

Oh, okay. Okay lets pick it up. Oh that was so sick. Oh, oh, the double bounce, oh the double bounce, oh the tubular, oh my god, dude im! So into this game, hes on nine four, oh hes, gon na beat nine four. I think. Oh i wan na watch him chat. Watch this oh wow, dont watch it jeff dont watch it. I regret it. Oh did he pick it up? Oh, he threw it. Oh. That is so unfortunate. That was a brutal loss right. There did you. You also know im doing the gamer league where youre just like youre like in it. You know, oh lets, go hes on the flower level. Wait wait is that six seven, oh, my god, Music. That was the most lets. Go im telling you dude hes too good at the game. The zen was exactly what i already had planned im literally so good the zen ball doesnt even help me Music, all right, we got it all right, we got it, we got it. Okay, you know what we got: some six shots in there all right. Ten. Those two hit hit ball bucket ball bucket. Oh my god. I am nuts 10, 2. Okay, okay, okay, i mean im playing really hot. Oh nice lets go. Does he get some taskbot, or is that actually just his aim? Oh those are wormholes. I dont even see that dude, this ones so hard, uh im good right. Not if i do that what is happening im throwing im actually throwing jesus.

Oh this is bad. This does not look good whoa, it looks great, it looks amazing. Only a god, dear bagel player could make a shot like that hes actually correct. Can i hit it yeah yeah, okay, i was freaking out. Okay, im catching up. They could have just been like this. Guy gives you a bigger ball or something instead of like no lets lets give it my hat like why Music planned that was not planned, all right, nice all right. We got it. We got it gon na be a close one, all right 11.. Are we gon na choose whoever we want? Oh sh, you just got another one holy sh, okay, okay, this is getting scary. I got ta go quick. The last five are ultra hard, though i should be clear. I think, im winning this race. The last five are brutal, but i think im gon na beat him on the last level. Blast levels hardest: nah hes, not winning chat Music. Oh oh, oh lets go! Oh! We saved it, oh what the hell i didnt know. Those were uh like that. Oh this is so hard how gross is crow hes too one level ahead of me: Music, okay, thats huge were tied. How do you catch up so fast? I heard you caught up its a tie game, its a tie, game youre, getting some insane shots here. I need the zen shot. Two left Music come on come on, come on all right, 11.

4. Oh, this is gon na be close. I think the focus is to get the farthest ones. First, Music yeah, like that perfect, actually perfect, Music. Last stage here we go. I see that youre on the last level, dont get cocky that levels hardest. Here we go chad, good, shot, hes got two left. You wont make this got one shot left, i got ta. I got ta thread. The needle got ta focus theres, no way you make that. No! Yes, okay, oh my god! No! I didnt make it. I didnt make it yes: okay, okay, okay, yes, oh no! I was shocked to early. I i keep clicking too early because im nervous, so i needed that. Okay, i just i just won. I think, Music, okay im on the second last level, these two – you cannot clear unless you bounce off something. So i need to save these or, if youre, just nuts dude Applause im on the last level i see a world and which spankle, oh my god, you have two left. I see a world, it was bagel, bagel can be dreams, bagel can be reality. Peggle can be anything you want. I see a world in which mortals come. No, no, no! No! No! No give me a second im winning yeah give me a second lets: go no dude thats, so close that stupid, spaceship level dude! Oh, that was crazy as promised.

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