Microsoft Windows, Windows Insider, Windows 10 VS Windows 10 problems and perception from users in my personal opinion

You know what people think and people have as impressions of um. You know windows, 11 and um. You know theres a big talk about um theres, actually, a lot of people, you know kind of saying. Well, you know, windows 11 is has so many problems, it its buggy and slow and its you know its not ready and its um, its and and its interesting, because you know one of the discussions today is among the fact that some people are having problems and That um, you know my impressions or my judgment is flawed, because no windows 11 is a terrible mess and it doesnt work well and its very buggy and, of course, um youve got to take the facts, and this is what i do actually theres a lot of Blog posts, you know you can go online and if, if you just type you know windows, 11 problems or blue screens, you will have tons of forums of people. You know talking about blue screens and problems they have and so on, and you can go into the different forums. You can go to the different articles and of course the first impression youll have is wow. Look at so many problems popping up in google uh. With this, but the problem is, is, if you do windows 10 problems, blue screen, youll have the same amount of of you know things happening and websites showing up in blog posts of everybody having problems in windows 10.

. Now, change that once again and and do this, do this for windows, 7 and youll – see that the number of websites that talk about blue screens and errors and crashes in windows 7? Is you know so heres the thing how i will actually address the issue when i actually see an operating system? First of all, i am in no way inclined to you know not say that that windows is a problem or not a problem, and actually, if you look at all the videos i posted in the last years when there is a problem, there is a problem, and I make even videos to help you out. I will make videos to help you in specific issues that maybe a windows update did an example talking about this week. I made a video that a lot of people like because it told them well yeah. Last batch tuesday update broke wi fi when youre sharing. So this is one of the things that i look at a lot and, of course, when theres a new operating system, you said buggy. Is it problematic in everything? First of all, theres, no indication at all that windows 11 is buggy er than windows, 10 or crashes? More than windows, 10 or any other version of windows before it is actually a very stable operating system, one because i run it on many machines. I have zero issues now, of course, my own personal machines running it doesnt mean that its a representation.

So what i do is, i have multiple online blog posts and and areas, including on microsofts own website, and look at you know what is being reported, what people are experiencing and, of course, at the same time, um looking at here the comments of people having problems Its interesting because, for some people, the impression they have is well so you know theyre all lying when you say that they have problems and ive never said that and its not at all. What i say. What i say is it doesnt have more problems in windows, 10 or windows, 7. and thats. The thing weve got to be careful to jump on a hype of problems, because who will of course go online and complain, people that have problems, people dont go online and say hey. I love windows 11, its so stable, theres, no blog posts of stability of people going yay. It works its always the people that complain that we see first and, of course, that gives a impression, and that impression goes with well look at how many people are having problems. So he must be bad and thats a false assumption, so my take on it in the way that i see it goes with i analyze what people are having as problems, how many people are actually complaining of problems and also mixing in a few little things. First of all, you got to mix in the fact that windows 11 might require on some machines, newer drivers that im sorry manufacturers, a lot of them have not yet done, and that you got to be careful because a lot of people are in the impression wallet You know brand new machine, doesnt mean it has windows 11 ready drivers doesnt mean mean that these drivers are stable, especially on newer machines.

Stability is often a problem on brand new computers that have brand new hardware much more than tried and true pcs that have been you know, used for a couple of years. So all of that, together, you get kind of an assessment of you, know people having problems because, of course there are people having problems um that impression or that that when you know the comment that was made was well, you know you think these people lied ive. Never said that and ive never said that people that have problems dont have problems. They do absolutely where my reasoning and my impressions are is based on the volume of complaints versus the number of installs and the number of um and, and you know the operating system itself and also what exactly are you complaining? You got to see one thing: first, there is a high volume of fake complaints for windows 11, first of all, a very high volume of who unsupported hardware, users that are frustrated and that theres a lot of it. So you got ta. Take that into account. Second of all, theres a lot of machines that of course, will crash with windows 11, because the manufacturer might not have the proper drivers done so that it can actually work well with that machine. You know what we say when you go into windows updates and people tell me well, i dont see such and such update for windows. I dont see 22 h2 or you know, and windows 10 im, not 21 h2, but it doesnt offer me 21.

Uh. 21. H1. Sorry, but it doesnt offer me 21 h2. This is where youve got to wait, because that is an indication that its not ready yet so theres the problem of people pushing forward a machine thats not ready. Yet that might have problems and the reason its not being offered is because microsoft might know that a specific piece of software is a problem. The other thing you got to be careful with windows, and this is true for every version of windows. The 99 of the problems in windows are due to the user to the software and to the drivers that are used, so that means 99 of all. Problems has nothing to do with windows. That is also something that a lot of people have. Thinking that you know, windows is so buggy. Look at all the people having problems. Well, you should go read and check out apple blogs. The number of people on every version of new version of mac os that are going crazy with a magnet doesnt work and that complaint its its, not zero. Its a pretty high number, especially when you compare that. The fact that its only eight percent of the pc market, so every system, everyone that has a new operating system on the machine, will and can have problems, but 99 of those problems are not windows related at all at all. They are in the drivers of the machine. The hardware itself might have something a glitch, a little something thats weird it could be, and that often happens ive seen it a lot as a tech guy.

The combination of software or useless software that is installed like ccleaner or third party, anti virus, or and so on, that just makes it even worse. So the simple answer here is, of course, there are people with problems. There are very few people with problems that are windows, related problems, theyre much more related to anything else in that pc environment, like i said, drivers that might need to be up to date, software thats installed that shouldnt be installed. Things like that and in overall, when you look at the background, i call it the background noise, the background noise isnt higher on windows 11 in problems than in windows 10 and its logical that it isnt higher for another reason, the major part 90 of the code. If not more is simply windows 10, so that also gets to take into account. There are a lot of things that are very similar, so that was my take on it just wanted to just do a video and, of course, you know, take your own opinion on it. Uh believe what you want and um you know thats the way it is in my opinion – and you know everybody is entitled for his own opinion. If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe. Give us thumbs up.

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