Pokémon GO, Deino, Hydreigon, Zweilous, Pokémon Why you NEED Hydreigon for Pokémon GO! BEST Dark type in raids and Go Battle League??

This saturday, hydregan will be receiving brutal swing and the stats were just data mined and theyre, really freaking good, and they will make high dragon good in basically, every area of the game. First, off in pvp 65 damage for the energy, its a surf, clone and surf is a pretty good move and brutal swing will be as well now when they originally were data mined there. That also had a hundred percent chance to decrease the opponents attack by two stages, which made it absolutely like insane. Luckily that has been removed because that would have been too good now theres, no debuff chance at all, which i think is good, its still amazing and for pve 65 damage, 33 energy, so very, very cheap and honestly, im not going to pretend i know what the Rest of these numbers mean, but just looking at poke, battler heidregan will be insane in raids as well, making it one of the best, if not the best, dark type attacker. This is just you know versus mewtwo. It is on the top of the charts only being bested by mega gengar mega hound, doom and shadow mewtwo, so parade high dragon will be an absolute monster. Then in pvp its gon na be super super good as well in great league and ultra league. It doesnt really have the stats put in monster league. It definitely does. This is just a quick matrix simulation versus uh the monster league premiere classic meta, which of course, unfortunately, we dont have this season, but if it returns, high dragon will be a beast.

Just looking at its overall record versus the meta uh, it has 20 wins. 16 losses where dragonite, which is like the closest comparison on his 17 wins, but, more importantly, is what it wins, of course, because it has the dark typing. Instead of flying, it loses to the fighters, but luckily they were never that common hydregen, because it lacks the flying typing is actually able to beat x car drill, which is kind of insane. Now. This is a close match up. If you look at this in the once, uh extra actually die, oh actually its. Not even that close, i thought it died with a german store, but no its not even that close wow yeah i dragon beating. This is uh its just wild uh. It lose to garchomp, which is unfortunate, but for that you get uh like hippowdon as well. You destroy magnazone. Now you beat metagross what im trying to say its a dragon that can beat steel types, which is really freaking good. You meet melodic, which i guess is not hot common uh, but yeah. This thing is gon na, be a monster, your beat warrant. What wait? I didnt right? My initial look: i didnt even see this wait, its worrying now, thats ridiculous. Oh, my god, like im, saying this thing is really freaking good and thats, just a mastery premiere classic. This is the open master league level 50, its gon na be really good as well.

Now, if im compared to dragonite, it has a worse win rate, only winning 15 uh of of the metamounts, whereas dragonite beats 19. But again it matters what youll beat uh, just like in master league premier classic its a dragon that that beats the steel types. Like actual like metagross, it destroys giratina origin and altered uh, which, which are very common pokemon. Unfortunately, doesnt do that well versus groudon, but this is quite bait dependent. You make it quite close, still uh youre, better versus lugia, also quite common pokemon. You really dont have to worry about the fighters in master league at all. They dont really like comments so that dark, dark typing the fighting weakness. Isnt, really that anything to worry about uh. Oh yeah memo swine youre losing once, but i think, if you get like three dragon bread advantage, you win like its kind of wild, really uh meta grows your beat. Of course you destroy mewtwo, especially the most common moves. Moveset of mewtwo currently is sidestrike shadowball. You absolutely obliterate mewtwo with that moveset, so yeah i mean what else is there to say? Hi dragon is gon na, be an absolute monster. Also im simulating it simulating it with dragon pulse in this, because i think its the more fair comparison with dragonite. I think usually youre gon na wan na run flash cannon honestly since dragon pills, doesnt really give you anything to be honest, uh. I didnt sim it earlier because it gets kind of bait dependent but with flashcat, and you can actually beat like uh like station in, like the zero shields.

If you get like, i think you need, like a two dragon breath, advantage: yeah its its kind of kind of bonkers, really its only with close, combat wild charges. You know if they have payroll, you just got one shot before you get there. You need like uh wait. This is kind of funny you need, like a i think. 27, energy lead and youll be win the ones its kind of cool but thats thats too much for energy, but anyway, im rambling too much uh dragon is gon na, be an absolute monster in raids in pvp.

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Pokémon GO, Deino, Hydreigon, Zweilous, Pokémon a al DEINO COMMUNITY DAY! – Pokémon GO

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