2020 Tour de France, Tadej Pogačar, 2021, Ineos Grenadiers tions for 2021 Tour de France | Mathieu van der Poel in Yellow? Mark Cavendish Stage Win?

So why is this year any different, so without further ado, let’s get into the 10 predictions we’ve made for the 108th edition of this year’s tour de france number 10 crashes in the first week. So this is an easy one to get started with. It usually happens. Every year and i’m still sad about what happened in 2019 on the first stage, where jakob fulsan, who is in the form of his life, crashed. But the nerves and pressure of the riders being at the biggest stage race of the year might get the better of some riders and unfortunately, we could lose one of the favorites as well or losing them in terms of contention at number, nine we have matcha vanderpool Will wear yellow michael vanderpool is one of the superstars of the current pelton, but is yet to make his tour de france debut and usually riders go to the tour de france to become superstars, but macho vanderbilt has bypassed that tradition and is a superstar in his Own right – and we think that, with the form that the current cyclocross world champion has been showing this season latest in the tour de swiss with two stage wins that we could even see the flying dutchman. Take a couple of stage wins in the first week and even dawn the mayo jean, and this would be an amazing feat for his team albus in phoenix them themselves, who are also a debutant of the tour de france number eight peter skyne will not win his Eighth, green jersey, petersgan is the all time record holder for the green jersey, winds in the tour de france, but has seemed a bit off since having covert if you will and he did, however, manage to win the points.

Classification, jersey in the jewish assailant. But most of the riders who were in contention for that either crashed out or they dropped out for various reasons before reaching milan and in the tour there will be more incentive to actually stay in as it’s a more prestigious race. Unfortunately, anna dumas is one of his chief rivals and absolutely wiped the floor with peter’s gang in a 2020 juritala in the point investigation and could be the first french winner since laurent jalaber in 1995 to win the points classification so that’s. Why we think peters again, might not take it this year, coming in at number, seven, the monmouth ii stage will not be won by a favorite. The mom one two makes its expected return and what a return it is stage 11 sees the mythical climb climb twice in one stage, and the peloton will not finish at the summit. Unfortunately, so this kind of stage will probably fit a breakaway more than the favorites showdown that we’ve been accustomed to and that’s exactly what happened when we saw that outdoors being ascended twice in one stage back in 2013, where christon riplon was the lone winner. On that occasion, number six juan philippe will take a stage win as world champion. Triathlete is the first french world champion since lauren borchardt, and we think that ala, philippe can be the first french world champion since 1981, when bernard eno was the world champion. At the time to take a stage win in the tour de france and with the first couple of stages in brittany, this is for sure a glorious opportunity for giuliani to do so coming in at number five, the showdown of the super teams, the mountain train tactic In the mountains is something that we’ve become accustomed to and has been very dominant for the likes of team skies ineos for many years and last year, jumbo vismo managed to outgun ineos and on top of that, uae team emirates have also reinforced their lineup with the Double polka dot, jersey, winner rafa micah, to support today pagatcha, so we think that it could potentially be a three way battle between these three juggernauts of teams to control the sharp end of the peloton when it comes to the mountain stages.

Coming in at number. Four mark cavendish wins at least one stage mark cavendish has been confirmed to start this year’s tour de france after sam bennett, was ruled out because of a knee injury. Mark hamdish hasn’t been part of a tour de france squad since 2018 and hasn’t won a stage since 2016.. But we still hope that the 36 year old, with 30 stage wins to his name, can add at least one more stage to his tally and get a bit closer to that. Eddie merc’s record of 34 stage wins coming in at number. Three nairo quintana will win the polka dot jersey again. Nairo quintana had a bad addition last year with crashes and bad luck and was not able to fulfill the potential he showed early on in the season and this year’s route. Doesn’T look like it’s nairo friendly with the amount of time trialing on the course, so we think that he will win the pocket of jersey for the second time in his career, a goal he has also stated in the colombian press. That will be his chief objective and if he does win it, it would mean that he will be tied for the all time most winning pocket jersey, winners from colombia with two and the other rider, of course, is luis herrera coming in at number two. The final podium will be dominated by the super teams. The final podium in paris, of course, is a very iconic picture and we think that this year we will have a representative from each of the super teams in your screen days, uae team members and jumbo bisma, and we won’t see one of the teams planting two Riders on that podium, of course, ineos grandest has a phenomenal lineup with geraint thomas richie, port tail gegenhart and richard cadopas.

All of them could be a leader in their own right. Jumbo visma and uae team memories seem a bit more clear cut, who the leader is with primus roglic and tade pagaccia, but nevertheless we think that each of these teams will have a representative on the podium, but in which order. That is not part of this prediction. Coming in at number one we have primos rockvich will win the 2021 tour de france. Primus roglic is looking to right the wrong of 2020 and win the tour de france outright, and the two time world’s aspiring champion has been on strong form this year. Winning the tour of the basque country – and he also looked very strong in paris nice before some bad luck and of course, yamba visma have surrounded the slovenian superstar with a very strong team indeed this year, and also to give more confidence to roglic. In the recent slovenian national time, trial championships, his rival, pagatcha didn’t seem as strong as last year, so this could definitely favor roglidge, but of course we will have to wait and see that’s it for this video make sure to.

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