Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment, China, World of Warcraft Player Spends 600M In Diablo Immortal

So remember i told you that blizzard is running the biggest and most successful scam in the video game industry, because blizzard have figured out how to get pay to win into all of their games without even trying player use 600 million wow gold to purchase 50 000 Dollars worth of wow tokens for diablo immortal purchases dude, just like that world of warcraft is part of the scam. Well, the warcraft is part of the chain. How did that player get 600 million wow gold by paying a subscription by actually playing world of warcraft hes playing world of warcraft in order to get the gold hes using a goal to buy wow tokens hes using the wow tokens to get battlenet balance and then Hes using the battlenate balance to buy stuff in diablo immortal its the perfect system, none of the money ever leaves blizzard and it just keeps accumulating, and as soon as more and more of the whales figure this out uh, you know these would be what we would Probably refer to them as soft whales as soon as the soft whales figure this out um, the wow token is rigged. It is gon na get so expensive for the wow token that um ordinary people, like you guys that maybe pay your monthly subscription using the wild token and using your in game gold most likely are going to start struggling to afford it because remember its all set By price supply and demand, when the demand goes up and the supply does not follow, what do you think is going to happen to the price? Do we have people here who actually pay their wow subscription with gold? Who cares about morality when it pays? The bulls blizzard are just the hookers at this point debasing themselves: the mullah moolah, a lot of players, dont even know about metacritique or stuff, like that or dont watch any media surrounding immortal.

That is very true now, its time to see western people being tempered by china mobile game. They will get used to pay a hundred dollars to get a new waifu, probably bought the gold anyway, and so many people buying tokens will make it rise up and lots of people will buy more tokens um i used to pay sub with gold all right, so I think theres a lot of people that spend money or gold in order to pay their subscription. If this continues, if more players figure out that this is how they can get stuff in diablo immortal uh, the price for wow tokens in gold value is going to explode. Youre gon na youre gon na start needing hundreds of thousands of gold just to buy a single wow token, which means that a lot of the freeloaders in world of warcraft that basically use their gold in order to pay for world of warcraft no longer will be Able to afford it blizzard doesnt care, however, because this scheme is making them more money than what your 15 a month sub would ever make them. So blizzard doesnt give a about this. Okay lets lets see what this is about. A player spent a whopping 600 million wow goal to buy nearly 50 000 worth of wild tokens for diablo. Multiple purchases gym upgrades on june 22, 2022 uh, nuke, newcomb or new cabin finished, their prod project and used 600 000 gold in world of warcraft to buy 3 242 wow tokens worth nearly.

I think they meant 6 million gold and will force to buy 3 242 wow tokens worth nearly 50 000. 15 per token. The whole process took three weeks because wait 15 dollars its twenty dollars per token isnt. It Music, is it fifteen dollars per token, pretty sure its twenty 20 per token. You only gate its 20 euro for eu. How much is it for dollar come on americans? Is it 15 per token for you, guys in in america, Music, its 20 okay? So its 20 actually, but you only get 15 out im assuming um, if you swap it so its mostly because i know the blizzard keeps scamming people, because i think if you hand in the token you basically only get fifteen dollars per token, whereas if to to Buy it so the person that actually bought the tokens, because, oh my god i need to – i need to do this because if i dont people wont understand so a lot of people misunderstand what wow tokens are all about and how they actually work. Wow tokens do not, as it were, lets say this. Is you right? This is you you want to play world of warcraft, but in order to play world of warcraft, you have no mullah right. So you have no money, but you want you want money. You want to pay play world of warcraft, so you take your in game gold that you got from wow and now you buy a wow token.

Why wouldnt you thats easy right! The wow token gives you 30 days worth of, and you can now play the game, and these wow tokens are obviously obviously just from blizzard. They give it to you for free, because uh theyre good guys, you know they are angels, no its not what happens in order for you to me to buy your wow token. Some other right will put. This can over here bought a wow token from blizzard for actual dollars, so they they paid actual dollars for this wow token. Well! Do that that wow token now goes to you so that you can buy it with your gold so that you can get your 30 days of play time if there is no one that is actually buying the wow tokens, then the price for the wow tokens in Gold goes up. Why does it go up? Because blizzard is time trying to entice peter over here to buy a wow token so that they can sell you a wow token for gold so that you can get your 30 days of playtime or so that you can spend game money and diablo immortal. This is how this works. This is how the system is gamed, this isnt free, this money, doesnt come from anywhere or from nowhere. This is a system whereby people who want to pay money, so people who want to pay incentivize people who dont want to pay thats. How the system works all right so now that we have that naturally thats how the system works now that we that have that out of the way uh the person who actually bought these wow tokens would have spent twenty dollars uh per token, because thats, how much It costs times 3242.

How much is that uh lets just do calculator here, um so 3242.. I know i can type this, but i dont wan na uh times twenty. That gives us sixty four thousand eight hundred and forty dollars that so much was paid to blizzard. So blizzard made a nice little just clean profit off of this by the way, its actually kind of strange blizzard just made 14 000 profit just because why not right thats, just profit. Of course, all of this is actually profit, because you know blizzard just chose an arbitrary number for that token, but thats clean profit goes like it goes nowhere and you dont actually get it back so anyways that that being beside the point, 64 000 was actually made In this entire transaction, the blizzard is now walking away from very happy. The whole process took three weeks because theres a cap on the number of wow tokens you can buy each day the player had a ton of leftover tcg cards. That blizzard gave out at blizzcon events and also bought more codes from people at blizzcon who were looking to make a quick buck back then nikobon spent the month of may flipping the tcg cards for in game gold and ended up with about 600 million. The gold was converted to about fifty thousand plus a balance and used for upgrading james and diablo immortal equine reached seven thousand resonance and ran 2165 alder rifts in diablo immortal, heres uh nickerbans reply taken from reddit yesterday on june 22.

22Nd. I finished my project of using just over six million golden world of warcraft on purchasing wow tokens for blizzard balance to use it in diablo immortal for upgrading my james, i managed to hit seven thousand resonance and unlock my four out of five resonating bonus. Four out of five, so hes, not even five out of five, yet dude hes, not even five out of five. Yet oh that hurts dude. I made a post a while ago about how ridiculous and over costed the final five out of five resonating bonuses are, and they actually made them even worse on launch by cutting the resonating power on the boards in half from beta. So my decision to stop here was quite easy. Well, tokens can be purchased and wow off the auction house for gold and can be turned into 15 blizzard balance per purchase. The process looks something like this all right. I had a bunch of leftover loot cards from years ago. When i saw diablo motors coming to pc, i realized well token, balance would be un would be usable in game for the shop purchases. I thought it would be really funny to try and build a whale character in the game using wow gold as the primary funding source theres, a sense of hilarity to me in dunking on a cash whale as a gold whale, but its still a cash whale. The only difference here is that the person who supplied the original cash isnt part of the actual uh conversation right, theyre, not the one actually making the character theyre just buying a ton of wow tokens uh, so yeah wild tokens are gon na get super expensive.

As a result of this – and it is the ultimate scam – because blizzard is basically through the wow token – and because all games in world of warcraft is connected to the battlenet balance, blizzard is building their own little ecosystem, its its basically an all encompassing bubble in which Anyone can do anything because everyone else is sort of paying for it or farming for it. I dont i dont know if this is good or bad, but im gon na say that this is not what game companies should be doing. This is not what should be happening in game companies, because this is gon na double dip. Blizzard is gon na make tons of money here. It is basically nfts apocalypse. You are correct. There blizzard is going to bank on this. You want to know why, because as more and more people start to buy the wow token for diablo immortal right so more and more people decide they want to use the wow token, so they can buy stuff in diablo immortal. The wow token will ultimately go up in price and its going to go up way up so right now, youre, probably paying lets say 200k for a wow token. If more and more people start doing this because remember now the demand for the wow token goes up. So you have the demand for the wow token that goes up the supply, for the wow token, for the time being, is going to remain relatively stable right, its going to be roughly equal to itself, because the people that bought wild tokens in the past are just Going to keep buying wild tokens, but now what happens when the wow token jumps up to say, 400k or 700k or whatever jumps up to a million at what point? Do you think more and more of these whales that need gold in world of warcraft start going? Hey, i need golden world of warcraft ill.

Just buy the wow token for twenty dollars get 700k in terms of gold from this wow token purchase, and then someone else is obviously going. Well it there. We go ill, just do more diablo moto stuff. Only i dont know how many wow fans will be jumping to di uh aureus. I think a lot, but, more importantly, it doesnt, even matter because this is the genius of the scam because yeah, maybe the original wow player. You know to me over here to me: doesnt jump to diablo mortal to me just keeps buying for the 30 day game time. But what about larry you know, larry is a up kid. Hes got great hair and everything so larry larry wants to play. Diablo immortal larry doesnt, give to fox about world of warcraft, but larry is a broke. Ass larry has no money, larry does have time so larry starts playing world of warcraft with timmy over here. Larry starts, making lots and lots of gold. Larry uses his gold to buy a wow token peter uses his money to buy a wow token. In the end, everyone wins because the money keeps going back to one of these places. In the end, all of it just keeps going up up and bobby kotick truly gets to say that hes, a genius because hes making more money than ever before. This is the scam of the video game era. It is insanely cool. How blizzard i i dont know if this was planned, i dont know if blizzard even knew that this is what they were doing, but i can tell you that um, its genius, no other gaming company has this ubisoft.

Has none of this things that you get in other in one ubisoft game you cant really get anywhere else right, so ubisoft games are self contained within themselves. Uh ea doesnt really have. This blizzard is the only gaming company that has this that have the ability to have all of their games basically drive up a marketplace and, as apocalypse said, it is effectively um nfts, because the actual value of a wow token is nothing. It doesnt actually have a value. The only thing that gives the wow token value is the fact that it can purchase 30 days of game time and that it can do 15 dollars of payout, but thats an entirely arbitrary number, its a number. That only remains the number as long as blizzard decides that thats, the number blizzard could very easily in a month or two ago, oh by the way, the 20 wow token now only gives you 10 dollar battle, nate balance. They can do it because the wow token technically holds no value, but because of all of these sources that require the wow token, because the wow token has so much utility. Now, suddenly, the price of this wow token becomes very expensive, especially on the gold side of things um, the brand new world token, with 800 increased value. Behold the blizzard bubble use your brand new 800 increased value nft to trade for unique items in all games bobby stoking himself probably can guarantee there is an entire community committed to doing nothing but regulating the ah so that they can earn gold exactly.

For this reason, i can see that i can see that its a brave new world, ladies and gentlemen, it is a brave new world.

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