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This time I will review a pilgrimage tradition that is the best selling this year: 43 wm 5270. This has been confiscated by TV.. The TV is the same and there are lots of features on television., Its just a television., Its only priced at 4 million rupiah for those of you who are interested after seeing Rizieq from this product. Please just clip the purchase in the description column later. Ok, it will be sad as usual. This LG is red with a shop friend Friends on the top. The type is 4357 t. Ctcs Core processor is active, xbr, DTS virtual text. So for the picture it already supports virtual enhancers, so the color is more natural and natural bro in the middle. There is the writing of TV student Kyle. So now this is the size 43in cm n. Beside that there are trimawan more and more. The complete type is 43 LM 5750 pvc. Now like this guys, it says its digital ready. It means he already supports digital tv. Now I understand very well friends. This is a Smart product, not Android, so I think this is using guys from Hajj as usual. Okay lets unboxing, then boxing, first friends, Music. So this LG television is the most loved. Dont have a lot of narcolepsy.. In my opinion, the picture quality of the meat is good and the quality is also quite reliable. Man, its okay for the price. Srigangga. You are not cheap. The price is quite expensive at the price with 43, in which costs around 4 million.

Yes, its thin. Im only expensive compared to other brands such as BCA Spico, but if the edition is branded its directly from Korea. How about compared to Samsung? This is also 1112 friends. Oh yes, on the top layer of rubber. You have found s. This is a brother. Please give me the power cable, the power, cable, doesnt use an adapter. You just use the AC cable. It looks like theres, nothing left but open it. First – and this is another music found below its like this guys, uh its just big Music music – we can get this friends. The legs are also normal arent. They made of iron anything from ordinary plastic. This holy book huh please, instead of using an adapter cable, we will install the attraction later. Then we have the warranty card book and we also get the battery as well lets open it. First, the guest remote lags me once we dont get the Magic remote. Just press it like this and the leaves appear or the direction of the arrow on the tv, its a shame. We still got a regular remote instead of a magic remote.. I myself guess the medical remote is music, ah, usually its not too thin and not too thick its about one cm, and then the legs are a bit gray. So the light is in the middle of the shinhye. As usual, Aji put the sensor light its in the middle and it does nt use a button, so just use Saint or what, with it just use the one touch button which is on and off so theres no left and right.

Analog button. full control from the remote for the length itself. If this is 90 cm long, then from here to here its more or less the height, I measured 57 cm Now for the diagonal. This is 107 cm or 43in. Yes, this is the front view.. Now lets go back now. The back is like this friends, friends, the back for that input is located on the right side of this television. Now there are two HDMI inputs, a its cool. There is one, there are two and USB is also provided.. Yes, the movie also continues.. This ave ave can also make components together. Yes, there is audio. Yesterday LG didnt, embed audio of the three and a half billion model, mostly only optical audio out., so there are already three in this series.. I chose it because most of us are still doing the old speakers that dont use optical out, so we can use this one its ice. Then there s another Jack and the floor is in the species for Vega. Theres just this tomorrow, so its not very complete in my opinion, but offroad Its okay for the speakers down here. Yes, the size is duain and its already Dolby audio. So the sound is ready to pay off so lets turn it on right away and for Oh yeah for information on the type click here and also for info on how to do it here. Yes, so there is type 43 LM 5750 type c and for input the power is AC: 100, 240 volt, 50, 60hz 80wat, so 4 3 in comes out pretty good too guys.

Now were going to turn on this television friends so thats when the first time. Yes, this television appeared with LG Lugol, accompanied by loading like that.. Well, after that we were told to press the OK button or enter in the middle. There was an inscription starting and where are you we are setting in Indonesian and also in Indonesia? We use Indonesian. First then, we have to set the country in Indonesia if we will be broadcast later Hi that style, we need to click. Ok, when we confirm we press ok. In store mode, there will be an explanation in the instructions, its gone and pops up. So we use it at home press OK again, so we connect it to the Bell, cable or WiFi. Yes, if you use type connection, just use WiFi, Music, not here., Were told to enter the code. The post is Hi Music, maybe Music. So here we have a choice of program, search for friends, hi, hi, M, usik, Hi, Music friends. This is the progress of the program, so we get it so we get 23 digital tv programs and the alternative is 1350 running. So the number of seeds is just the number of series we can get depending on our antenna or signal, if our antenna, Its good, that more and more programs are being found. So for friends who get a little or no signal, if you can replace your weirdo with a digital antenna hold it.

, I think thats good and a lot of people have used PX digital antennas and are very satisfied with the results.. The signal is cash Now for muffling the purchase of a digital antenna. I use it. Write it down in the description column. Just click to buy it via driver. Hi Now were done were done. Click finish in the lower corner. Ok, this is the picture quality of this television friends Musi k. Now this picture already supports white color enhancer, so it adjusts the natural color of the picture.. I like the picture from this TV. SY is very natural and very sharp.. There is a netflix shortcut, then Disney free video movies. Like type then there is a speed record whale. Yes here the input is above the drive. This is the input, Hey friends. If you want to enter your smartphone, you press this or go directly to this socket friends. So if we take a look first in the menu section, we press the home button, yes, Music. Now this is the default home menu from the television guys. This is a search, then the home dashboard besides Visinet click, select habeo, video friend. Ok, we can edit this now like this. Yes, I Music Hi Nah. If we wear t shirts – and these are different friends – the downloads are only mocked by the content store, so the echotexture is incomparable. Yes, for example, if we want to buy YouTube, we just click on this and it will be downloaded, then its used.

. Well, it says install right, So we press install, so not all applications can be downloaded in the LG content store. only tours that can be downloaded. Yes, I hi hi Hi. This is how to download the application Im happy for YouTube Netflix and others. We can still easily download it here okay. After that we click, launch or open the YouTube application Music, one second, one by one like this: yes, not yet Music. I think the picture is good. Ok, yes, and the loading speed is also not too weak. The numbers with friends are pretty smooth, so we move on to the menu section of this television. Now here is the settings menu friends. Let s try to get the settings of this television. If for the user interface, I think its good. So there are colors like Thats, okay, I think theres a clear picture mode. The standard Eko Cinema, then soccer and games can be used. For HDR, its usually good for games. Friends for PS3 PS4. There are experts or bright rooms. You cant use it. Of course there are Specs review. Then there is sound, sound settings here, network and all settings. Ok, so the settings are simple: Evens out dark spots and dark eye circles. For the first time, the highest concentrated serum from Garnier Garbled, Complete Ambon, a prescription with the power of vitamins, C and E, with a high concentration of three percent, looks bright instantly, helps save camouflaged hyperpigmentation starting from 30 uneven.

Skin tone is already black and eye circles. Dark in six days without filter the real way, the color contrast is already Dolby, so I think its good, not too small, but the language isnt too loud, its just mediocre guys.. Now that was the LG 43 m575 revising Cup. The Smart TV is already digital TV and the price is 4 million who are interested in this television already. I provide the source link in the description column because just click on it and make sure you skin the cargo for shipping, so it does nt mean too much postage. Pen and one more thing dont forget to subscribe, like share activate the bell.

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