Facebook Watch, Apple TV, tvOS watchOS 9 Beta 2 is Out! – What's New?

. This is available to developers and was released alongside ios 16 beta 2 ipad, os 16 beta 2 tv os 16 beta 2 home pod, os 16 beta 2 and mac os ventura beta 2. All of those are available to developers now and as you can see, this was 427 megabytes on my series: 7 apple watch. It can vary a little bit and there are some new changes and updates in this particular update. Now, first lets take a look at the build number, so we can see what version were actually on. You can do that by going into settings under settings, go to general then about, and you can see the actual version here, its 2 20r5307h, and that tells you exactly what version were currently on now. As far as new features in this update? Well, apple talked about some, but never added them in previous updates, and the first one youll see is called medications. Medications is something they added in ios 16 beta 1, but they never added into the watch. So youll see it says the first time you go into it, use the health app on iphone to set up medication, logging and within the app you can set up a medication. So let me add one well add a simple one: you could pick whatever you want, but ill just pick one here you can choose the type, then you can also choose the medication strength and, of course, ask your doctor if youre taking any medications and well just Add a time of day, then we choose the shape of the pill, theres a bunch of different other options here as well.

If you need to choose that and then you can choose the color as well so hit next, you can add details and hit done, and now i just added ibuprofen. So if we go to the watch, we should have that on our medications app. So if we go into medications, youll see here, it showed up in medication, so very simple, and it will give you reminders as to when you need to take them. You cannot do a whole lot with this here. You can just see, log is taken or you could skip it and then hit done so not a whole lot. You can do here. You have to do it mostly from the iphone app, but it will be nice when watch os is out to everyone with the new features. Now workouts has an update as well. So if we go into workouts scroll, all the way down here under workouts, if youre in running apple talked about a bunch of new features, so well go down here and go to outdoor run and well start the outdoor run and when youre running now we have A lot of those features they talked about, such as running power, ground, contact, time, vertical oscillation, running speed and stride strength, and if we scroll down using the digital crown, you can see the different zones for running, keep scrolling and theres more options. So youll see a split pace: youve got elevation gained and again your move information and then, of course, your music to the right and then to the left.

You can end the workout. So all of this information is here and being gathered this time around and with all of that, additional information added, if youre a runner so its great to see them add that it wasnt all there in beta 1.. If youre, using the sleep app to monitor your sleep, maybe youre wearing your watch to bed, it actually tracks. More information. Apple talked about that in the keynote and after youve used it for sleeping. You can then go over to the health app again and see more information about your overall sleep. So if we go down to sleep in our watch app or on our health, app on our iphone youll see that we have additional information here, show more sleep, and some of this was in beta 1, but youll see its starting to show the amounts for measurements. Sleep goal time in bed and time of sleep and then theres stages, awake rem, sleep, core and deep percentages, and more so youll have all of this information. If youre using it regularly, they continue to update this. Not all of it was working properly in beta 1., with watchos 9 and ios 16. You can now mirror your watch to your iphone to help you control it a little bit better in accessibility settings. So if we go into settings, then accessibility then apple watch mirroring. This was not working at all in beta 1.. It would show up, you could control it, but you couldnt actually see the screen mirrored to the iphone.

So youll see we can scroll here we can maybe switch watch faces and its controlled on the watch and iphone at the same time and it mirrors it pretty well. So if you want to scroll through maybe well select astronomy here use the digital crown. We can use it and it works on both devices at once as youre, seeing so its mirroring. What were doing, we can press the different buttons and so on. So this is something thats actually working with beta 2, where it wasnt with beta 1., also, something that seems to be working much better is siri and dictation. So if we activate siri youll see here that siri is now working and it should be listening to what im saying and then typing it out properly, it may take a moment, but it didnt seem to be working very well at all with beta 1.. Now it seems to be working properly and hopefully it continues to work well and gets better over time now within the feedback app on ios, if you have beta 2 or any of the betas just go into the feedback app and you can see the different notes For the current releases under that release, the first thing youll see is it says under general, after updating to watch os 9, your apple watch series, 4 or series 5 will recalibrate and then estimate its maximum battery capacity more accurately. So if you have a series, 4 or 5 youll actually have that recalibration apple.

Did that a while ago, with the iphones with the iphone 11 series, so now theyre doing it with watch four and five. So if we go into our settings go down to battery here under battery, it may give you a recalibration message under battery health and youll, see im currently at 100, now in previous versions of watch os, this wasnt necessarily at 100, all the time. So it looks like maybe its recalibrating and giving us a more accurate reading and as far as overall battery life battery life on this is not as good as watch os eight versions, but it does seem to be okay currently youll see if i go home. If i scroll up youll see my battery life is at 93 percent. Now its only been off the charger for about an hour and, of course, its on screen here and its turned on completely all the time, so youre going to have a different experience, but either way it does get me through the day, but definitely drains faster than It did on watchos 8. thats typical of early betas, so i wouldnt really put that against it, but just keep that in mind if youre wanting to try this out now. As far as the notes are concerned, according to the notes, there are resolved and known issues. Theres one resolved issue for a widget kit, modifier and theres 21 known issues, so just keep in mind that theres still a bunch of bugs in this.

It is an early beta and, for example, the power saving mode setting isnt respected during workout. So if youre working out and using power savings, it will still track gps and your heart rate, so its going to still use those sensors and not save you. Any power, also automatic split pace. Calculation is incorrect and then those ground contact time. The new things such as stride, length and vertical oscillation arent enabled in fitness plus, specifically so those arent enabled yet in fitness plus, but if youre using fitness plus to work out those wont be there yet theyll, be there probably in a future beta. And that leads me to should you install watch os 9 beta 2 and typically, if you have an apple watch lying around you dont mind. If something happens to it and that its not perfect, then i would try it out. Otherwise, i highly recommend against installing this. Until the public beta is out as theres no way to go back to a previous version without sending it into apple currently, so if this the watch gets bricked, it doesnt work or maybe youre just having a bunch of bugs you want to go back. There is no way for you to do that at home. So far, so hopefully they update this in the future. It did look like we were going to get some additional options for that, but right now theres no way to do that and also i would expect watch os 8 pretty soon.

That will go along with ios 15.6 and we can expect maybe a beta 4 or release candidate as soon as today or maybe even next week. But i would expect it to release to the public within a couple weeks where well have watch os 8.7 and then of course, watch west 9 beta 3, probably within a couple weeks. Usually apple with early betas is on a two week schedule. So maybe a couple of weeks from now well see that other than that thats all thats in watchos, 9 beta 2.. Of course, if you find anything else, id love to hear from you in the comments below. But it looks to be one of the more stable versions and performance is quite good as well youve seen, maybe a small hiccup theres, some frame rate drops here and there, but for an early beta, its actually doing much better than ios. In my opinion, let me know your experience and what watch youre using in the comments below and, of course, if youre curious about what watch face im using this is actually the infograph modular watch face. Lets. Try that again, infograph modular with the app lumi in the middle, so youll see here. If i go over, go over again the complications. This is lumi its a paid for app its actually one. I bought so thats whats here in the middle, but everything else you can just set using infograph modular.

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