FIFA, Fernandinho, Manchester City F.C. 22 | West Ham United vs Manchester City – Premier League 2022/23 – Full Match & Gameplay

The analysis and technical talk is stuart, robson and its all about action from the premier league, in this case its west ham united facing manchester city well derek. When looking forward to this game, you cant help but notice. There are some great matchups all over the pitch, particularly in those central areas. Whichever team wins. More of those battles will win the game, Applause and the starting lineup for west ham united. Well, although we have it down as a 4, 5 1, its actually more likely to be a 4 2 3 1, they play with two holding midfield players, a number 10 and two wingers. The system has a nice balance to it: Music, Music, 11 for manchester city anderson between the posts, chihuahua cancellous starts with kyle walker as full backs. Kevin de bruyne plays alongside rodri in the center of midfield and on this tactical set up. They have just the one player in attack, Applause and this confrontation is underway Applause, and i think, unfortunately, for him the less said about that attempt the better. Well, he had a lot of options there, but hes chosen the wrong one. That was a poor effort. Applause! Well, you cant watch kevin de bruyne and not be impressed. I think its fair to say stuart. What in particular, do you expect to see from him in this game? Well, for me, derek his greatest attribute is his ability to combine with teammates, particularly in tight areas in and around the box.

Clever little one twos little passes around the corner, hes the player that could be key to breaking down this defense Applause and scoop for them to produce something exciting jared bowen, just not looking confident in possession declan rice moving forward effectively antonio rice with it for niles And ederson has somehow kept it out Applause trying to deliver it accurately, and you need your defender to take charge dangerous, looking attack rice with it creswell antonio, and he did so well to move across and deal with the danger Applause playing it in body. In the way and the flag raised offside, it is Applause, Applause, its worth joao, cancello walker. Well, they keep working away. Looking for an opening Applause on to holland, moving the ball effectively looking for the right moment, well, sitting deep, like this might be a dangerous game. Well, flinging himself at it Applause Applause now sending us in not quite the clearance they were hoping for, while they keep it performing brilliantly well, thats, just incredible: he reacted so quickly. There Applause and the brainerd firing is over and the dangers still on and its in one nil. They breach the defense. Well, here it is again and if you are going to clear the ball, you have to get height and distance on it. To give your defense time to readjust, and they dont do that to poor clearance and suddenly the balls in the back of the net Applause one nil, then defensive resilience to shut them down Applause bernardo silva on to hold on.

Maybe they can chisel an opportunity. Fernando silva well diving magnificently to make sure he got there. Applause with the clearance and the referee blows the whistle it is a free, kick Applause, a chance to extend their lead and he thoughts it away confidently well, here we can see it again and you have to say its taken with such conviction, slotted right into that Bottom corner eases your life job done Applause, oh Applause. That is that for the first half here well, gabrielle jesus can lead the line with the best of them all his qualities on display. In this game, stuart yeah hes been brilliant hasnt. He he looks such a threat every time he gets the ball and, of course he scored a very good goal and off and running again it really was spellbinding. What we saw from city in the first half so lets see how the second 45 plays out jesus options in the middle and hes clear as lines: Applause Applause, oh hes, given the ball away; Applause, grealish grealish thats an effective cross aimed at the back first. Well. I suspected that might be difficult for the keeper, but i was wrong hold on that is a tackle and a half not to be advised giving the ball away in that position. Chance for bernardo silva and a goalkeeper in great form and hes just pulled off an absolutely stunning save there. That is brilliant Applause, a change in the offering for city keen to take it short here hold on real chance, superb say: well, he should score, of course, but thats, a brilliant save Applause, hmm Applause, kevin de bruyne with the corner that might still be problematic, and He struck the post Applause a strong hand on the ball.

Well, those stats tell you everything, theyre opening up the opposition at will and while weve seen some really poor, defending their attacking play has been excellent. Applause and manchester city will go to their bench. Music Applause on to silver Applause: joao cansello. Can you please return to your vehicle on fernandinho relish pass after pass, keeping their opponents moving determined block in position? Great reflex action? Well, that should have been a goal. Mind you its a brilliant, save Applause, Music, now and hes fired over the corner and into the clutches of the goalkeeper Applause. So the final whistle almost upon us – and this is not exactly what the home fans had in mind when they arrived at the ground today – stuart well. There are two main reasons why theyre losing this game? Firstly, theyve not shown enough desire to close the opposition down and, secondly, they havent defended their box. Well enough, its been a poor defensive display fernandinho on to holland bernardo silva. Well, he really read that brilliantly fernando silva and a goal if there were any remaining doubts that will settle the issue. Well, lets take another look and wow. How cleanly does he hit that the keeper was never going to save it? What a good goal? That is, Applause, Applause, Music, Music Applause and the referee is going to add on four added minutes de bruyne, with options. Excellent use of advantage from the referee in citys, favor and bernardo silva.

Has it hold on thats a great stop? Well, his reflexes are so good. There thats a fantastic stop. Well, the referee allowed them to continue, but now hes going to go back and hand out the yellow cards steward. Well, he thought he was going to get away with that. But quite rightly, hes got a booking and the shorts option preferred the whistle for full time and a bad day at the office. As far as west ham are concerned, what did you think of their overall performance? It was the nature of the performance. More than anything else, they never got out of second gear and were completely dominated all over the park. Tell you what, though, i want to be in that dressing, room right now and its no accident that the cameras are zooming in, as they often do on kevin de bruyne. Well, he did everything today. His energy skill and movement was just too good for those defenders.

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