Games Done Quick, 2022, Speedrun I Got The World Record BY ACCIDENT… AGAIN – Castlevania SotN Any% Speedrun

Some pixel art fonts are better than others. Obviously, when theres confusion between letters, it becomes difficult because most people dont read letters individually. They read words based off of, like word shapes, so if too many letters have similar um shapes, they can confuse uh possible words so yeah. So if i was to play the game, i would play the steam version for that reason, because its a higher resolution – and hopefully the fonts, are better. I heard the steam version for f the ff789 arent like amazing though, but i dont know if thats just people being fanboys of the originals or something i dont know. If, like the changes matter that much Music well see them, i have ff7 downloaded. So i do want to play it at some point. I think i might just get over my fear of reading poorly and just play it anyways and if i sound like an idiot, maybe overall ill get better at reading. As time goes on, i dont know well see, but if i dont enjoy my time with the game, i probably wont finish it because for me i havent thought about or seen anybody play or really played final fantasy, 7 myself in like 20 years. So it would be basically like playing for the first time outside of kind of knowing the idea of the story, like i kind of understand the outline of the final fantasy 7 story, because its like talked about so much and ive just through cultural osmosis picked.

It up what they have mods. I was looking for ff7 mods to see if there was anything to help with like the text, to make it better or to like, possibly even do like a text to speech thing. I couldnt find anything good. It seemed like all the mods were, like balance, change, difficulty options stuff like that not like quality of life options. Stuff Music could unlock it at like a patron number, patrons number 77, maybe thats an option: Music, Music. I think if i am going to commit to a final fantasy game, though it would be final, fantasy, 7, most likely, but sure i think i think thats fair if i can make it to 77 patrons then well play final fantasy 7 on stream. I dont think i can guarantee that ill finish it on stream, but i will at least do one stream of it where i try and play through as much as i can and if im really enjoying it ill, continue playing it, of course, because at the end Of the day, im just looking for something that could be fun that other people could be interested in the other thing i was thinking about doing, i would need to find one, but if there was like a final fantasy 7 quiz on like the story, i think Thatd be funny content idea where the idea is. I play final fantasy 7 with the idea of taking a test after like each disc, or something like that.

To recap the story to see how much information i retain Music, just to give it a little extra content. Buff, instead of it just being me playing through the game because realistically 90 of it is just gon na, be me playing through the game normally and then the last ten percent is like. Oh, what the is the name of the town. Is it wibbleheim? Is it stibble dime? Is it uh Music crime? Oh d, all of the above that doesnt make any sense. Have i enjoyed other rpgs thats? The issue is i like the idea of playing an rpg, but a lot of the time. The moment to moment, gameplay is difficult for me, because im, a very impatient person, so turn based combat without additional flourishes can be tough. For me, for example, a game that i think did turn based combat incredibly well was um undertale because its turn based combat but theres like a lot more to it, because the enemy attacks you have to like dodge, like its a shoot, em up and stuff like That and then whats another rpg that ive played that i enjoyed the combat in obviously paper. Mario is another one um, where theres like more to do, combat wise granted. I from what i remember from ff7 its actually a pretty decent system overall, because of the what is it ct or Music? The way that uh enemies and players take turns is like on a static timer that fills up, and you have to like strategize when to take turns and stuff like that.

So i think i can still get into it. Uh final fantasy tactics is another one that i was thinking of because theres the tactics element of the rpg that like supplements the turn basedness of it, gives you more to think about more. To do so turns can feel more impactful versus, like obviously the extreme end is like pokemon, where its like zero strategy spam, the super effective move for the most part, yeah atv. Thank you Music, but im, not big into rpgs. In general, i was saying the idea of me playing final fantasy 7 is mostly because i really just like the vibe and the music and the art and the enemy designs and the character designs of the game. So i want to play the game, but im worried that im not going to enjoy the rpg elements and im worried that im. Like specifically, the combat and im also worried about how much text im gon na have to read because im dyslexic. It can be very difficult for me to read for long periods of time and if i did where to do it on stream, i would want to read it out loud, obviously, because thats just a better viewing experience and thats something that i still struggle with. So i dont know if its something like im just thats the part that worries me, the most honestly is the reading part funny enough, which is like weird to think about because its an rpg, obviously you have to read, but i dont know well see, maybe ill Have to get reading glasses to you, for it thatd be funny Music.

I think i could just suck it up and do it anyways. Even if i do a bad job, reading, still try and have fun, though not having a walk through if im streaming the game. Twitch chat is going to be my walkthrough im going to be playing final fantasy 7 on twitch. You understand that, like whether i want it or not, wow whether i want it or not, im getting a walk through Music, because twitch gon na be backseating the out of me Music. My oldest is dyslexics. I expect for having to go through its not too bad. I would say that my dyslexia is pretty manageable overall, it wasnt super to my detriment. The thing is, i never knew i had it growing up because i was tested for it, but because my overall, like testing abilities at school, were better, i kind of like gamed a lot of the multiple choice, questions and tests and stuff in school. So i was always good at like tests, so they never found out that i was dyslexic. This run sucks. We need a big car emote for backseating. That would be funny its like a car with the car door open or something like that. I see it. I see it now. I dont know why you love backseaters the thing about backseating is, i can deal with it in a lot of scenarios because i could just choose to ignore stuff, like just dont. Look at the chat during sections where i really care about not getting spoiled.

The thing that bothers me about backseaters is when people try and backseat but theyre wrong Music. That drives me insane when people are back seating and theyre wrong. It makes me want to rip my hair out holy. That was the slowest ferry of all time. This run sucks. I played undertale on stream a couple years ago when i was like unknown for the most part. I think i had like maybe 10 people watching me, and it was a good time Music, but even with only 10 people watching me every once in a while, even though it was like four years ago, people would still come into my chat. Itd be their first time ever seeing my stream and then they would backseat me in undertale. It was crazy. I see it. I see it now, thats just me, i think. Realistically, i could do a better job of just not getting annoyed by people being dumb on the internet, because that happens. Some people just like want to be involved so theyll stay stuff in the chat, assuming that theyre right and theyre just wrong and thats up to me to like just not take that stuff seriously. Come on man, nice, half, buffered, Music, Music, not bad point one off. My best with a half buffered thats, crazy, dude, half buffered, is like the future. I think Music to save that much time with. It is crazy because my best used un fully unbuffered, so thats, crazy and fully unbuffered is insanely hard, Music, Music, Music, yep richter skip.

Yet again ruining another decent run. Damn i think we would have been go pretty much even going into the second castle if it wasnt for richter skip Music, so Music, Music, Music, hmm, nice, Music, so Music, so so, Music. The new setup literally practice it for 10 seconds today, Music, and we did the new setup today holy. That was a really good second castle. That was a very good second castle. If i get big crits, maybe we pb by like a little bit over a second under a second, i dont know: Music. Oh those were crits. Those were pretty good crits. That was an insanely fast, shaft fight, Music. Well, rng rng bless us for some fat crits. Music, this could be world record. I dont know this was a run by the way Music. Again i tied it again. How do i keep tying the world? This is the third time like how also how did i lose 1.5 seconds over the world rec or over? My best time there that was such a good second castle that second castle felt pretty damn near close to perfect, and i still have a second and a half of time: save Music its like the same end time. That was his second try. Second, try floor clip or second try richter skip. I freaking got the life max up at the start of this run and it still ended up being tied world record again how whats the thumbnail face for this one.

Should it just be like? Oh, i dont know Music hi youtube. How the was this. The world record. How explain yeah clock tower was very clean, though the issue with second try richter skip is just killing me. I havent gotten a first try richter skip in such a long time. Richter skip first, try saves like two ish three ish seconds.

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