Games Done Quick, 2022, Speedrun I Was Ready to Quit this Speed Run….

Music whats, going on clash masters rocky here today, and the clan games have just started inside of clash. Clan, so were gon na try to speed run the clan games, which means try to complete 4 000 points as fast as possible and ive got a plan of attack cooking up. So, while were waiting on that guys lets go in the shop and lets purchase the brand new summer, scenery that brand new summer king that summer champion, of course, using code batch all you guys that have used code batch. I really appreciate it, but i want to brighten things up for this speed run and hopefully bring us some better vibes, so now that we got them purchased, lets go ahead and equip that brand new summer siri. Oh thats lovely lets go ahead and put on that brand new summer champion. I actually like this one quite a bit. I wasnt too sure about the summer skins, but i like that summer champion – and i really like the summer king like that, is really cool and his animations are really nice as well. So this should bring some positive vibes and, while were at it, lets go ahead and lets change out. Our shadow warden lets bring something a little bit more happier. Maybe something like uh, i dont know lets go warrior warden. I thought i had party warden on this. One and then with the queen at uh, lets go party queen yeah party time uh.

Oh look at that. We got a gem box, so let me go ahead. Lets get the timer up all right, guys, timers, ready, positive vibes are ready and im ready to start our clan game speed run now i got my first couple: armies ready to go and i think i have a plan of attack and im, not gon na start, Where you think im gon na start im gon na start on the battle bump, were gon na get a star using a battle blimp. This is uh. I got reasons behind this, but were going to start here so once i hit start im going to start the timer, alright ready guys. Here we go three two one start here. We go all right so start that we get a timer. All right were good were good, all right, perfect. This is exactly what we want here. All right lets go ahead and hit that and theres a ton of sneaky goblins in here should have no problem taking down this town hall, even with all of those bombs and stuff going off perfect. We just got ta wait for that town hall. Nice done easy. Thats our first one, 20 seconds 200 points. Next challenge were going to go fi or to start with a super barbarian, so this one should be pretty easy. All we got to do earn stars super barbarians. We want easy town halls really accessible, so we can get the sneaky go.

Thats not very accessible. Come on give me some corner town halls here. Man just like that. First one like that. First one would be perfect. So this is whats going to get us. Is the searching time all right? This should be pretty good, so were going to use sneaky goblins to clear out here all right, nice lets just let them work were going to use the super barbarians just so that fulfillment is fulfilled or something like that uh. Do we wall break lets just lets just jump in there lets just jump in there uh. Okay, they go that way. Thats fine well rage through here all right, nice, thats, good, all right well get through there and then we just got ta get the town hall down and we can even use the warden ability yet again, all right nice first star secured. We just got to do that numerous numerous times. All right lets just make sure we got plenty of sneakys, perfect good. We could actually request again. We should have requested again thats all right well request when we go back lets not waste too much motion. Here we got to get to 4 000 points as quickly as possible. Honestly id be happy in the new clan games, id be happy with like 20 minutes. I think i think thats a pretty valid one. We should definitely be using a blimp. I dont know why i didnt request a blimp, just dont question: it all right, chad, dont question it come on guys, come on all right lets see.

Can we get in here quickly? I think we can uh lets, go clean, clean, clean all right, nice, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean all right, well, clean up all that nonsense well go with the super barbarian just because we have to lets go with our king, our queen, all right Through there, nice wall break there all right perfectly wall break right through there all right lets get through there. Uh okay lets go with a jump spell here and then lets go with a bunch of these guys right in there uh. That should be perfect. Well, invis. Just to be safe but theyll get that down there we go nice lets, go request, uh a blimp. That way: oh thats, not a good blimp request, though that is not a good blimp request. We need to change that. Uh uh, oh uh, oh uh, oh uh! So i should have definitely changed that before we started lets see, can we get this one? I think we can get this one pretty easily lets go there lets go there lets go here, all right all right. I think we should have nowhere to go, but up the middle on this one lets use our super barb just to distract all right. Thats, all good, well, theres, giant bombs, going off all right, uh were good, were good here, guys were fine. The next one is loot, so thatll be fun. We do have to cook up some armies, so we have to be aware of that.

Lets go with the jump spell here. Lets go king, queen warden, all through here all right and then lets go like this. With the rage lets hit the warden ability just to get them through there and get this town hall down nice, perfect, beautiful, all right, so uh theres, no way like that clan castle request is garbage. A clan castle request is super. Garbage lets see we got jumps were gon na need. Quakes. Just trust me on this one. We need to get rid of that um. Actually, we shouldnt get rid of all those we should have just got rid of a few. All right, uh were good, were good. Keep moving guys keep moving. The whole run will be um broadcast for you guys so that we dont theres, no weird cuts or anything like that. Nothing, nothing, weird and suspicious or anything like that. All right lets go like this wall breaks. We need more wall breaks, kind of to be honest, all right lets go like this and we put in a super barb. I think we did all right lets. Uh lets see we can go. We just go king in his beautiful luxurious locks to get this town hall down nice working through here guys were making some progress four out of five all right. We got plenty of sneakies, we do need a few wall breaks and lets just go like that. Nice few gems were good that clan castle request is killing me, though theres no one on so theres no way thats gon na get filled uh.

Can we get this? I think we can get this quickly. I think we can get this quickly enough. Uh king queen warden uh wall break through here like if we had. If we had a good blimp here, we could easily take that down with the blimp. But since we dont have a good blimp, its a little bit dicey its a little bit dicey, you see what im getting at here guys all right lets. Uh lets go warden through here, all right, theyre going for the town hall, so lets go ahead and just warden ability them right now, and then we get to change out that clan castle request, although i dont think its the end of the world all right there. We go that ends there, thats perfect, all right. That gets us a new challenge. Oh i didnt! Oh no. I had to play barbie. Oh new moves, bash new moves. What what are you doing? What are you doing? Uh we dont have a jump, so we need to be careful. Lets go um! Oh, oh guys. I just messed up. I just cost us some time. This is taking way longer than i thought i thought wed be like three. Four five minutes all right were at five minutes. That would be at like three or four minutes were at five thats, not good its, not good at all. Okay lets uh lets deploy him all right. Lets go king, queen gordon lets just all right.

We can get rid of all these guys because this will be our last one right, all right, so thats good rage here lets go like that. Perfect nice town hall should go down our queens on it all right. Nice all right were were shooting ourselves in the foot here were gon na go with uh lets see, were gon na, go with 4000 dark elixir. That should be pretty quick to gain, but i need lets see we need more wall breakers and we need a bunch more sneaky, so lets just take. A split second here lets fill that up, so dark elixir should be pretty easy. Lets go like that. Lets actually go with a log launcher. Just trust me on that were gon na need it uh, thats, good, thats, good and, while im thinking about im gon na change, this request out to um. Actually i guess we cant really change that request out huh. We kind of we kind of screwed ourselves over. I dont know guys, but trust me we just were fine. Were fine. Here were fine all right. What do we need? We need dark elixir. Unbelievable chat, unbelievable 4 000 dark elixir. We should be. Oh, my goodness guys. I feel like im rusty on this. I feel like im. Throwing all right were good, were good dont panic chat, im, not panicking. You guys are panicking all right. This is gon na be way slower than i anticipated. It was gon na be like a half hour.

Clan game speed, run yeah thats thats, not good thats, not good, all right, six, thousands, all right uh. Why dont we have freaking uh um. What you would call it jump spells yeah thats that thats. What im trying to say here guys we need jump, spells ugh thats, a hot mess, all right lets, uh lets switch to that we need. Fourth up im like i like lost my train of thought here. So, honestly, guys at this point in the speed run, i was pretty frustrated. I messed a few things up and honestly, i was considering scrapping the whole thing, but i decided lets just stick with this and give it a go and see what happens. Anyways and im really glad i decided to stick with this and not give up, but you can definitely see the look of frustration on my face here. All right guys. Honestly, i was thinking about scrapping this, but lets just lets just play. It out lets keep going uh just to show where, where where were at, where we were were on the same thing, i i need like wall breaks, i need jumps. Oh, this is a hot mess. This is a hot hot mess here now lets go queen here, queen there all right, nice queens ability. I think thats 4 000. uh im a little bit stressed because i feel like i already messed up. We need to switch this to like some jumps. We need like a couple jumps here: um yeah.

We definitely could use a couple jumps here, all right, nice uh because were going to go store just next to storages. That should be pretty easy and then were going to do walls all right, so dark elixir, storage, thats actually right there. All right lets just get that all working and then well go with our queen right over the wall here pop our ability, so thats gon na be one storage, all right, nice and then well grab. Two, i think, were fine here guys, i think, im just. I think i just like panicked a little bit, but i think were gon na be okay. Lets try to find one a little bit more easy, uh wheres, your storage wheres, your storage over here queen, can reach that right, um, i think so, and if that will make her reach it all right lets go king, queen king nice, thats, gon na fall all Right were good, guys, dont panic. I were fine here all right, timers still running uh lets go with walls, 100 wall segments for uh 600 points, i think, were okay uh. So this is where, like this stuff is going to come in handy where were going to go ahead and go quad quick in there and go in like this king, queen gordon and rage some wall breakers in and then well. Let them just get through here. Just destroy as many walls as possible nice all right same thing over here, we dont really, i dont know why we have jumps.

I think that was more for the sneakies, so i think we need to get rid of the jumps. Lets get rid of one jump. All right, thats, good, thats, good see wall breaks are good there. We may have to jump some stuff up. Thats, fine, all right lets uh lets end there. Thats good lets see that should be quite a bit of wall. 68. Walls so well fix that. By doing this and then well go we got a log launcher that should be fine, should be fine, guys, all right so 68 walls. I think we go like so Music four there and then we go uh one. Two, three four here there we go here. Log launcher there nice and we just let them work momentarily yeah. Just let this work all right lets hit the warden ability just to protect our log launcher, let that log launcher get through all the walls and its going to get through all right. I think thats enough, perfect, perfect, all right new challenge and lets see thats warden levels for 250. That gets us to a round number 30 warden levels. We can do that um were really low. On spell so i dont like that. Um yeah lets just go like this lets. Get some wall breaks in here. Lets get some wall breaks in here, uh uh yeah lets go like this lets go like this. All right were going to change. We just need a quick second to regroup here, guys just a quick second to regroup.

Let me get clan castle all right, dont panic! I i swear. I was ready to give up on this run, but i think were sticking with that. I think were good here. All right, uh 30 levels of warden that ones under construction, so its not gon na count, uh thats, 33 right, yeah, thats, thats good, or was it 35? I hope it was 30. I hope it was 30.. It was 30. perfect, all right, so nice thats done now lets go six. Drills lets go eight hundred thousand uh one king pedestal. We dont need too much more guys. Uh lets go six dark elixir drills. That should be relatively easy. Lets see one two: three wait for those to fall come on come on come on come on. We should probably just deploy more sneakys, so they fall faster and then we need three more um all right. There we go. Those should fall pretty quickly all right, drills down then lets see. We need lets, go with this loot. 800. 000 elixir. We can definitely do that. Lets uh lets jump this stuff up were fine, chet were fine. All right, we were ready to quit were fine. 800. 000, elixir, we just need a big raid here. Hopefully this doesnt find take too much time to find. Oh thats really really close its really really close. I think we want to try to find it all in one shot, hopefully that doesnt bite me.

We gon na get that 700k really quickly. Um, we can get the 600k really quickly. Lets get this 600k and just go from there. Uh yeah! Well. Do that all right, i know, were hitting other resources too, but thats. All part of the process lets go king, queen over here, all right, nice. Nice. All right lets go like that. King, queen ability all right, thats, uh, thats gon na be quite a bit. Thatll, be pretty good, so thatll be what uh 500 000. So we need 300k more. We need 300k more elixir. We should be able to do that quickly. Come on guys, oh check im, so im im freaking out, i think, were still on decent pace. I think i was just ready to throw in the towel too easy. I was getting frustrated because i was just making like my army wasnt right, like just i was just making bad plays, but the shows dont quit guess dont. Quit persevere, get through whatever silly mistake. Youre making, because its probably not that big of a deal right like its really not that big of a deal were fine. Why are you panicking im, not panicking? You guys are panicking all right, so just stick with it. Dont give up on your dreams, dont. Let your dreams be dreams. What if we start this right at i dont remember: uh lets hit team ability here. Lets go these raged here, all right, uh! Well, just get it all.

I guess just to be safe all right. We definitely have enough now all right. Thats good all right new challenge where we at were 3700, do we have something for 300 here uh bows, six bows thats gon na be too much uh one king pedestal uh. We could do that really easily lets just go like three lightnings here. Music lets go. Come on get it together, one king pedestal on the way uh. Well just do bing bing boom, all right nice that might even been overkill, and we just need 150. More points lets see: theres 100 theres a 150 80 percent destruction or we can knock out 30. More levels of wardens uh lets go 30 level more rewarding were actually on good pace guys. I was ready to quit. Why, like? What were fine? 15 minutes, thats thats, fine, all right, uh, yeah, right theres, the warden all right were good – were good. What you guys, freaking out about all right, hit the queen ability and bing bang boom were done and get ready to call it once the timer is always done here all right and once that fills all the way up, stop 15 minutes 10 seconds, not bad at All what a speed run, hopefully you guys enjoyed the clan games, not bad at all guys. We got some pretty decent rewards for this rune of gold, a book of heroes in there. So if you do max out, remember you get that extra reward.

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