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Oh, my god, I kissed Greg., He loves it. There is a very suspicious character in the new werewolf pack called Greg, and The Sims team has been like really hyping up this Greg person for a long time. Like in all of their promos. They keep being like avoid Greg. Beware of Greg. So obviously all of us have been like well, okay, so whos Greg Like what are you talking about? Im kind of scared. – And you see Greg – is a little werewolf buddy who lives way out here by himself in the woods and when you walk up to his house theres like signs. Beware of Greg everybodys trying to warn you.. There are quite literally, very clear signs to stay away from this man, but you see, I heard that you can woohoo with Greg, and so I was thinking that today we could try and do that.. We could try and speedrun a woohoo with Greg.. So naturally I have Stanley Humphrey here my hot dog sim. From what Ive heard Greg is very anti werewolf and also anti vampire, but sometimes hes a little bit more receptive to humans.. I dont know how he feels about weenies, so I guess were gon na. Do a bit of an experiment, but the goal today is very simple.. Quite literally, I just want to woohoo Greg. Ive not actually played with Greg at all. Yet this is my first time trying, so it should be interesting.

Im a little bit nervous about it. I wont lie., I investigated the signs now come out. Greg. Are you home? Oh Gregs home? Oh, my god. The man is very grumpy.. Sh shh Greg its okay.. Oh hes eating chips. Okay, should I come attempt to communicate with him? Uh? Oh scared, somethings, watching from something nearby. Werewolf from being near a rampaging. Werewolf. Okay. Its fine, its fine, stop stop! Oh my god, actually grow up.; No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg, Greg, sh shh its okay.! Oh! I can do a funny introduction, Hes feeling playful Wait. Oh my god, its letting me talk to him. Its letting me talk to him. Ask about day. Greg is a glutton oh. Ask for Gregs gift: ask about Moonwood Mill. Hes, just talking with me normally See. I heard that if I were a vampire, he would pretty immediately try and beat me up which, honestly I wouldnt be mad about.. If he wants to do that. Thats fine, but Ive got other plans for today. Um. I would very much like to woohoo with Greg.. Come on hug him., Oh thats, quite cute.! Do you think he likes jokes? Tell gross joke., Not the welcome wagon cant! You tell Im busy Sh go away. Leave me alone. Uh! Oh, I dont think he liked the joke. It gave me a little red thing.. Wait! Maybe hes fine its hard to say.

Deep conversation.. How about I ask about Moonwood Mill? Do you have any good info for me? You got any tea. I hated the noise from the old mill. After they shut down. I tore it apart and dragged it into the tunnels where it can be forgotten.. Now it cant be rebuilt.. Oh my god, calm down., You really are a bit dramatic, sir. I hate to say it. But. Ask Greg to pursue their dream job.. I think he is. I think hes already doing that. Im still scared of him, because something is watching.. Should we like do a little flirt? Is that a bad maybe compliment appearance. GASPS? Oh he liked it. He accepted it.. No, no! No! No! No! No Greg Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg! Im not done Im, not done.. Oh, I cant take a photo with him. Either it doesnt let me. Thats so annoying. I cant even cheat. If this is gon na be a speed run, we have to get a move on. Oh, it worked Suggestive conversation kiss his hands blow a kiss. Im. Sorry, I dont mean to like move too quickly.. Oh no. I have to attempt to communicate again Agh. Try again.. Will you talk to me Greg This man keeps going through like waves. What do you want Very angry Greg? Oh no! This is not going well. Okay, would you stop Still a suggestive conversation though.? Oh, he stomped away., All right! Fine, whatever lets go back home Ill go pee really fast, perhaps Ill have a little ham and cheese sandwich.

. Should I get him a gift? Can I give Greg gifts? Is there like anything I could bring to him? Can I get him some blackberries or something? What if I take a selfie? Ah wait, I take a selfie and I give Greg a photo of me.. No there. I am okay, cute. All right lets go and try this again. Greg. I lost him. Greg Whered, you Greg., Okay down here., Its very confusing Im. Not familiar with the world yet in my defense yeah, I am new to this okay, I feel like Im trying to solve a mystery or something right. Now.. Oh my god, stop being so grumpy Kiss hands, Wait! I can just come right up to him. Oh, he said no shoot. What was I thinking? I shouldnt have done. That. Tell dramatic story, distract distract distract.. Oh, he hates me and hes mean and hes asleep on the floor.. What Greg Greg Youre mean Greg Mean glutton romantic interest. Should I wake him up? Is that wrong of me to do? Oh dont run away Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg., Im gon na apologize and then ask about your day.. He hates me., I ruined it. We were doing so well. Im. Sorry, Greg, Im, sorry Unpleasant conversation, Oh no Greg! Please! Oh! He hates me. He hates me.. Okay. What if I leave completely and then come back Im reloading to a different lot., This time we will go back and hopefully it will have reset my conversation, so he no longer thinks that Im unpleasant.

Greg! Oh Greg Im back! Oh here he is.. Perhaps I will get to know him and tell a self deprecating. Did you just pull out a steak from this? Really? Okay, Im scared again: thats unpleasant. Casual! Oh hes! Happy! Oh! No! Oh! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, no! Stop! Stop stop. What is your problem? Discuss interests.? Shall I try and flirt again? Okay, we have to take it more slow this time because he didnt handle it very well. Last time. Suggestive conversation., Greg …, Oh First kiss No way no way. No way. Oh, my god, I kissed Greg., He loves it Hold hands. Steamy exchange, Oh woohoo, in bush., Wait no way its that easy. Come on. Greg! Oh look at how he runs. Youre so cute little buddy.. Oh, look at the fog like settling in oh thats, creepy.! Oh heres, the bush., Ah very conveniently placed thank you, Sims team for this., No way. GASPS, No way, I feel really great right now.. Oh my god. I am very proud of this. I wont lie. Its been 12 minutes and 50 seconds Ill. Have you know in real life. Come on.? I want to get a little screenshot of them poking their little heads out of the bush.. This is kind of creepy isnt it. The fact that I made an entire video about this, but you know what its for science. Greg, is new and we need to know about Greg.

It is urgent, Yes, perfect. Thank you very much. That is exactly what I wanted. The fact that it, let me try for a baby with him as well. Thats, because Stanley can get pregnant, but the fact the option is there is very exciting to me like. If you want to have kids with Greg you absolutely can., GASPS Wow, okay! Well, can I ask for Gregs gift now? I think he already gave it to me. I wont lie but Id very much like to know what it is. – Oh, Oh god. Oh no. I didnt mean ohhh.. I did not think that through., Of course, of course, Gregs gift. Is him biting me., Duh., Yeah, Kayla yeah.? Of course it is. Now youre sleeping in a bush? Oh Stanley! Oh, oh! Oh, are you okay? Should I just let him stay there? Like this doesnt seem right. Im a little bit: worried., Oh no, oh, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh! No Ive got insatiable hunger from a werewolf bite. Eugh I wasnt thinking Hurry up. Dont die dont die. Oh! If I had slept, I think he would have like legit died. – Okay, oh my god, Stanley! Please Todays been going so well. Stanley, Stanley Stanley, You have to cook faster youre gon na die, Look at how fast his hunger is going. Down.! Oh no! Oh no! Um! Greg This went a little bit differently than I thought today was going to go.

Okay, I am now on a werewolf rampage.. Oh good, thank you. Thats. You broke it Stanley. What are you gon na do? Next? You cant even cancel anything either when they first turn. Theyre, like completely uncontrollable. – Oh my god – oh my god, Staney, Well its a good thing, hes alone, because this is ridiculous. When the game told me gift. I did not think it meant like this. Okay, When they said gift. I thought he was gon na. Give me like a legit present. I didnt think he was gon na turn, me., Which was maybe nave of me. Okay, but I didnt realize Oh look at how fast Im gaining ability though., Oh no and now I have woken up naked on the top of the mountain and Stanley is afraid.. What happened? Where am I? What just happened to me? Where did I run off to? I have so many questions.. I would too. If I were you, I really would.. Well, I know how to transform now so thats cool., I can mark my territory. Take wolf, naps., Intimidate other Sims for fun and profit. GASPS Werewolf rags to riches. Now we might be on to something okay, we might be on to something., Maybe Ill make that video next. Okay well really quickly. I would very much like to find Greg again because I wan na go look at him in CAS.. Is he out here? Oh, he is.. Oh no, now that Im a werewolf is he gon na beat me up.

He just shuddered at the thought of me.. I am still naked, so I dont really blame him.. It is a little bit alarming. Im! Sorry! Let me get my hang on.. Let me get my weenie suit back on., Oh Im, now a werewolf runt. Provoke.. This is probably a mistake., Oh, but he didnt even react. Provoke again.. Oh, oh, oh! Oh! He reacted okay, right yeah! That checks out okay.. I think I had this coming. This is my bad sorry everybody. Its very interesting, though the werewolf fights Im impressed. No way I win Im a little weenie baby., Oh yeah yeah. I did not win. Okay, fair enough, fair enough., Yeah. No wonder they were so serious about not messing with Greg. Im dazed from getting beat up and Im also grudging after a fight all right. Well, that kind of destroys the whole romance thing we had going on huh, Okay, fair enough.. Well, I want to go look at Greg in CAS. I want to see what his other traits are and what his human form looks. Like., So Greg is a loner mean and also a glutton.. I dont think he ever wears like proper clothes. He just like hangs out as a wolf., But his human form. GASPS, Oh Greg. You are very fancy. Wow., Look at his formal wear., Okay, I am very impressed. All right. He likes pop music.. His only like and dislike is that he likes pop music.

. Now, okay, I saw a theory on Twitter that I, oh okay, let me just go out of CAS. I dont want to give him a last name, but I saw a theory on Twitter that potentially Greg and Vlad had like a romance in a past life.. Obviously, the two of them you know would not get along here in this modern day. Being you know an evil, vampire and evil werewolf, but Gregs wearing a wedding ring. So I personally subscribe to the theory that perhaps Greg was previously in a romantic relationship with Vladdy. Daddy. Greg has no skills, no job no relationships, but thats really interesting. Its fun. Finally, getting to see like the secret townie that is Greg. Im, actually very impressed by okay, hes asleep on the floor. I was gon na, say, Im actually very impressed by him.. I quite like the lore surrounding him, and I like how, like I dont, know suspicious. He is its very amusing to me.. I also quite liked the fact that I got to woohoo with him and that I turned into a vampire because of him. Now. What is that Frisky? Something has awoken within this sim. Frisky werewolves can sometimes get a little hot under the collar when their beast within is looking for some company. Fury gains increase while feeling flirty. Are you kidding me Stanley, Stanley? Okay? I guess I asked for that. I had that coming too, but that is okay, fantastic, great thank you.

. Well, that, I believe, is my Greg woohoo speedrun. That went pretty well. I think it would be a lot harder if you tried with a werewolf, because he seems to be very anti wolf and especially anti vampire, but apparently not anti weenie.. If you liked this video Ive got a ton more werewolf content on my channel right now and Ive got more coming too and if you like, The Sims feel free to subscribe, because I post Sims content literally every day on YouTube, and this is kind of a Fun week because weve got so much new content about the new pack. Coming. Ill also link some past Werewolves stuff down below that Ive done this week and thank you all so much for watching. And with that being said, I will catch you all. Tomorrow. Bye, everybody. Greg is truly so grumpy.. I would love to know what got into him to make him this way. I think that theres probably information about him in the game like if you do a lot of like searching in the books and stuff, but I havent gotten to do that yet.

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