Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar Games HE RYDER | GTA SAN ANDREAS mission #gtasanandreas #gtagameplay #rockstargames

Grove street families aint big, no more seville, boulevard family, the typical drive families are beefing that split with the grove now were so busy set tripping, ballers and virgos have taken over so watch yourself out. There yeah, i hear you thanks for the heads up yeah its good to see you back. No homie love, no huh, oh for sure, for sure my my bad whats cracking with you, hey man, whats your strap man. Some pizza place keeps paying overall hit up. Man is beautiful, taste on a lesson. Grove street im always dead lets, go hey, show me how they drive on the east coast homie years ago. The way i left so when you running off again im not im taking a stain my family, the homies is here. We were always here: food yeah, but now im back and i know what ive been missing. Dont expect me to kiss your ass of nothing. You still a buster to me, yeah. Okay, thanks help me yeah dont mention it. They need to put some chairs out on the street, get out the way. Little sit yourself down, cj what you want done to your melon man, im good, say hi to your brother. For me i told you he was crazy man, you jacked up man whats. This look ridiculous, no respect for the hood all clean as looking too skinny cj. I wan na get us something to eat im. Gon na finish this then im gon na take care of business.

Music, everythings well stacked, sir, were out of napkins, give up the money. Disarray: ryder, not this again! Dang me fool. No one else is that small. I feel sorry for your dad. You crazy lets get up out of here same old, cj, buster straight buster, oh run this pizza parlors no pushover what you waiting for fool.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar Games N ANDREAS first ever mission #gtasanandreas #gtagameplay #rockstargames

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