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m: about three tenths of an inch between rockport and senton areas off highway 77. Similar numbers big winner, north of sea, drift up to about two inches of rain earlier today. Right now the radar it’s mostly quiet, but there are a few showers trying to come together offshore to our north and east of corpus christi and towards the north near houston. College station bryan, and mainly southeast texas, is where the sea breeze is picking up more and more shower activity, not so much here in corpus, christi in fact, it’s, mostly cloudy we’re socked in and in a lot of humidity. All courtesy of this right here southeast winds at 16 miles an hour upper 80s to lower and 90s. As you get your night started, temperatures right now are hot, but keep in mind at this time of year, late june early july we’re talking about temperatures that are average lower 90s. This is about right for this time of year 91 degrees right now in corpus, christi, 95 in mathis, 94 in alice and comparable numbers across the coastal bend. But the big story, the big weather story – is the humidity. The amount of moisture in the air is going to work on. Our temperatures, in fact feels like temperature is the heat index. What your body is telling you. It feels more like 107 outside 110 in angle, side 103 in mathis, and look at that 115 in beeville 115 over in robstown. Now the national weather service looked at this and we actually forecasted this as well and as a result, we have an excessive heat warning, in effect, until 7 pm tonight, for western portions of nueces county – and it does include kingsville atlas.

Orange grove out to freer elsewhere are these orange shades in san francisco county out into refugio beeville. These are heat advisories, so bottom line it’s going to be hot tonight very humid, mostly cloudy and notice. This overnight rain is in the forecast after midnight we’re looking at an increased chance of rain, all thanks to what’s, going on in the atmosphere so right here over, i 20 between san angelo and dallas fort worth northeast texas as well. There is a weak cold front. Moving in now, don’t get too excited it’s going to push into corpus christi, but it’s going to be very weak notice. Temperatures right now, 97 in san angelo west, texas, behind the front 76 over in lubbock, so about of a 20 degree swing behind the frontal boundary. But again it’ll modify as it moves southward, but the big story, with this frontal system it’s going to give us yes slightly cooler air but more of a chance of rain overnight, so watch the clock to 2 30 overnight, as you’re sleeping scattered downpours around the south Texas area, some of these could go strong. I mean i can’t rule that out an isolated thunderstorm is not out of the question tomorrow morning, more scattered activity keep in mind. This is just one model run don’t pay too close attention to exactly where it’s painting out the rain just keep in mind. Some rain is going to be around tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon, a combination of sunshine and clouds, high temperatures upper 80s and lower 90s again slightly better than today, and still a chance at rain all afternoon long, so your tuesday forecast high near 89 heat index around 100 To 99 scattered showers and an isolated thunderstorm is certainly possible.

All right let’s talk about the tropics real quickly. We have tropical storm claudettes that is moving offshore. This is no longer a threat for the united states. In fact, it’s going to graze nova, scotia head northeastward and weaken into a remnant low by tomorrow and wednesday, so that is on the back burner. We don’t have to worry about that now. More importantly, there is a tropical wave very weak in nature out in the western atlantic ocean. The hurricane center gives us a 30 chance at tropical cyclone formation in the next two to five days right now, it’s far out, we don’t have to worry about it, but as it moves in the caribbean, we’ll keep you posted and give you more information, as it Becomes available all right seven day, forecast upper 80s lower 90s for afternoon highs a chance at some scattered showers and storms tomorrow, otherwise, sunshine and clouds better weather by wednesday, thursday and friday overnight. Lows are very warm upper 70s and lower 80s notice by friday and this weekend, partly to mostly sunny near 90 degrees for the rest of the work week with our next rain chance coming into the forecast by next monday, mike leslie. All right.

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Tornado, Tornado warning, Severe weather, Tornado watch, Chicago, National Weather Service /Naperville TORNADO Damage Footage 6/21/21 part 4

Tornado, Tornado warning, Severe weather, Tornado watch, Chicago storms strike South and Midwest