Tornado, Tornado warning, Severe weather, Tornado watch, National Weather Service Partly cloudy, humid temperature with hot weather expected throughout the week

Unfortunately, no help on the skeeter meter over the next three days as hot humid weather conditions will be the perfect prescription for extreme skeeter activity. Don’T forget the repellent watching not a lot out there, but where it’s coming down it’s coming down heavy look at that. Nothing up in towards tyler, jasper, newton harden a few showers in and around jefferson and orange counties. Let’S take a little closer look, and this is the front moving up towards the north. As you can see the showers over and around winnie near windy, they saw just to the northeast winning about an inch there and about three quarters of an inch now coming down into beaumont. This is moving away from 11th street, i should say from say washington, also seeing some rain over towards amelia section of beaumont calder and 11th street there moving slowly towards the north, as this front is beginning to slowly. Move off towards the north. We’Ve got a stalled front over us, so it’s starting to lift off towards the north as a warm front. Otherwise, weather watchers were at 83 in port arthur early. This morning, i believe over into port author mj pontegra reporting 1.65 inches of rainfall, he’s currently 81 degrees. In orange it’s 83, further to the north, at warren, jim monk reporting a few hundredths of an inch today and he’s. Currently at 76 in jasper, 77 across the state, temperatures are in the 70s up in the north, texas feel pretty nice up that way.

North of the front 80s and through coastal central west texas we’re into the 80s for the most part, as you can see, a few showers very isolated activity along this stalled front. That’S going to be lifting to the north tonight as this high moves on off to the east, so that will allow a return flow and it looks like tomorrow, we’ll see more sea breeze type activity, since this focus for shower thunderstorm activity. The front lifts away, so high pressure is headed our way, it’s temporary. So that means coming up tomorrow, thursday friday rain chances will be at a premium. High temperatures may be at or just above normal for this time of year, enjoy because it’s out of here by the weekend – and that means chances of rain, will be increasing. Also watching a disturbance in the upper levels. It’Ll be moving out of the gulf of mexico and that will be hoisting moisture levels across our area. Notice, high pressure to our east and high pressure towards our west lower pressure in the upper levels over our area perfect prescription for rain in the tropics ten percent chance. This is going to go bye bye. This is the only game in town, so we’re not concerned about that this year is going to take care of it tonight very isolated activity over the triangle, and it looks like that front will lift to the north, could see some patchy fog as temperatures dropping in The low to mid 70s, then tomorrow, looking at the sea breeze we’ll go with a 30 percent coverage in the triangle: that’ll lift towards the north 20 percent coverage in the lakes as highs reach, the lower 90s on the gulf, a slightly choppy seas around one to Three feet in your coastal marine forecast: we’ll see south winds at five to ten tonight.

Keep that 20 percent coverage for the triangle, otherwise partly cloudy and humid near 70 in the lakes mid 70s in the triangle about a 20 to 30 percent coverage tomorrow with highs lower 90s. That means the heat index is going to be triple digits. We’Ve been able to lower rain chances a bit thursday and friday to a 20 percent coverage, that’s a little drier than normal, then as the high that brings us that fairly nice weather nice is relative. Right means that we’ll see a better chance or increasing chances for rain. Coming up this weekend, saturday we’ll go into 30 to 40 percent coverage sunday.

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Tornado, Tornado warning, Severe weather, Tornado watch, National Weather Service storms return on Father's Day

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