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Now we are following breaking news here at noon as some travel restrictions are easing for fully vaccinated canadians. But what does that change mean for those here in the united states? Who want to cross the border we’ll take a closer look at that and detroit police are increasing patrols in and around greek town as we’ve been telling you they’ll be doing after recent violence there. But the question is: are the patrols working, but we do begin with breaking news out of brighton this afternoon, that’s where a police investigation is underway. Thank you for joining us i’m evrad kassamy, there’s video on the ground, and it shows police there on the scene it’s on wood lake drive. This is still happening right now and we don’t have much information, but we are working on getting new details. We’Ll keep you updated right here on local 4, as we gather more information for you, of course. The other big story that we’re following is increased patrols in greek town after brawls like this one happening just a few weeks ago, that went viral let’s get out live to our sean lay. He joins us with more on what’s, going on there with a look at. If the increased police presence appears to stop criminals in their tracks, this past weekend, sean that’s, what we’re finding so far on this monday at noon. If you just heard the beautiful bells of st anne’s, you can see behind me here beautiful day, as people are heading to lunch in greek town, but still on a monday, we are seeing those increased patrols, detroit police, in an suv even in a golf cart that Can help them get to other areas more quickly now what i want to do is update you on what we’re finding what happened over the weekend, which was a couple of arrests and one significant, perhaps felony arrest, but had nothing to do with those big crowds and Big brawls that we have seen over the past few weeks.

In fact, this whole thing began late friday around four o’clock that’s when the city kind of kicked off this new flooding the streets here with police by police accompanying the building department. Here at mix nightclub. Just a few blocks away in bricktown, there was a stabbing there last weekend. You might remember that left a man. He is still in critical condition. So mix was closed down by the city because they didn’t have even a business license. Other businesses, police, say they’re, going to be checked, expect to visit police will mandate that securities. The businesses here bars clubs nightclubs, have their own security and really beat that security up to keep people safe. Over the weekend. The area was flooded with police that’s, something chief james white says, is a priority for him and the department getting more officers on the streets, not just for hot spots and crime, but just all over the place talking to people on foot to get more of a Police presence out here again we’re getting an update from detroit police a little bit this afternoon, we’ll bring it to you tonight at 5., ever that’s the scene right now beautiful day down here, all right, sean! Thank you for keeping us updated there new this afternoon. New at noon, the fbi is raiding a home in macomb township. Now this is video right there at the scene, where it looks like agents are going through. The house they’re apparently collecting evidence and looking at cars in the garage we’re going to get more information for you about this as well.

We’Ll keep you updated with any new details from the scene. There we’re also following breaking news out of washington d.c this afternoon. The supreme court has ruled the ncaa went too far in blocking education, related aid for student athletes. The high court says the ncaa violated anti trust laws when it limited the amount students could receive for music instruments, science, equipment, post, grad, scholarships, tutoring and paid partnerships. The ruling did not address the issue of whether student athletes can be paid the ncaa saying that they would consider that issue this month. Also breaking at this hour, foreign nationals still cannot travel to canada border travel. Restrictions between the u.s and canada have actually been extended. Another month to july 21st, today, canadian officials, though, announced that fully vaccinated canadians and permanent residents will be able to enter canada and not need to quarantine that’s going to start on july 5th, but those entering will still need to show documents proving that they receive doses Of the vaccines approved in canada at least 14 days before entering the country we’re expecting new michigan coronavirus, vaccination and case numbers this afternoon. That will actually be a three day total now for saturday, sunday and monday, because the michigan department of health and human services is no longer updating cases on the weekends tomorrow. Michigan is rescinding most of its remaining covert 19 health and safety orders. That means there will no longer be sweeping state issued mass mandates, restrictions on gathering sizes or limits on the number of people who can dine in at a restaurant or be inside of a store or other venue.

That decision comes days ahead of july. First, that was the date that was previously set to roll back all those rules, homeowners across metro detroit still without power. This afternoon after severe weather blew through the area last night and early this morning, as meteorologist brandon, rue has been keeping us updated on along with paul groves. I 75 at i, 94, looked like this. It was flooded due to the rain all along i 94 and woodward as well overnight. I 94 at nine mile and saint clair shores, was closed for a short time because of flooding there as well. Trees fell, including one in dearborn, and this one in harrison, township right there on south river road that tree actually snapped in half it fell onto the house and knocked down power lines. I was in bed and all of a sudden i seen a light in the sky and a loud noise and i ran. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and power’s back on in that area. Let’S get right on over to meteorologist brandon rue, because you’ve been keeping us updated on this as we take a live look outside through our skycam keeping us updated on what we can expect as we head into the afternoon after quite a mess overnight brandon, it was Crazy yeah and we’re not quite done, but nothing crazy or severe, expected dozens of severe storm reports, mainly wind damage, but also some really gushing. Rain totals dundee and monroe down in monroe county, seeing the worst of it.

Almost three inches monroe look at dundee about three and a quarter inches, so they are still bailing out downriver gross eel two point: two eight inches milford township 2.21 and troy 1.81 inches. A lot of us saw around an inch of rain, but it was too much too fast for many, so that’s the flooding problem that we’re still seeing. Now. We have this little line mainly in our north zone, but could be some dark clouds rolling right through central oakland county down into washtenaw county as well. But we look live here in ann arbor and things are looking better and better cold front is pushing through. So we will see better sky conditions after 1 or 2 p.m. Middle upper 70’s, a bit of a gusty breeze and temps, will tumble with that cold front, not a gigantic tumble but lower 70’s through the later afternoon. Again, just a few drips and drops before 2 p.m: evrod brandon. Thank you. Meanwhile, two severe storm systems wreaking havoc this weekend here in the midwest, a dangerous tornado touched down overnight in chicago in the suburbs of chicago rather and then in the south. The deadly tropical storm claudette took at least 12 lives kathy park reports from east brewton alabama overnight, a likely tornado ripping through the chicago suburbs, with reports of power, outages, downed trees and extensive damage, including flooding at o’hare airport. The severe storm system also hitting indiana and down south another path of destruction left behind by tropical depression claudette at least 12 people, including 10 children, killed the storm triggering treacherous conditions in southern alabama.

Where authorities say a hydroplaning car likely set off a chain reaction on the interstate eight children, ages, 4 to 17, were traveling in a small bus operated by the alabama sheriff’s youth ranch when it got caught in the pileup. Only the ranch director who was driving survived. She lost two of her own children in the crash. The multi car crash also killing cody fox and his nine month old daughter, ariana, who were in a separate vehicle i’ve, never seen anything like it. It was horrific the storm spurred tornadoes too one touching down in brewton, alabama, flattening homes, high winds and life, threatening flooding, also leading to rescues dauphin islands, mayor saying, they’re still feeling the effects from past storms we’re at a situation that the shoreline is just so decimated At this point that it just takes very little again high tides wave action to push water into the interior of the island, the lashing in louisiana, washing out streets and pushing water into homes along the florida, panhandle, strong winds and flash floods, while fire crews in georgia Rescued a woman trapped inside her car freeing her from a fallen tree and power lines. Claudette is still packing a punch before heading out into the atlantic. Meanwhile, back here in east brewton, alabama we’ve learned that several people were injured after the storm came through, but one woman says she is lucky to be alive. She says she was sucked out of her home in east root in alabama kathy park.

Nbc news, pretty scary, kathy, thank you so to come here at noon. We’Re talking about the tokyo olympics they’re going to be allowing some fans there, but the decision is not coming without controversy. As you can imagine, we’ll tell you why some are concerned after the break and if you’re just joining us here at noon. We are following breaking news of a police investigation. That’S happening in brighton on wood lake drive, live pictures from the scene. Show multiple officers in front of a home. We’Ll show you those coming up in just a little bit here. As you take a look at your screen.

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