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com lets. Take a look at 10 interesting new features coming in mac os ventura, Music macmost is brought to you. Thanks to a great group of more than a thousand supporters, go to patreon there. You can read more about the patreon campaign, join us and get exclusive content, and course discounts. So when mac os ventura comes out in the fall theres going to be changes and new features in many apps and ive already showed you some of those in places like mail notes, reminders and in the new system, preferences or settings app. But there are lots of other new features, sprinkled throughout mac os ventura. Let me show you some of them, so whenever youre playing video in ventura or in fact, listening to any audio, you can get something called live captions. This will take the audio and try to give you the text on the screen so its doing it live. You can turn this on in system settings go to accessibility from there go to live captions, and you can see its beta im going to turn it on. Here and you can see heres where it appears now. Unfortunately, this doesnt work very well with screen capture, so im going to switch over to a camera on the screen right here and we can see it in action. Im going to start playing this video and, as you can see its going to try to show the captions there at the bottom of the screen and the results are kind of laughable, sometimes its definitely early in the beta here and theres.

A lot of improvement that needs to be made for this to be effective. One of the things you can do here in addition to moving this window around is you can actually stop live, captions and then turn on the microphone mode, and this will actually pick up your voice from the microphone or the voice of whoever else is in the Room talking to you and you can see the words that theyre saying on your side. This is me speaking live now. You notice here in the settings for this theres also a setting for turning this on for facetime. So you can use this in facetime. You can see the words that the other person is speaking now, while were here in the accessibility settings. If we look in audio, we can see that theres background sounds. This is the functionality that we got on the iphone in ios 15 to play background sounds, and now we have it on our mac. So we can choose the different sounds here. We can choose the level and other settings and have that turned on, so that could be useful if you need background sounds to be able to focus or you can use them simply as noise generators, maybe to help you get to sleep now. As always, there are two different types of dictation in mac: os, theres, the regular dictation and under accessibility. There is voice control. You can find that here under motor and you can turn that on once you have that on and you can see.

Ive got it on here. I have the little control now theres a new trick in voice control for the dictation inside of it, and that is you can now spell things out. Let me spell out this word: colon space, key spelling mode, a b c x, y z, dictation mode period. We also get a couple new apps in mac os that were previously only on the iphone or ipad. One of those is clock, so the clock app looks exactly like it does on the ipad. You get this nice view here with the world and different world clocks. You get an alarm and you can set various alarms for different times and you get stopwatch. You can start stop reset, you also get a timer and you can set a timer and you can change the sound that plays at the end. You could also ask siri to do it, set a timer for five minutes in the photos app or almost any app. Where you can look at images. You can now copy the subject of the image, as well as the whole image itself. So here i am with this image here and i can control click. It two finger click on a trackpad or right click on a mouse, and i get copy just as before. But now i get copy subject and when i actually hover over that, you can see it outline the subject so its not its going to be perfect, but it does get the subject right here.

Ill do copy subject now, when i switch into another app and i paste you can see it pastes, just the subject there, which could be useful in all sorts of different situations, a new feature in safari when youre creating passwords is now when you click on the Password that youre about to fill in you get this thing called other options and you can edit the password. You can choose your own password. You can set it to something easy to type or using no special characters to getting rid of the dashes. So its handy for those poorly made websites that restrict the number of characters you can use in a password or dont use dashes, or something like that, also in the photos app now when you see hidden and recent albums here, both of those are locked using your Regular password or touch id so its not as easy for somebody to get into those. In case you forgot to log out of your mac, and somebody else has access theres been some changes to spotlight. One interesting change is that now, when you search for something and say you find a file like this before, you could use the tab key and get a preview of the file on the right that no longer works. Instead, you use spotlight now, so i will arrow down to one of these lets go with this first one use spacebar and now spotlight works to show you a preview of what you have selected.

If you go down to another file, it changes to show you the preview for that having the preview in spotlight was handy, but having it in quick. Look is basically the same thing and i know there were people before that complained that quick, look didnt work in spotlight and if you think it might make it harder to find images well note now, when you search – and you come up with results that are images Like here, you actually get a section like this. That says: photos from apps. You have show more, but you have these little previews here and you can go through and select them. Another change to spotlight is now you can search for both shortcuts and focus modes and execute them right from spotlight, so, for instance, in shortcuts. I have one called uptime right here and i will search for it and i can see it right there and i can actually hit return and it will run that shortcut so a new easier way to launch shortcuts without having a long list of them right. Here. You have to choose from and you could do the same thing for focus modes. So i have a focus mode called evening and i can go down to that and turn on the evening focus mode and speaking of focus modes. If you go to system settings and go to focus, youve got everything pretty much the same way it was before. But now you can also add focus filters.

What do those do well for certain apps? You can filter out whats shown so, for instance, for calendar. I can choose for the evening filter here, to only show me certain calendars and not others, so my work calendar might be off in evening. Filter and others can be on for mail. For instance, i could have certain accounts that are on and others that are off same thing for messages and the people that i get messages from and in safari for different tab groups and speaking of safari tab groups. You can now pin tabs inside of a tab group. I know a lot of people previously complained that you could only pin tabs in the ungrouped tabs, but now each tab group can actually have its own pin tabs as well. So there are a bunch of new features to look forward to im, actually going to have another video like this one, with even more features coming soon hope. You found this useful thanks for watching Music. If you like this video click the thumbs up button below to let me know, i publish new tutorials.

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