CarPlay, Apple, Tesla, Inc. Model 3 Instrument Cluster Installation (Hansshow 9")

All right so lets open it up all right. So first thing we have here is we have the instruction manual, which is great, because its basically going to explain everything that were going to go through, including how to remove the trims use, the screwdriver and the whole process, depending what kind of, if you have the Intel chip – or, if you have the amd version for the amd version, amd version – appears to be a little bit more complex in comparison just because its got those extra wires. Okay, we have the operation guide, explains everything how to work everything with the different functions. Okay, i have to say the packaging is actually quite nice. They did a great job of packaging. This, which is great so here, is the cabling here. Okay, this is going to connect to the autopilot computer and then, as this is for the intel, cpu heres the adapters and basically everything will connect okay, so we have the screws and the plate, this will connect into the car and then finally, we have our trim Piece remover and finally, we have our instrument cluster. So we have a speaker here and then right over here we actually have a spot where you could potentially get future updates. So it looks like its usbc, so lets go, install it in the car, okay. So the first step were going to do here is were going to take this panel off so youre, going to grab your pry tool im going to plop it in here, okay, so thats.

The first part, its good im gon na, do the exact same thing on the other side: okay, okay, all right so, as we said, were just gon na lift this guy up and start to hear the pieces. Opening im gon na go to the other side now and do the same thing. All right were gon na. Do the same thing on this side. Okay, all right now were going to take this to another area where we can actually count the holes and put in the instrument. Cluster, okay, so weve been able to take off the dash panel here and one thing to note when youre supposed to the first hole that youre supposed to put the part here. The clip here of the screen needs to be the 25th hole counting from left to right. However, what we did notice when we tried to install it here is that the first couple of clips here or this spots holes are not actually holes, theyre, just a shallow area here. So what i would recommend doing is with a screwdriver, which is what i did over here is i actually put the screwdriver inside and just make sure that is one of the holes. So then, counting directly from here from the first spot, where you see the hole, were going to go all the way 25 to the right after that, on the 29th hole, which is this one here were going to insert the blue wire and on the 32nd hole Were going to insert the red wire okay so at this point were just gon na thread here: okay, so that was again that was 29, so 30, 31, 32.

Okay, okay from here so and just push down once youre in the right spot, all right, hows that looking see thats looking pretty even okay! So now this part were going to turn this upside down were going to grab these plates that they included with with the screws. Okay put our blue one through the red one through okay and at this point, were just going to insert the screws. How many do we got here? We got one two, three, four, five, six, so im going to do one here and one thing to keep in mind, is not to over tighten it um all right and now well bring this back to the car and uh. Well, start to set it up all right and were just going to bring this back over here. All right were not going to connect it just yet, just because we need to make sure the wiring is okay, we need to make sure the wire goes from here and we dont want to get the wiring on any of the clips. Okay. So at this point were going to head over to the passenger side here and were going to connect the wiring directly to the autopilot computer and thatll. Be it so, at this point, were going to go to the car option here and were going to click on safety were going to hit power off its going to power off the screen. Okay, um! So at this point now were going to go underneath here were going to um were going to disconnect everything under here theres a couple of screws that you can just pry off with this.

Well use our tool here and uh well go from. There then, were also gon na take this part off and right here: okay thats. What well start with right now? Okay, so were gon na start off with this one here so same thing, just pop your trusty tool in here it pops out very easily, which is a little concerning, but it does okay, its one of these push pieces. You can pull out um. That was a challenge. Okay, so for the next part, were going to take off these push screws. So theres one here: okay, theres another one. Here we got two okay, we have another one here: theres three and heres, four okay, and just be careful of the wires right here. Okay, so just make sure we dont disconnect them, while were doing this all right now. The fun part is when you have to get up into this area over here that second one there is the one that we have to take out so now will be the fun part. Okay, so that was probably one of the hardest parts of the entire install was actually trying to get in here to basically put the wires in and put the white adapter connected. It was not fun all right so now that thats been connected, i can see here the screen has powered on, which is great uh. The last thing we just have to do is we just have to reattach everything and make sure were in the right spot.

So what were just going to do is just make sure that the wiring here which we have over here, which ive connected doesnt it doesnt, interfere with any of the clips when we put it back in um and the final thing. What im going to do? Just so that this doesnt make any rattles im going to actually put some felt tape over this, so that if it does move around, you dont hear the rattle okay and uh well, thats! Basically it okay! So now that weve got weve confirmed functionality of the instrument. Cluster were now going to hook, put everything back in and do the same thing to the other side: okay, im just going to reattach everything that we had here all right. So here we are fully installed and so were just going to look at a couple things which is pretty cool. Everything shows here your high beams, so basically how this works is the first thing you want to do. Is you want to set up, maybe carplay? So you can swipe to the swipe over here and you can go to carplay directly. Okay, now the process to connect card play was actually pretty simple and actually really easy to connect it to the tesla. So, basically here you can go through all of your. Your setups here you can change, make sure model three. You can have you know in celsius. If you want to have carplay um, you know have it on auto.

You can change the color if you want to change the time zone. If you want to have the steering wheel, control to be able to control some of the functionality from the steering wheel, you can have that on and then you just have the device information which basically just gives you some information about the serial number and everything else About your device, so basically, if i click over here, i can basically just swipe up. Oh thats, good yep swipe up were in this mode. Swipe down were in car play and vice versa. Its basically up and down now, whats, also really cool here – is that when you look in the middle here, this is also integrated with the car. So lets say you want to increase the amount of distance for your autopilot clicking it to the right. It does show it here like it shows there, which is actually pretty cool and as well. If you click up here, okay, at some point, it will show the tire pressures, oh its in bar. I actually dont like that, so were going to change that. I think there was an option. Was there not? No, so hopefully at some point they will give you the option to change that, because bar doesnt really do much for me, okay, oh there we are in psi there. We are so swiping up there. We have it in psi now and yeah, so its pretty cool, i have to say, im pretty happy with it.

So far, its really neat to be able to have the instrument cluster, showing exactly what youre doing to have the kilometers right in front of you to be able to know how fast youre going without having to look on the side. Its pretty amazing. So from that point of view, its really excellent, the one thing that i wasnt totally clear, but it was actually really easy to do. Um was how to connect the hancho instrument cluster directly to the tesla, so that was actually really easy, because otherwise, if you dont have that connected, what happens is that it goes through the speaker right over here. So you may not want that because the sound quality is decent, but it could be better. However, if you go directly through the tesla, it sounds like normal. So, in order to do that, you basically just go to the bluetooth on your car and then i already have it connected, but bt tesla, basically you just say, connect and yeah, and then it would just appear here. You click it. Bt tesla select it connect and make it the priority device so that it will connect for you and now anytime, you play the music itll, properly, show up and probably sound great anyways thats all for today.

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