Earth, Solar flare, Geomagnetic storm, Sun Another Strong Unpredicted Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth – NOAA Reports KP4 Index?

s. God bless you and yours, no matter where you are in the world. Folks, please subscribe. Give us a thumbs up ring that bell for critical future updates. Well, weve had basically six additional hours of geomagnetic disturbance today, basically from 6 pm last night till midnight last night, central time here in the u.s that goes together with six additional hours prior to that for a combined 12 hours of geomagnetic disturbance in a row plus An additional nine hours of geomagnetic disturbance and six hours of geomagnetic storms within the last 30 hours, unbelievable something is happening and were not being told. Ladies and gentlemen, wait do you see what i have for you, so my viewers and subscribers all know that two things cause chronal mass ejections, the first sunspots exploding, i.e a solar flare generating a coronal mass ejection and popping it off the plasma towards earth. The second thing could be a filament that exploded or was released from the sun, also creating a coronal mass ejection, sending plasma towards the earth. What creates solar winds are coral holes. The big black holes or voids in the sun well lets go back, were in a huge magnetic storm right now. Im about to show you guys not a kp4, nothing like that, but thats what theyre putting down. I wanted to go back a few days and lets just go back to the 24th since its the 27th weve had nothing happen whatsoever, except for some normal seaflares, very, very low intensity, c players, theres a c 1.

5. I dont even know if this makes the c territory here a 1.1 a c 1.24. The biggest thing weve seen is yesterday, which was the c2.51 now lets. Take a look at the plasma thats hitting the planet and has been for the last six hours. Now. Remember the only two things that we know that cause coral mass ejections are a a sunspot group exploding and sending a kernel mass ejection towards earth or b a filament eruption doing the same thing. I hope you all consider this a very, very scary, update. These. Are your real time, solar winds on discover the entire time period, those last six hours here, 000 to 600, as you can see here? Well, the first three hours are completely missing the data, but we do have plasma here at 45.67. We have solar winds dropping from over 600, almost 700 kilometers per second down to 400, and then they killed the data feed. The data feed comes back on here were looking at plasma at 58, even over 60 centimeters cubed. Here 60.27 centimeters cubed uh 60.43. It drops down to 15. it pops back up. 47.54. All of a sudden, we go from 41 centimeters of plasma cubed all the way back down to one again now, obviously, look at the time, six, so from zero to 600, we got absolutely nailed and you can see they didnt, like the data so much. They had to get rid of it. What is strange, is we dont see the crossover on top, but the plasma is definitely there and its definitely hitting this look at the temperature elevations with that plasma, at least when they show the plasma 60.

27 wow temperatures are off the hook up here, almost off the Charts completely what is going on, how could this not be predicted? Weve had no solar, flares and no filament eruptions. Where did this six hours of heavy heavy plasma come from, and why was it not predicted? What is going on? This is becoming an everyday event. Why is this showing up as a kp4 index while we have solar winds upwards of well lets see what they were before the event lets get that lets get a reading here, all right, 679 right below 700 kilometers per second right before the event, then, all of A sudden boom the event happens. Uh, solar winds died of 400, so they were almost cut in half, while plasma jumps to 45 and then to 60 centimeters cubed thats, a very heavy plasma hit, ladies and gentlemen period, and then you can see the temperatures are as high as ive ever seen. Them reported so something has hit the planet again for the six hour period and, ladies and gentlemen, i dont know if it came from the sun or not, it sure did not appear to come from our sun heading back over to gos x, ray flux. We see that even over the last seven days, theres not been an event that would have generated plasma to the degree that we just saw today, 60 or yesterday, 70 centimeters cubed. What could possibly be going on? These are two of the largest plasma bursts to hit the planet in some time, yet weve seen no cmes or even large solar flares in the last seven days.

That would have a possibility of generating plasma. The 70 centimeter cube and 40 and 60 centimeter cube area period. What is going on? We need to find out quickly im sure that somebody knows most definitely what sdo is off all right lets head over to israel at nasa to take a look at their magnetosphere and solar wind model during this time period. Look at the pressure being pushed at the planet from behind the void of pressure here, the abundance of pressure on the night side and look where the solar winds are going theyre going towards the planet, just as they are here way way behind the planet. Remember the moon orbits at 225, 000 miles away right, the moon. Well, this means that this is a million miles behind the planet and the winds are headed towards the nighttime side in this model. Earth is that little white and black circle, its moving to the right at 67, 000 miles an hour, give or take orbiting our sun, but winds are coming up from behind it. This is not an ebbing effect were having a battle of two forces, i.e. Some sort of solar winds and some sort of space weather coming in from behind it appears during that same time period thats, 503, utc time now, right before whatever this is, is washed out the pressure from behind here you can see. The battle has moved all the way back to this area. Here, where you see the pressure created in green, you can also see the pressure on the night facing side of our planet.

Remember the planet and this model is headed towards the right orbit in the sun. The part in white is the sun facing side. The part in black is the knight facing side constantly changing this battle is a million miles plus behind our planet. According to this israel model, god bless you and yours folks, something is impacting the planet. I dont know what it is. It surely is not a coronal mass ejection that was generated by our sun unless theyre hiding all the data.

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