Earth, Solar flare, Geomagnetic storm, Sun pot Currently Facing Earth! Capable of Emitting Powerful SOLAR FLARES!

A fast growing giant sunspot and emit solar flares has more than doubled in size in recent days. Its currently facing our earth according to astronomers sunspots, are dark areas. A strong magnetic field on the suns surface, they appear dark because theyre much colder than other parts of the suns surface, having formed at areas where magnetic fields are particularly strong according to nasa and because of the strong magnetic field. Magnetic pressure increases, while surrounding atmospheric pressure decreases, resulting in the lower temperatures now. Sunspots are also associated with the strong magnetic fields on the suns surface and they appear dark because theyre much colder than other parts having formed in areas where magnetic fields, particularly strong and because of the strong fields. Magnetic pressure increases surrounding atmospheric pressure decreases, resulting in lower temperatures sunspots also associated with eruptive disturbances such as solar flares, which are fast moving eruptions of radiation and coronal mass ejection cmes, which is when large masses of plasma and highly magnetized particles violently ejected from the sun. Flares move at the speed of light and take about eight minutes to reach our earth, while cmes can take three or four days to reach our earth so theres two different types, the flare goes higher. The fast growing sunspot noted the expert is ar3038. Yesterday they said, sunspot ar303 was big today, its enormous. This is what tony phillips author of space weather wrote on wednesday. He said the fast growing sunspot has doubled in size in only 24 hours.

The expert noted that the magnetic field surrounding ar 3038 could potentially blast m class, solar, flares or medium sized flares towards our earth and images from nasas solar, dynamic observatory taken june 22nd show the sun with enormous sunspots with ar3038, looking particularly big after evolving over the Past few days, the sunspot doubled in size each day for the past three days and its about two and a half times the size of our earth. This is what see alex young associate director for science in heliophysics science division at nasa said, but they said theres. No cause for concern rob steenberg the acting head of national oceanic administrative administration, noaa space weather forecast office said there is no need to panic, noting that sunspots naturally grow in size. He says thats what sunspots do over time. Generally theyll grow, they go through stages and then they decay explains. Young also noted that while the sunspot is producing flares, it does not have the complexity for the largest flares, and there is only a thirty percent chance that it will create medium sized flares. The chances it will create large flares are even smaller at ten percent. He said w dean, pencell project, scientist at solar dynamics observatory also reassured us theres, no need for concern telling us at the publication that ar 3038 is a modest size, active region that has not grown abnormally rapidly and is still somewhat small in area. He explains so as of june 22nd, noaa space weather prediction, which monitors solar flares, has not issued any warnings for them, but a solar flare such as an x1 class flare, are released from the sun.

They can potentially create disruptions to communication, satellites and long distance cables. Here on earth wreaking havoc with the worlds internet. Another expert is andre, munoz, jaramillo, hes, a lead scientist at southwest research institute in san antonio also stressed theres no need for concern. He says i want to emphasize theres no need to panic and that the sunspots will happen. He said were prepared and doing everything we can to predict and mitigate their effort. The effects for the majority of us. We dont need to lose sleep over this. He said, and this is on wnd and zerohedge – please leave your comments. Thank you for your support. Finally support. My patreon account. The daily posts are five videos daily and they are totally different from what i have on my youtube channel. Thank you so much for your support and that you find all my content so interesting.

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Earth, Solar flare, Geomagnetic storm, Sun The Sun Can Kill Billions & End the Modern World

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