Earth, Sun, Sunspot, Solar flare, Geomagnetic storm Massive Solar Flare could hit Earth and cut out all power

I hope everybodys doing well. You know today i want to talk to you guys about something that you might need to know about. I dont know if youve heard about this or read about it in the news, but there is a uh potential, solar flare that is going to come from the sun and hit earth and it may potentially knock out power grid and internet and electricity, and your cell Phones, i want you to let that sink in for just a second, its a real big sunspot and its pointed right at earth im not lying. You can look it up on google. This sunspot is called ar 3038. That name just sound kind of kind of crazy. It actually sounds fine, its sound fire and that gray, do you see the do you see the uh? Is that a double entendre or do you see the irony of that ar 3038? Is the name of this sunspot and i think its a fire name fi? But this sunspot, you know its its normal. The sun is gon na have sunspots, but this this particular sunspot is about two and a half times the size of earth. The sunspot is quite large guys and this sunspot has doubled in size each day. For the past 3 4 days – and this is a little bit of cause of concern because its pointed right at earth – now i submit to you that a sunspot does it just keep growing and growing and growing and go away? Well.

Yes, sometimes it does, but then sometimes it busts and when it busts, you have what you call a solar flare. A solar flare is im, not an expert now, but its like a dense, uh pocket of basically electromagnetic energy that when it pops pop when it pops it sends all of that electromagnetic energy at earth or in any direction. It just so happened to be pointed right at earth, so in the next few days, if youre on the phone with your mama or somebody – and you know youre doing face time with your girlfriend, your boyfriend, whoever and all of a sudden the lights get shut out And your internet doesnt work and your phone stopped working um. That might be why so solar flares, they can disrupt radio communications um they can disrupt the power grid. I know yall a lot of yall dont, really listen to the radio at this point anyway, but radio you know its for more than just the radio in your car, its a lot of other reasons. I cant, you know, break them all down for you right now, but its a big deal. You dont want to lose radio communications, they use them for like planes and all this kind of crazy stuff man you dont, want to hey man. A solar flare will put us in a very precarious situation. You could almost say it would be shtf and you might wonder what that acronym means. Shtf means when hits the fan.

Nobody ever thinks shits gon na hit the fan. You know we always think everythings gon na be hunky dory. Well, never have any problems. Therell never be anything to challenge our normal way of thinking, but all you got ta do is look at katrina. Look at all these natural disasters thats been happening over the years. Man to cause people to just be in a world of hurt, so dont take this stuff lightly. You know, i think, if a solar flare were to hit, it would be a problem and itll be a problem not only for america but for a lot of other people all over the world, but hopefully it doesnt come to that now, of course, the experts say Theres no need to panic, dont worry about it. We got it its all under control, theres, no need to panic, guys thats. What theyre telling us – and you know maybe theyre right, but when you really think about it, if there was a solar flare that was about to hit earth and cause mass disruptions to our power grid and internet, and all of that, all that was gon na be Shut down, do you think they would really tell us think about it, of course, not im pretty sure that if they knew that a threat was imminent, that a solar flare was going to hit earth im, pretty sure they would not tell us im pretty sure the Rich folks will start uh making plans plans that dont include people like us.

If you make less than 200 000 in this country, youre broke yep youre. Just like everybody else. I mean you might have a little bit nicer yard. You might have a little bit nicer car, but for the most part you dont have any real wealth, any real money, the type of money that you can just go hide in a bunker somewhere, so lets not get it twisted were all in. This were all in this together man, so i think its important for each family each person to have a plan. What are you gon na do? Do you have a go bag? I mean, i think you should start there. Just have a bag put a bag in every car, okay, whats in the bag. Well, youre gon na need some water. You might need a knife right, you might need a little paracord you might need. Is a couple things youre going to need and im not going to make this video about that, but its important to be prepared, because sometimes these these uh, these sunspots they burst, and this one in particular is pointed at earth and it might bust. Um, like i said, a solar flare, its a sudden explosion itll happen. Quick next thing. You know its a big cloud of electromagnetic energy heading towards earth. You cant see it youre not going to be able to look outside and be like. Oh, my gosh look at that electromagnetic energy coming at us now.

It doesnt work that way. Electromagnetic energy just gon na come through just like this next thing. You know all your internet and power is off thats. All you hear gone so they say theres about a 10 chance, its going to cause a solar flare to me. Them numbers high. A lot of yall need 99 in in order to do anything, youd be like this is a 99 chance man. I worry about that. Yall man, okay, now all right as soon as everybody starts telling you man dont, worry about that job man thats, when you need to work. If on the news, if theyre telling you its all under control, were prepared, what do you mean were prepared? Is the power grid prepared thats? What im worried about am i gon na have to am. I gon na have to go out and buy charcoal so that i can grill in the event that my microwave no longer works is my refrigerator gon na stop working. Do i need to get a large cooler just to make sure my food is not gon na spoil? How long is the power grid gon na be down? I dont know you know what im saying if we get hit with a solar flutter power might be out. Man, power might be out, power might be out six weeks, man and if the power goes out six weeks worldwide or even in one country, youll be looking at one of them.

One of the largest humanitarian crisis that youve ever seen on this planet, and on that note i want you guys to have a great day. You know um enjoy the day its wednesday, its a beautiful day outside its gon na get hot as hell. Oh man, i even think about that during the summer having a power go out during the summer when its hot as hell aint, no ac, thats gon na be a challenge so go out.

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