Overwatch It just wasn't his day 不 | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep.1884 (Funny and Random Moments)

Hope youre, having a good day, and thanks for being here with us lets, get started with a comment. Question tell me which ultimate should be saved and which are okay to use whenever let us know if you think ryan should be saving shatter for the right moment, can tracer throw pulse bomb that will, or maybe sigma should be waiting for. The big sig 9 play at the end of the game either way. Let us know what you think in the comments below and ill grab your best responses to feature in the next episode and stick around because at the end, we find out what you like to focus on the most while playing a game like and subscribe. And, as always, enjoy the video Applause heres some advice on how to survive: diva bombs, just dont die simple Music. I dont care im killing this mercy. 60 seconds remaining place your bets now. Will he fall or not lets find out? If youre right can you touch? Can you touch – oh my god? Oh my god, im back in the fight im back in the fight um, oh theyre, bobbing, oh kind of a bad dude kind of a badass. Nobody ever expects recall to be used. Offensively, tracer mains. Try! This sometime id have brick. Now, what what what was that they didnt have a wall? Egg? Okay, thank you got ta, kill me! Music is thank you. I got it behold the best sniper hero in the game.

He doesnt even need a scope. Oh my god! Oh my god wait! Oh, my god, what he spawned over there. I cant believe that, oh, my god, no shots. Oh attackers incoming! I am loving this. I better be doing something Laughter, oh lucky, im getting involved im gon na need them foreign there. You are! No! She doesnt live Music. Everyone follow me follow me. We got something everyone here here. Follow me youre having all the fun just follow me. Oh genjis gon na have no idea. Whats coming wait three seconds here when i say three: okay, one two three lets go. You know whats coming. I cannot see you there. We go. Did somebody retested myself thanks for watching drop a like subscribe and ring the bell, so you never miss an episode. We upload a brand new one every day with that said yesterday, i wanted to know what do you try to focus on in overwatch the most crazy girl says as a tank man, their main focus is making sure everyone else on. The team is protected. The best kind of hero right here, cutie drizzle, says when they play damage. They focus on finding the right angle to attack from to maximize damage as being frontline infantry is a liability and adam tube is a mercy man who prioritizes healing but isnt afraid to whip out the pistol from time to time. Nice answers guys lets keep going. The dog man sticks with the team, but if a chance to boop arrives, no bullets will stop them.

Seeing it through and dany is just here to have some fun and says their main focus is wall riding cool to see so many different answers for this, but with that all said, weve run out of time, for this episode have a fantastic day.

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